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Amazingreen Sizes Available:
50ml $103
100ml $131
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Amazingreen...
Scent: 7/10 Longevity: 5/10 Silage: 5/10 Top is nice, dry down is better. I just wish it lasted longer than 4 hours on my skin and projected better.
By   - Cat wrangler from Tampa on 8/17/2016
I picked a sample of Amazingreen based on my interest in green scents, plus my LOVE for vetiver. Well, this is certainly green: at first hit, incredibly lush, clean, a little sharp, all the tropical leaves dancing together. After the initial dry-drown I can smell corriander seed and I believe the gunpowder accord-- assuming that means Gunpowder green tea. After some time there is a large presence of white musk, and if I smell close enough I notice vetiver in the background. The reason I wouldn't buy a bottle of this is unfortunately white musk gets headache-y to me unless it is very gentle, and this is suprisingly strong and long-lasting white musk. Also, I was wishing for more vetiver. I can appreciate this but it's not for me!
By  on 1/16/2015
It's very commercial. Like any Taylor Swift-like fruity fragrance you could get at Walgreens.
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/5/2013
Lol, your son has great taste! So does my dog, she gives her chop lick of approval for the ones she likes and turns away from the ones she doesn't! :) Anyway, I like this alot. Smells like a less powerful 888 and original PLAY.
By  on 8/17/2012
mmmm I really enjoy this one. It is fresh but unusual. definately green but not bitter or too watery. My 6 year old son picked this out of a lot of 7 samples as his favorite.
By   - from Toronto on 8/8/2012
Just got a sample today. It reminds me of Issey Miyaki for men. It's not bad but a bit on the feminine side.
By   - Designer from Boston on 8/3/2012
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