Eau de Toilette

by Comme des Garcons

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50ml $105
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Well isn''t this fun? On first blush, it reminds me of Pepsin Chicklets or Beeman''s gum that I loved as a kid. Truly enjoyed the modest blast of spices that opened this scent. I ordinarily can''t wear cedar, as my skin amps it, but in this instance it stays in its place and adds a charming accent to the shy blossoms that follow the spices.
By   - human resources from denver on 4/26/2016
White was my very first encounter with a CdG scent. I purchased a full bottle of it in a museum store on a whim, and I''m glad I did. I usually dislike spice notes (and White does have them), but there was something so alluringly creative and just a touch offbeat about this scent. I only wear it when I''m painting or composing music I feel as if I''m wrapped in the arms of a sexy Frenchman in his atelier on a rainy Paris morning, sipping rich, thick cappuccino. Highly recommended!
By   - Artist from New York on 12/8/2015
I love this scent. It''s vaguely similar to the original edp, but in a fuller, softer and rounder kind of way. It takes me to a house I don''t own, on a beach I don''t know, in a country where I''ve never been. Full of trees and spice the most beautiful lover you''ve ever known. A bottle of magic
By   - Student from Charleston on 11/5/2010
Hands down my favourite fragrance ever!!!The pomegranite flower notes give it a soft, sparkiing ''white'' top note without being feminine. Then you get pleasantly sucked down through the layers of spices until you reach at the bottom an incredible silky creamy and sweetly smoldering bassnote of the cedar, amber and vanilla working together. This scent deserves a nobel prize for perfumery!! Even better than the original CdG eau de parfum.
By   - Student from Salt Lake on 10/22/2010
It makes me a little nauseous, with its mix of strong, antibacterial pomegranate and cinnamon spiciness. The cleanliness is headache inducing. This is the fragrance version of sugarfree, spearmint chewing gum and fresh cigarette ash.
By   - Femme Fatale from Sydney on 6/28/2010
Truly unique and amazing. This cent is somewhat spicy, but not too much so. I was in love at first scent
By   - Writer from DC area on 10/17/2008
Smells like cardamom.
By   - Model from Paris on 8/15/2008
I ordered this scent the other day and I''m very impressed. First of all the bottle is very cool. Mine came in a vacuum sealed plastic pouch which was then inside of the box. The fragrance itself is pretty cool. It starts out kind of light and rosy right when its sprayed, but after a couple minutes it develops a really nice scent. Close up there is a strong clove and spice smell, but overall if you''re just walking along you catch the floral notes and it works really good together. I wouldn''t say it''s specifically for men or for women, but no matter what on either gender it works very well. Definitely will use this for a while...
By   - from New York on 6/17/2008
For those who disagree with the potency of CdG Parfum this "light" version, CdG White, will do wonderfully. The same medicinal hynotic drug like character of CdG Parfum only - lighter and more apprachable.
By   - art perpetrator from Oklahoma City on 6/14/2008
Just o.k. Nothing special. I was expecting to be wowed by this and I was more like okayed by it. Major clove, variation of the original, and the mens eau de cologne. The bottle is really cool.
By   - hoolagan from Portland on 5/21/2007
My favorite so far of the CdG scents. It has the strong, saturated wood smell of the original CdG perfume (but the original evolved into a feral stink after a few hours - this one just gets softer and deeper.) It reminds me a lot of the aromatic wood in the Metropolitan Museum''s Astor Court. It''s also one of the best skin scents I''ve ever tried. Most perfumes just sit on top of the skin and overwhelm one''s natural scent - this one blends so well with my skin that it seems like it''s actually a part of me. One thing, though - I cannot wear this with light colors or pretty, feminine things - it demands dark, architectural clothing.
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 4/26/2007
Not womanly at all. It''s hard to discribe, but it defintely smells more for a man. No loud rose note like the original
By   - from Rock Hill, SC on 3/11/2007
White is anything BUT. Spicy Clove is all I smell. Definitely not what I was looking for, but a nice spicy scent for those who like that type.
By   - Caregiver from Bethlehem, PA on 12/15/2006
I tried a sample of this, but it doesn''t work for me. I smell like licorice! It also doesn''t last at all (a good thing in this case). I can see why some people like it, it''s just not for me. I much prefer Monyette Paris. Glad I tried this though.
By   - pr from new york on 11/29/2006
it reminds me of liquid, milky substance and bjork songs... a kiss, saliva, medicine, white, foggy morning at the seaside. it is very, very erotic, delicate... sexual scent, woooof!
