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Absolutely my favorite fragrance but definitely not for everyone. If the smell of church and incense is not your thing then you will not love this.
By   - Manager from New York on 4/5/2021
My all time favorite. I am on my 5th bottle now. It's a rather strong incense-like cologne better suited towards the masculine. It is a sexy scent with a Christmas twist. By far, this scent has commanded the most attention and praise. I start wearing in in November and I wear it trough February. My only complaint would be that it wears off quicker than I'd want... and it is a bit pricey.
By   - Cosmic Shepard from Wilmington on 12/30/2020
The essence of a centuries-old Catholic church; Strident Frankincense and Myrrh give way to more nuanced notes of cedar, candle-wax, dried herbs, citrus, and herbaceous botanicals. Suffuse with resinous, heavy notes - but it has no staying power and fades quickly from the skin. I love this scent, but like much of the line, it feels like a cheap imitation of something far more lasting, vigorous, and complex.
By   - Attorney from New York on 5/10/2019
The entire series is a must have for incense lovers. This church based incense offering is the favorite in the line. Incense mixed with myrrh, balsamic notes and dry vanilla. The end product is a true beauty. Mystical and haunting. Moderate projection and sillage.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
I didn't think there was much depth to this scent but my friends love it on me. Good frankincense, long lasting.
By   - Crazy cat lady from Tulsa on 1/15/2019
I adore this fragrance and would dearly love to give it 5 stars, but it has absolutely no staying power. Less than 30 minutes after using it, the scent it gone. Same with Kyoto and Zagorsk. So disappointing!
By   - writer from NY on 12/31/2018
By   - Self Employed from Detroit on 9/24/2018
This is a very nice one! Fitting in a number of situations day or night. A new favorite.
By   - Firefighter from Seattle on 3/8/2018
This one is similar to Cardinal by Heeley to my nose. It's rather enjoyable and does bring to mind an old church that burns incense, although that isn't to say this is a smoky fragrance. I see vanilla listed as well, but I don't get a strong sweet vibe at all.
By   - Accountant Principal from Central Ohio on 11/26/2017
I like this it sets a Gothic mood pungent, resinous definitely considering adding it to my collection.
By   - business from Miami on 8/25/2017
On application, the scent was "ugh gross". Then it kind of disappeared. After a while though, I started getting glimpses of a delicious, sexy, wonderful smelling something that made me go "what the heck... is that me.... is that Avignon...?" I'm not done on my exploration of resinous fragrances but I understand the following this perfume has.
By   - nurse from lost in NJ on 6/29/2017
I am not goth. I am not catholic. I have, however, been to Avignon. This fragrance definitely takes me back to the holiday I spent there. Hallways and rooms steeped in the same resinous aromas for hundreds of years. I wasn't sure how I felt about wearing it for hours on end when I got my sample, but now that it's almost gone I find it has moved to the top of the "must get full size" list.
By   - Seamstress  from Ohio on 2/14/2017
I initially looked at this scent because everyone I know has been saying, "I got a piece of Morrissey's shirt and he smelled amazing! I figured out what he was wearing." and being that I am obsessed with Morrissey, I eventually caved in and looked it up. Hearing that it has a very potent, musky, and rather spicy, I became hesitant. Was it really something I wanted to wear? But after reading the description, I decided to try a sample. Holy cow, I was blown away. For a fragrance, it is certainly unique and many (male or female) can pull it off. It starts off very strong and very... Smokey. But once it starts to wear out a little, a hint of vanilla subtly creeps its way in and ends softly. Amazing fragrance, can't wait to buy a full bottle.
By   - Student from Los Angeles on 9/9/2016
This definitely evokes childhood memories of Catholic mass. It is dark and sensual. I absolutely love it! I often have people comment on how great it smells and some of the reactions are surprisingly strong. My husband loves it and quite often "borrows" it. He's not Catholic, so nostalgia has nothing to do with it. This is one of my favorites in all but the hottest part of summer when Kyoto is absolutely clean and perfect. I only wish it had more staying power.
By   - celebrity hairstylist from Los Angeles on 8/16/2016
A few Manhattan churches of maybe two different denominations with stained glass interiors smelling just like Avignon come to mind. I found this one long-wearing and very easy going. I won't give Avignon five stars because I, personally, wasn't moved. Perhaps Zagorsk will provide that missing spark I'm searching for in the Incense Series of Comme des Garçons. This one is too pedestrian for me somehow, and dries down to my dad's cheapo $20. cologne he buys off the neighborhood street vendors. I'm not kidding.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/13/2016
This scent is so beautiful. Midnight mass in a Catholic church.
By   - Data Analyst from Baltimore, MD on 9/14/2014
an altar boy who is bringing the burning incense passes by, that is the summary of this perfume. anyone who is into serving a church (a Catholic Church specifically), would want to try this one. it tickles the memory.
By   - sculptor from cebu on 3/3/2014
I like the scent, though I don't think I would want to smell like it. I like frankincense and myrrh kind of smells, but I dont want to smell like a brisk, solemn Catholic Church. It would make a pretty good candle, though.
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/4/2013
This is my signature frag!!!! I usually have to back off of it in the hottest part of summer here or I'll lighten it by dabbing some Egyptian Musk on. In the fall/winter, I have my concoction of putting on an amazing Caramel perfume oil then spray this over it. I get stopped everywhere I go, people saying I smell like a sweet incense and both men and woman love it and stop me! I also like to put a lil "Druglord" by Agatha Blois of Carnical Wax to give it another undertone of sweet-spicyness. I love this Incense frag, it's the only one for me because it has the perfect notes for me and staying power! If you like a lighter smokey/incense frag then I recommend trying Demeter Fragrances as thy have a whole series of smokey smells that are wonderful and playful! But Incense Avignon is my #1 love!!!!
By   - from Austin on 9/18/2012
Wow! That is incense. If you're into incense flooding your pores, then you will undoubtedly like this one. It reminds me of an evening service attended in an old Episcopalian Chapel at the University of the South in Sewaunee, TN. It was a beautiful and moving experience, but I must say, not for me as a perfume. I burn this scent in the winter and absolutely love it! It is a reminder of the spiritual. I'm rating this high because if you are looking for a fragrance that mimics the waves of smoky incense from a Roman Catholic Church, it is right on!
By   - secretary from Waunakee on 9/16/2012
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