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Eau de Toilette

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It's so clean as to be soapy, but interesting despite that. To me it's too masc.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
On me, a super-clean ozone with a bright hot-metal aspect, chilled and softened by pretty green willow and moss notes. The dusty note came at me a little later than expected and had a powdery, almost milk-powdery effect; in that respect it reminds me of my beloved, long-lost Annam, and that is always a fine thing. The most wearable fragrance I’ve tried in a while.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/7/2020
I've worn this all week. No one has said a word, unlike when I wear one of my more signature scents like Tihota or What We Do in Paris is Secret . But I love this scent. It's deeper than a traditional skin scent, but still light. The description is slightly challenging to wrap my brain around, as I know the scent of hot lightbulb, which might be an inspiration, but certainly not what I smell on myself wearing this. We all have a personal skin smell, right? Not that we can detect our own, necessarily. However, if I could choose that smell, I would choose this. So I'll buy the full bottle and come as close as I can to this actually being MY scent.
By   - fundraising  from Cleveland, OH on 6/1/2017
Never mind the esoteric description. If you love the smell of fresh-cut green wood, spring leaves just opening in a Northern forest, that first promise of spring, something that manages to be both bracing and sensual, get this. There is nothing like it on the market and though I am buying it now, it reminds me of one lover who wore it a decade ago. Wear it to remind someone of you--'cause it will because there is nothing else like this on the market! (By the way, it works for bold females as well as for males!)
By   - professor from Nj on 2/6/2015
Totally can't smell any lightbulbs or dust in this one - it's really strong, spicy, and masculine at first, and eventually fades to a warm, male sweetness. Doesn't smell terribly novel, but it's nice all the same.
By  on 4/5/2014
I like everything in this scent except the floral note. It's not so pronounced to be unwearable by a man, but I wish it was even more understated in the opening.The drydown's good, but I've been told more than once that I smell like clean laundry when I wear it (diluted fabric softener is cheaper). I'd wear this in summer when it's over 85 degrees in the plant. Skin scents are the way to go in hot, humid weather.
By   - from Evansville on 5/16/2013
I really love this fragrance. Slightly more forgiving than 53, with less of an alcoholic tone to it. Has a nice, warm, spicy, verdant, metallic smell that is surprisingly easy to wear.
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/7/2013
71 was unexpectedly strong when I first sprayed it on my wrist. I didn't like it at first, but after about an hour or so I found myself smelling my wrist. I also felt its more masculine than unisex; its spicy and didn't really work for me. Its good, and I like it, but not for me. This would be something I'd much rather smell on my boyfriend :)
By   - from Toronto on 6/17/2012
burnt plastic/wood.
By   - writer from Philadelphia on 7/29/2011
This particular scent wears very well, and goes through subtle variances as the day goes by...I have personally found that it reaches it's "peak" after a couple hours on the body and gives off it's best.
By  on 10/5/2010
It's a well crafted fragrance that delivers a herbacious and harmonious blend that captures the imagination. It's clean but what is so intriguing is it smells of tea, and has drier note of what smells like tobacco, and a barely perceptible hint of peppery bee balm. Also mix in a splash of downy wafting out of a drier vent at the same time. I guess what people call ozone is what I liken to the fact that this airy fragrance has a dynamic quality that almost breathes with you because each inhalation is different as the moments pass. It smells like a man after he takes a shower and before he puts his deoderant on, which is to say that it's familiar but totally unique all at once.
By   - from nj on 8/30/2010
it smells very masculine on me... definitely not my type of scent..
By   - Manager from NYC on 8/18/2010
so sad... this smells like a cool-toned chanel no. 5 on me... really, i have one on each hand right now to compare. not getting any hot lightbulb at all... the little bit of ozone is nice, but the intense cool/masculine feel is too much for me. i'll stick with CDG 3...
By   - attorney from los angeles on 8/4/2010
to me it smells like pencil shavings, not in a bad way. like the soft warm wood smell but also the metallic smell of the graphite. all in all it is a little too cool-toned for my taste, reminiscent of those "sport" fragrances, with only a bit more depth and interest.
By   - student from Atlanta on 5/15/2010
I've been wearing this since it came out, and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel sexy and it's a scent that not many people even know about, so you feel totally unique
By   - stylist from Palm Beach on 4/22/2008
smells like the 80's. close your eyes and smell it. it is a little strange and unusual like day-glo socks and sideways pony tails definately unique
By   - sales from phoenix on 3/19/2008
Love this scent. I don't get anything burning as expected nor do I smell dust on a hot light bulb; and I have enough dust on my light bulbs to know the smell. I do think that this smells like Odeur 53 but more serious and manly. It knocks 53 out of the ring. this being said I love 53. 2 amazing scents.
By   - zen from Sirap on 9/29/2007
John from Boston has his definition of synesthesia wrong, and not sure how it's germane to the review of this fragrance, although as a synaesthetic, I can tell you that this fragrance smells like a wound cut with warm glass. And that's a good thing. (John, if you can taste the color blue, you might be a synaesthetic. Everyone can imagine how dish soap tastes just by smelling it, however.)
By   - photographer  from new york on 4/24/2007
Every scent is unique to each individual, so this is just one womans opinion/experience, I thought it smelt like an incontinent old woman, so its not for me.....
By   - from Wellington on 3/26/2007
my my, I am so picky about the kind of scent i put on my body..... this is absolutely strange, lovely, and amazing.... i can't wait for my bottle.... this will be something i will wear for years to come.
By  on 3/5/2007
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