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The top notes in this fragrance are very green and peppery and it rapidly turns into a luxurious smelling vanilla and amber fragrance. The lasting power on this scent is immense. It's been 24 hours since I put it on and I put on another fragrance over it and this is still all I smell. Definitely purchasing a full bottle.
By   - Student from Arlington on 2/22/2021
The common was a blast of a powdery scent. It reminded me of my aunt’s air freshener. I smelled it for several days before I worked up the nerve to try it. After the top notes evaporated it was seemingly more interesting, and I noticed something that reminded me of chiclets gum from my childhood. After that passed all that remained was vanilla. Unlike the other reviewer, it wasn’t an edible vanilla to me, but the vanilla of perfumes and air fresheners. I can’t pretend I want to wear this again, but it didn’t smell bad
By   - CultureEorker from San Diego on 1/15/2021
Their strangest release since the original namesake Eau de Parfum. I just smoked three cigarettes in a small broom closet at work and sprayed myself with vanilla room spray to cover the odor. I’m sneaking back to my desk hoping the boss doesn’t notice my transgression but I fear the trail of smoke, the kind that activates the fire alarm, will prompt a call from HR. I pretend to work but the fear is hot, I feel like such a renegade and it might just be worth it to receive my third warning. Three strikes and I’m outta here. A creamy vanilla base, like melted ice cream, reassures me I’ll be okay. The day passes and everyone knows what I did, I could hear the whispers. As I head out the door, the newbie asks if he can borrow a smoke.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 12/2/2019
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