By   - lighting designer on 11/21/2006
I love this scent. I detect cinnamon and cloves, but the floral notes prevent it from smelling like a spice rack. It sits close to my skin and I can use it for work and play. This makes me feel very clean, artistic and grown-up, but not too serious. Others around me detect a slight licorice note. This is my favorite CdG scent. My only complaint is the lack of staying power.
By  on 10/10/2006
As good as all scents of CdG, but this is still my favourite.
By   - fashion designer from munich, germany on 8/26/2006
I really wanted to like this fragrance but I ended up smelling like a clove. It''s not really unpleasant - and other people like it - but it''s not for me.
By   - Production Manager from Santa Barbara on 8/3/2006
I really wanted to like this fragrance but I ended up smeilling like a clove. It''s not really unpleasant - and other people like it - but it''s not for me.
By   - Production Manager from Santa Barbara on 8/3/2006
This scent reminds me of a grandpa that you love and when he hugs you it leaves a comforting smell on your clothes. Its a good smell, but to me it smells like a scent for an older man even though it smells up to date. I smell lots of cinnamon, it''s so fresh that when you smell it, it leaves that cool tingle feeling in your throat and nose, kind of like mint.
By   - stay home mom 26 on 8/1/2006
There is something very alluring about White. I believe it must be the way it dries to such a clean, masculine, tender scent. This is the way a man would smell if he is confident, attractive, and approachable. At the same time, it is not overbearing or strong - qualities one might associate with self-confidence. A paradoxical, haunting, and beautiful fragrance.
By   - from the South on 4/8/2006
can''t wait to give this samplea day on me... i love commesdes garcons original scent andthis reminded me of it wheni first put it on my skin butit does get lighter.. soft andvery SPRINGtime... the original reminds me of winterand this one.. a softerfeminine season!
By   - agent from st pete on 1/23/2006
The amber cedar and vanilla notes blend together into in incredibley smooth base of solid velvet. I love the spices and the usage of the pomegranate as well. However, I wouldn''t call it a gentle re-imagining of the impossibly intoxicating original CdG. It''s more of a very distant cousin to it.
By   - Art Director from Salt Lake, UT on 1/8/2006
i love this fragrance so much i can''t part with the bottle. i have pressed on its little black button just to try to get that last little bit out. time for another i would say. totally alluring.
By   - writer from san francisco on 11/8/2005
This scent is super sexy. It does start out a touch masculine, but once it warms and blends in with your skin chemistry it becomes very sensual and soft. There is a predominant spice note that I love, and the flowers are very soft.
By   - artist from southern california on 11/8/2005
this is my scent that i usually wear. a very spicy scent indeed, but i always thought of it as a predominately masculine scent. like most cdg scents, try before you buy.
By   - student from eugene oregon on 9/2/2005
this is my signature scent now.. i got this at the CDG parfums shop in paris, and this is lovely. its quite sexy, and very spicy. i definitely reccomend this, its awesome.
By   - student from eugene oregon on 8/15/2005
A little too much like a man''s after-shave. But it mellows out into a spicy fragrance wish they would make something with more flowery scents.
By   - Customer Service from New York on 8/13/2005
Dominant note: cinnamon. I bought this online, untried, because I like Comme des Garcons clothing, and when it came wondered if it was too much like a men''s cologne.....but it is nice, and I''ll wear it.
By   - Sales Associate in Publishing from Boston on 8/11/2005
Sniffed this one locally... and loved it, like I do so man Comme des Garcons scents. I get ''white'' incense and ''white'' pepper from this one. Translation: clean, spicy, not soapy stays close to your skin does not leave a perfume vapor trail. Ummmm. Wonderful.
By   - Nursing Student from North Florida on 3/20/2005
I am smelling this right now and I am more than pleased with this beautiful, complex scent--The sample just haunted me and now I have a bottle of my own.--It is not as WOODY as Corso Como--softer...it is an amazing cocoction.
By   - from Austin Texas on 12/1/2004
I noted cinnamon primarily. This is probably my favorite cologne of all time. Masculine spices, and a woodiness that''s oddly bright, not dark. Excellent.
By   - librarian from Brooklyn, NY on 11/23/2004
Hmmm... I smelled cinnamon-y notes. Perfect for a grown-up white christmas feminine but not girly in an overt sickly-sweet way.
By   - Student from Boston on 7/9/2004
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