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I can imagine this being perfect for someone. It is not a bad scent. I will enjoy the sample but not order. Just not special enough, as many fragrances as I've tried. What I DO love from CdG, and can see why they list them as related are: Black and Wonderwood. Much better scents in my book...
By   - writer from Chicago on 9/1/2019
This is my first encounter with CDG EDP. As I am familiar with other scents from CDG, I was eager to try this one but wary of disappointment, so I ordered the sample I am intoxicated by the scent and will definitely be ordering the full size bottle in the near future. The scent is amazing on me and definitely does not disappoint. I have never smelled anything similar. It is truly original.
By   - Adminstrative Support from Vidalia, GA on 9/10/2016
It's certainly a distinctive scent... I do smell the hay that everyone is talking about and think that it's unique. The scent does not have the warmth or depth that I was expecting though. It was not mysterious or magical enough to be the true CDG scent. There are better CDG scents.
By   - Student from Portland, OR on 7/2/2015
I find it fascinating reading how different all the reviews are for "Original" because to me, this one is remarkable. Right off it is lots of spice, clove and cinnamon, but the honey and labdanum just soar on my skin while the spice tempers down. Incredibly sexy, the sandalwood wears the longest on the drydown. I absolutely can't believe there are no musk notes in this, because I smell MUSK. This one is animalistic and my boyfriend's first reaction was to shout "oh my god!", it's that good. Definitely buying a bottle!
By  on 1/22/2015
I've had the sample on my wrists for 20 minutes and the clove won't go away. A little woodsy note is trying to poke through, but the clove is beating it down. A few spices, but overall, this smells too much like a cheap potpourri and I can't rid myself of the overwhelming note of burnt clove.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 11/5/2013
Makes me nauseous every time i smell. I was never a fan of clove but i think i just found out that clove physically makes me sick. The opening is just the smell of clove intensified by 1000. maybe theres other things going on but my olfactory senses cant get past that putrid clove. gahh If you like clove however you may enjoy this.
By   - from Perth on 9/24/2012
Engagingly original and intriguingly contradictory. It's strong, spicy, and harsh while also being gentle, warm and soft. This scent is kind of incredible. There's a reason we're all still buying it.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 11/24/2010
So comfortable. Wear it with your favourite oversized sweater.
By   - graphic novelist on 2/12/2010
I wore this when it first came out also, and I agree that it seems to smell very different than it did originally. What is it? I still wear it, but it's not as....smooth. Glad they started making it again, though, even if it has changed a bit.
By  on 8/26/2009
This smells like Christmas potpourri on me! I wanted to like it, but it's just too cinnamon-y.
By   - from Columbus, OH on 8/20/2009
30$ on Ebay, come on Luckyscent $100?
By  on 6/10/2009
I used to adore this perfume. USED TO. My recent purchase of it with Luckyscent put me off for the rest of my life. Althought the packaging of CdG seemed original and stated that the perfume was manufactured in Spain, the smell was a faint shadow of what it used to be. It's no longer EDP - it's WATER! Cheap, ugly water. Can anyone tell me what happened? Have they changed the formula? New ingredients? Less ingredients? I don't blame Luckyscent. I blame CdG for breaking my heart on this one.
By   - Lawyer from Sydney on 11/3/2008
The Luckyscent description fits well, "works like a medicine, behaves like a drug". Medicinal and hypnotic incense spice - but it is not a gentle drug. Test it carefully first.
By   - dilletente from OKC, OK on 8/2/2008
CdG's original perfume is still the best. It was a game-chaning scent, and the bottle is a classic. Brilliant perfume, though not for the weak!
By   - consultant from san francisco on 6/6/2008
very strong, lasts a long time its fresh a little piney to me
By   - from phoenix on 3/19/2008
Strong on the cloves and peppery.
By   - from Laguna Beach on 1/9/2008
This smells just as wonderful now as it did when I started wearing it in college. I couldn't find it for a while, and the bottle I've had for years just didn't smell the same. Just bought a new one the other day from this site and am so pleased to smell this classic scent in all it's intoxicating glory! Very refreshing and vibrant. None of the other CDG scents have reached this level of balance.
By   - from San Diego on 1/6/2008
This reminds me of Dyptique's L'eau--the geranium and clove are most apparant. Although I like this fragrance, I feel the sweetness detracts slightly from the soft spiciness. Overall, though, a soft, lovely fragrance!
By   - Creative Director from Mount Prospect, IL on 12/5/2007
Sorry, this is in response to my last post... I don't sense any vanilla in this... I don't know what I was saying.
By  on 9/26/2007
This goes on strong in a good way because it is basically soft fragrances amped up. Cinnamon, hay, woods, spice and something comforting like vanilla give this the overall feeling of inhaling the Yogi Tea one finds in health food stores. It's really great. And the awesome bottle doesn't hurt either!
By  on 9/26/2007
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