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Gosha Rubchinskiy

Eau de Toilette

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No. Just no. This was something sour and crisp but not in a good way. I love many CGD scents, but this was not for me.
By   - Administration from DC on 9/28/2018
This is a classic. (And I know I've reviewed it here before--what happened? Anyway....) I was confused by this scent at first. It opened bright and sweet and then seemed to disappear. A great disappointment but I kept wearing it for several days. Then I understood it. It had changed fully in character from its bright, youthful opening into the "ambrette" (the latest olfactory trend of nothingness) tone of cream on flesh, young flesh. This scent is so of the moment its current news.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 6/15/2018
A blind buy that I had to re-evaluate after a few wearings. If you like CdG's more left-of-center fragrances, this might appeal to you. While this DOES have that odd Polyurethane/skateboard wheel smell going for it, it wears VERY close to the skin. I also get that whiff of asphalt, but that too has very little sillage. It's a good thing this is a huge bottle for $88. I've worn it 3 times & each time used 10-12 sprays on my skin and clothing. The real magic is in the dry down, when I get incredibly faint whispers of patchouli and vetiver. My husband hated my first wearing of this one until a few hours later when nuzzling my neck I noticed he lingered and dug in a little deeper. Sometimes less IS more.
By   - Househusband from Pawleys Island, SC on 6/9/2017
I must amend my first review and initial reaction. Whereas I thought the scent was gone within the hour, I've now learned how to recognize that it's still there. It changes in a way I wasn't expecting, lingering in a soft creamy citrus creamsicle sort of way. It almost is the scent after sex. Again, genius.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 4/9/2017
The scent equivalent of a water mirage above a hot asphalt road on a summer day -- there's a quick impression of tar and hot metal, and a sense of something liquid flickering off in the distance, but you move and it's gone. (My double-layered application -- yes, it's that thin -- finally proffered a thready tea-like buchu note after a search, but I assure you it took *all* the bloodhounds to run it to ground.) Mineral and metallic scents are my jam so I was rather hopeful, but this doesn't even belong on the same shelf as, say, Asphalt Rainbow. Sorry.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/5/2017
I was hooked from the rollout, the marketing, the packaging so I bought it without sampling it first. Disappointing. The scent lasts as long as youth--gone in a flash, leaving the same wistful regrets and feelings. Genius I guess. Really, there is a momentary burned rubber and tar scent (to which I'm usually not attracted) but nothing lasts after the first five minutes. I tried it on my skin and on clothes--simply gone. Like my eighty-eight dollars.
By   - hound from Washington DC on 2/13/2017
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