Our Stores

Scent Bar was created to provide a comfortable and relaxing place to experience our incredible selection of independent niche perfumes in a no-pressure sales environment. We've spent years helping people of all levels of fragrance knowledge. From newbies to seasoned veterans, we've helped them all navigate the rich and colorful sea of niche and independent fragrance. Our goal has always been simple: "Make people happy". You'll never walk out of our shop without feeling certain of your choice.

The environment is reminiscent of a true bar, where you can sit on a stool with your coffee (or prosecco) and sample fragrances at your own pace. If you want to test drive something out in the real world, we happily offer samples at no charge. We would rather you walk out with a sample than purchase a bottle that you regret later. The space is light and airy and has a truly social vibe of a place where like minded and friendly people get together.

For the serious fans we often have events at the store (meet the perfumer, launches, special seminars etc.) , so if any of those interest you, contact the store to be put on our local mailing list.

We look forward to your next visit . Until then...happy sniffing!
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