Eau de Toilette

by Comme des Garcons

Black Sizes Available:
100ml $110
0.7ml sample $4
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Absolute joy to wear. Stays 4-5 hours strong and then becomes skin sent. Will recommend if you like dark smells. Its is dark but not overly dark which makes you sick. It projects class, maturity and elegance. Sporty citrus smell loves can stay away from this one, but for mature persons, it is a must have.
By   - Black, Mysterious Dark from Stockholm on 3/14/2018
My mommy says this is her favorite Comme des Garçons incense. To us, it smells just like a teriyaki chicken dish, smothered in a brown-red sauce or glaze. I got so excited, flaring my nostrils and sniffing the air, I nudged mommy towards the kitchen to show me the meal! These days, mommy swears by the Italians. However, I think I can get her to buy Black because a day without chicken or chicken liver treats is a day without smiles. *5 BARKS!!!!!*
By   - Helen, Retired Artist's Owner from New York City on 12/9/2017
OK.. for you newbies... this is what you think of when you are looking for a Masculine Cologne. It has strong tones of tobacco, pepper and spice but like the reviewer before me stated it has a sweetness to it as well. Reminds me of an old room that has been exposed to cigar smoke for 50 years and it''s ingrained in the furnishings.. not smokey smell but tobacco if that makes sense. It''s absolutely awesome. As of today.. outside of my Le Labo Santal 33 (My Favorite) this is my signature scent. My wife likes this one and I get compliments on it all the time.. very strong and lasts all day so just a couple sprays will do.I will always have a bottle of this on hand.
By   - Engineer from Safety Harbor on 8/24/2017
Blackpepper''s godparent, with the spotlight on anise (black licorice). It reads as slightly oilier or heavier to me, with a comforting sweetness -- spending a moonless night snuggled into a sleeping bag, rather than camping out directly under the stars.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/30/2017
Fantastic. Love a smoky scent like this. Very well done
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/10/2016
Like walking into a medieval temple, finding and old wood box and opening it only to discover is filled with candy. Incense, old woods and a bit sweet. An evocative and transcending scent. I just wish the bottle was more mysterious.
By   - Scientist from Florida on 11/26/2016
This is what I''m talking about! As a former choir and altar boy, I yearned for a sophisticated fall scent to remind me of the formal events at church with the incense burning and filling the air with that intoxicating scent. I''ve tried several scents such as Heeley''s Cardinal that were simply too literal. Then enters Black......the only way to describe my impression at first sniff is a parallel to Anton Ego''s reaction after trying Remy''s Rattatouille. It was all there, the incense, the subtle smoke, the excitement - a big big winner!
By   - Technology  from Eastvale on 11/3/2016
Very much like CdG''s Avignon. Black is a dark, oily, incense fragrance. I suppose it''s the "birch tar." I''d say it''s definitely on the masculine end of the spectrum, but women can still make this one work for them. Fairly heavy at first but fades over the next few hours. Like other CdG scents (except, maybe Hinoki), this one doesn''t have much staying power. It''s good, but among CdG''s incense-y fragrances I prefer Kyoto. Also, this is not really like Gucci''s GPH. That one is more akin to CdG''s 2man.
By   - Attorney from DC on 10/7/2016
What a great hardcore scent! I''ve heard a lot about how it works as a formal fragrance, but I love t as an everyday working scent as well. I picture dudes working manual labor and sweating profusely would love to pair the smoke and sweetness out in the open air, catching whiffs of this goodness throughout the day.
By   - Recreation from Cincinnati on 9/7/2016
I love this scent. It has such a dark and formal feel to it, woods and spices. So much so that I would not use this for something trivial. I wore this to the Golden Globes and the HBO afterparty. It paired well with my tuxedo and it felt right at home at such a black-tie affair.
By   - Economist from NYC on 6/30/2016
I love this. It is perfectly unisex. I get a nice, subtle incense and smokey scent. On me it is not loud or abrasive. It is subtle and lovely. It is great for both day and nighttime, but I can really see wearing this for a night out. I love it.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 1/1/2016
Absolutely wonderful! A sharp blast of black pepper opens things up…and it just keeps getting better! With all of the “blackness,” it carries itself deftly, never overwhelming. This is never smoky, but dusty, like ashen coal? As things warm up, frankincense, licorice and cedar smooth things out. I’ve experienced birch tar overshadow when used, but not here! This is modern in construction, but very familiar in execution, and more versatile than one might think. I need to get a bottle!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 12/30/2015
We love to spray this on our pillows at night for the sweetest dreams.
By   - As named from Tucson on 12/6/2015
Black is my favorite leather fragrance. Wearing this is like slipping into a black leather jacket that''s been sitting in a room where incense has been burning, and there''s a background of rich, spicy black pepper and warm cedar. Fantastic and it has great staying power and throw.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/14/2015
Smoky fragrances can be a bit crude and some incense perfumes can be over the top, but C de G has got it right with this one. The woodiness and smokiness has quite a natural quality - a definite five star.
By   - Retired Doctor from UK on 10/13/2015
This is one of my favorite fragrances of all time. Warm, spicy, delicious, understated and in no way does it smell like a cologne cliche'' (old spice etc.) It is one of those remarkable modern scents that smells of enticing individual ingredients that mix and mingle rather than a satchel of blended potpourri drowned in alcohol. Now if someone could make this an EDP that lasts a few hours (as opposed to 20 minutes) I will be thrilled. Until then, I use this up like oxygen.
