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by Comme des Garcons

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The premise of 888, yet another spectacular Comme des Garçons creation, is as original and unexpected as we came to expect from this truly avant-garde line: to translate the smell of gold into perfume. Centered on safraline, a molecule derived from the most golden of all spices, saffron, 888 expresses the paradoxical appeal of gold with astounding success. The blend, spiced by coriander and geranium and enriched by amber, is a perfect olfactory rendition of the precious metal, the dazzling brightness of which is as warm and inviting as it is cold and distant. Alluring, elusive, indescribable, 888 is one of the most intriguing compositions we have encountered. Allow it to work its magic on you and succumb to the Gold Rush.

888  Notes

Pepperwood, saffron, curcuma, coriander, geranium, amber

888 Sizes Available
50ml $103
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about 888...
Its a familiar smell but i dont know why or how. Can't imagine smelling this on a guy because instantly it reminds me of a mature womans perfume. Smells elegant; slightly floral, metallic bubblegum. On the right woman this can be EXTREMELY sexy
By   - from Perth on 10/7/2012
If you have ever smelt the opening of secretions magnifiques, the very start of 888 has that same metalic note, which actually smells pretty good as part of the opening of this fragrance. after five minutes and beyond i get a bubblegum vibe that i recognise in paco rebannes 1 million, but softer and not as masculine, with some sweet and delicate spices as someone described, its weird because although i cant remember smelling anything like it, it seems SO familiar, and reminds me of smelling an elegant 50 year olds women perfume - that was modernised and designed for a man. i bought alot of CDG samples and this one is my fav and as im writing this i cant stop smelling my wrist and am now changing from 4 stars to 5 !
By   - from Perth on 6/20/2012
The best way I can describe this scent is "familiar". It's challenging and interesting, it changes and develops unexpectedly, and it has a depth and richness that reminds me of wealthy old lady perfume (in a good way!) - but somehow, it always maintains a quality of being very familiar and comforting. Pretty amazing stuff, if you ask me.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 4/21/2011
A long-lasting great scent, very evocative, very rich and warm and satisfying. I keep an extra bottle on hand just in case it is discontinued.
By   - from Chicago on 1/7/2011
Tried a sample and thought it smelled like NICE old lady parfum. I don't get all the comments about girls thinking this is more for a man. For me, it would be like a guy walking outta the house in Chanel No.5
By   - hotel mgr  from by the sea on 11/15/2009
A big favorite. I've been wearing it for months and it's always magic. It's similar to Man, but different. It's very sexy in summer and comforting in winter.
By   - Man about town, of course from Chicago on 10/21/2009
This reminds me of Lubin's Idole--both have saffron, and this is also a sort of sheer, transparent, spicy scent. Very nice, and would smell great on the right man.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 7/27/2009
Smells like 80's perfume. i can't put my finger on it but it is sweet and reminds me of liz claiborn in that triangle bottle. Not the worst thing I've smelled. This is I guess anti perfume in the sense that so many perfumes are complex and sophisticated these days, Maybe this is their way of tongue and cheeking the system because it's so normal.
By   - Mgr. from NYC on 3/29/2009
I think this fragrance would smell better on a man. They should have listed it as unisex. This one is not me, since I don't like unisex fragrances, I plan on giving this to my husband.
By   - from PA on 3/6/2009
It is soooooo artificial! Verrrry sweeeet, very flat. It is also the smell of cheap sweets from the eighties in my country. Lasts long and does not change... which is not exactly a good thing :)
By   - video artist on 12/22/2008
I am one of the biggest CdG fans around. To me, this scent is similar to "2" but not as nuanced or interesting. It is artifical-smelling, but not in a good way like "Odeur 53". Rather like bug spray.
By   - consultant from san francisco on 6/6/2008
it is magical and mesmerizing and sweet and haunting all at once. it reminds me of church a bit- can smell the frankincense, but it's so subtle and the sweet overtones compliment it really well. The scent changes depending on what you're doing, where you are, who you're with. It's beautifully weird.
By   - fashion designer from london on 4/24/2008
Deep rich and warm this smell reminds me of the glow and comfort you feel watching on open fire place.
By   - from london on 4/24/2008
Amazing!!! Had my girlfriend send it over from Japan since I didn't know how long it was going to take for it to get here in Portugal...didn't know what I was going to myself into but I LOVE it!! People noticed it right away! It not only evolves through out the day but every time I find something new in it!
By   - Student from Cascais, Portugal...for the moment on 4/18/2008
Initially smelled like First by van Cleef & Arpels but quickly morphed into a musky, spicy aroma. After about an hour, musky metallic. I don't sense the 'gold'. It's ok but not something I would purchase.
By   - Nurse from Montreal on 4/8/2008
I love Comme des Garcons fragrances but not this one. I found it very traditional and and quite like old fashioned woman's cologne(maybe that was the point?) The good news is 888 is 110 proof and lasts almost all day.
By   - from Sacramento on 4/1/2008
When I first tried this, it reminded me of Christian Dior's Poison. Strange, not pleased. The next time I tried it, it smelled a bit sweet because of the amber. The next time, it was a bit peppery and savory. This scent really fluctuates and I am hooked. Quite golden, indeed.
By   - graphic design from Los Angeles on 3/23/2008
what does this remind me of? it is very familiar.
By  on 3/22/2008
Puts me in mind of a sunnier version of Guerilla 2. Sparkling and upbeat, if not altogther memorable for me.
By   - from DC on 3/19/2008
I've worn this three different times waiting for someone to make a comment on how nice it is? But still waiting ..... it dries down to a beautiful soft warm, deep perfume that just seems to wrap you up and hold you and it lasts and lasts. I'm looking for a signature scent that I can wear for the next few years so I will keep looking but I may have to come back to 'gold'
By   - Manager from Australia on 3/18/2008
"Eureka! Eureka!" "I've found it! I've found it!"
By   - from NYC on 3/10/2008
cdg redemns themselves with this one. a new classic. this smells very clean, like freshly washed hair to me. lOve it!
By   - architect student from st. louis on 3/10/2008
Absolutely superb! One of the best since '2'. I was a little disappointed in the sweet and guerilla series, and Play was so-so (in my opinion, of course!). I was afraid that maybe CDG had lost its edge for awhile, but this... THIS! I love it, love it, love it. (

)Bright and rich, deep and sparkling... GOLDEN! Just what CDG was striving for.(

)What a glorious, laughing, warm scent... the perfect day captured in its essence.(

)I will dream of this until I purchase it!
By   - from 'The Ant Farm' aka Los Angeles on 2/26/2008
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