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A refreshing, modern and edgy take on Oud with the eclectic CDG stamp all over it. Instead of going for usual rose or labdanum notes to sweeten the magnificent sillage of Oud wood, CDG takes an interesting fresh take by combining high quality Southeast Asian Oud with gorgeous vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood and cedar to create a juice that radiates the beauty of Oud with a sophisticated discretion. Probably the only masculine leaning Oud based fragrance you can safely wear to work, this resplendent beauty just shines on my skin. Moderate sillage and projection and fairly long lasting, this may disappoint many Oud purists but is a lovely juice nevertheless.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
Love this, Mysterious, woodsy overtones of incense. Others have said it does not linger but on me it lasts most of the day. May need a whole bottle of this one.
By   - Itinerant from Woodstock, CT on 10/1/2017
Every good thing that's been said about this fragrance is true. I like the fact that the oud note is fairly subtle, and doesn't bash you over the head with inscrutable Oriental mystery. There are sandalwood and cedar notes here too, and the expected incense notes that typify a lot of CdG fragrances. The whole thing is blended beautifully to a subtle, warm and sexy conclusion. But I also have to agree with others' comments regarding the longevity of this particular fragrance. I got about an hour's worth of enjoyment out of it before it faded into a nearly imperceptible skin scent. If they could figure out a way to make this linger for a few hours more, I'd buy a pint and wear it every day in the cooler months. Pity... this could have been a real winner for me.
By   - from Providence on 11/4/2014
I would suggest this for anyone who wants something uncomplicated, woody and light. On me the cedar and oud notes seemed very pure, with only the tiniest bit of sharpness. It sweetened subtly on the drydown, which was relatively fast. This fragrance does not project much after the first 30 minutes or so. It strikes me as a versatile scent, good for any time you want something that does not make a huge statement, but is lovely all the same.
By   - from Saint Paul, Minnesota on 8/27/2014
I'd like to amend my initial reaction (without using the word "just"). Yes, this scent is nice but it does disappear after a very short while; I wish it lasted longer. It's still there after three or four hours but it's more a memory than a presence. Wonderoud seems built for a lover's discovery rather than a calling card.
By   - from Chicago on 8/10/2014
From the description, I was expecting a much headier scent. It is much lighter than my other eau de parfums and the scent does not linger at all. Very disappointed.
By  on 8/3/2014
Sexy. In a single word, sexy. Like many CdG scents this one is mysterious, full of smoke and incense, but not quite as heady as 8 88 and Man 2. Warm leather, something piney and green. It lightens up quickly but just a single spritz is just enough, more and you could just take your own breath away.
By   - from Chicago on 7/30/2014
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