By   - Designer from Nyc on 4/27/2015
This fragrance was recommended for me by Alyssa Harad on a tour of portlands Perfume House. At first I thought the smell was too complicated, too much licorice but I took a sample anyway since it was specifically recommended. I walked away with a lot of samples but kept coming back to try this one. It may be too complicated but for me it became mysterious, different smells would come out each time I tried it. I don''t see it as a licorice smell anymore after identifying all the components. It has singed cedar, brown sugar or molasses, incense, and a smoothness that is pierced by black pepper. The pepper is the first smell to dull into the background after a few hours. This fragrance is very different over time as pieces of it evaporate- if it were music it would be a suite. I have always smelled good with a large collection of bottles from sephora (before I realized better stuff is out there) but this stuff is on a different level. People praise me for smelling so good when I wear this. Strangers stop me to ask what this fragrance is. If you like smoky or woody smells, you have to get a bottle of this. If you don''t like smoky or woody smells, you have to get this to cover those bases. I keep ordering dozens of high end samples and cannot yet find anything that I like this much.
By   - Engineer from Palm Beach on 11/29/2014
Smell''s just like Gucci Pour Homme! Plus that one''s cheaper.
By   - Engineer from Brooklyn on 6/14/2013
Love it! The incense, the tar, the licorice note - another great CdG scent. It is not heavy or overpowering, but it sticks with you all day and is very easy to wear. Can''t live without it!
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 6/12/2013
Agree with Will P 100%. This is a recomposition of notes that for the most part have already been used by CDG. But it''s still original and smells excellent. It''s got an etherial quality that I think is new for them - the sillage is wispy and subtle. Another great CDG.
By   - from Chicago on 5/25/2013
Two very enthusiastic thumbs-up (with a pause on the way up to smell my wrist again). Totally agree that this is the best from CdG in a very long time. It somehow combines the best of CdG 1 & 2 & 2 Man and the Incense series (which never worked on me) and wraps this in leather and pepper. While it feels strong, it has a lovely way of floating above the skin, for a very long time. Maybe not for all, but worth a try for all fans.
By   - Designer from San Francisco on 5/21/2013
I was very excited to try this but couldn''t get into it. The wood elements are nice - but the spice is too much for me. I can''t get past the curry seasoning. Sometimes I read a review and think, this person is so off - they are smelling things that just simply dont exist. Well, I think I fall in that category for this fragrance. Too bad.
By   - from NYC on 5/7/2013
UPDATE:Okay, so I continued to use Black and have come around. I''m a fan! At first, the incense and pepper were a bit much and somewhat off putting. Now I realize that the dry down DOES reveal the hidden complexities of the fragrance. The leather and cedarwood are revealed subtly over time but they are revealed. Blended with my own chemistry it has made for a heady and interesting scent that I have come to appreciate. Oddly enough, so does the wife! Not a scent I thought she''d appreciate but she loves it! One caveat: a serious and mature scent that is best reserved for evenings and more dressed affairs.
By   - Engineer/Gentleman from Miramar, FL on 5/7/2013
Hmmm . . . it must be me. I have read the other reviews and cannot reconcile them with my experience with Black. All I get is the incense with hints of the pepper. But the incense is WAY overpowering IMO. Smells like I''m at Sunday Mass. Thought that the dry down would reveal some of the complexities but it did not. Perhaps it just does not do well with my chemistry. Considering I have a whole bottle, I will give it a try again and see if it grows on me. Right now, not terribly impressed by this offering from Comme des Garcons.
By   - Engineer/Gentleman from Miramar, FL on 5/2/2013
Hi there, please don''t post my review of this submitted yesterday. I now believe it was hasty and I have changed my mind. This stuff is awesome! Thanks
By   - from Tucson on 5/1/2013
WOW. this is some good stuff. I am a little bewitched right now. Perfectly balanced wood, incense, leather, and warmth. The earlier reviewer is right - it is very similar to Black Tourmaline. But while BT turns sweet and calms after a while, Black stays dark and stormy. It also reminds me of Avignon, and the others in the Incense group, but this is MUCH better and more complex IMO. This would bring me to my knees if a man had this on, and started kissing me (please please!)
By   - lawyer from Norfolk, VA on 5/1/2013
Agree with Graphic Designer from Newport Beach. You''ll smell all of those elements mentioned. More refined and sophisticated than Black Tourmaline. Very nice indeed. This will be my first bottle purchase of a Commes de Garcons scent.
By  on 5/1/2013
This is positively awesome! It''s smokey with lots of frankincense incense in it, and has an almost a charred cedar smell. vaguely resembles t-gel shampoo! If you want a comparison, It smells remarkably similar to Durbano''s "Black Tourmaline".
By  on 4/29/2013
Just got my sample in the mail today and bought a bottle.If your familiar with CdG scents you''ll find elements of the Incense series, Patchouli from Luxe series, Wood Coffee from Sweet Series. This scent is very easy to wear but still very unique. Easily one of CdGs best fragrances in a number of years.
By   - Graphic Designer from Newport Beach on 4/23/2013
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