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This one just doesn't have quite enough oomph to it. It's got some interesting electric/dusty notes, a different image comes to mind each time I sniff, but none of it's strong enough to anchor around.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/11/2020
I have many CdG scents that I love but this one mystifies me. You know how secret agents have a number... as in 007? Well, on me this scent made like a master spy, and disappeared into thin air within 10 minutes. After that, I just got nothin'. So, I laughed out loud when I saw the review that said stepping outside your front door and smelling the air would be the same as this fragrance. I agree totally. If you want something very unusual but wearable from CdG, try the rhubarb sherbet or Wonderwood!
By   - writer from Chicago on 3/3/2017
After much searching, I feel I've finally found my ideal scent in Odeur 53. It is sweet without being cloying, subtle and clean but very distinctive and very complex. I can't believe that it is entirely composed of inorganic ingredients. From just reading about it, I couldn't imagine it smelling even remotely organic, but it somehow does. This is a truly unique fragrance that has become my very favorite. Plus my wife LOVES it. Everyone should try this out at some point. I'll never be without it.
By   - Tobacconist from Denton on 12/4/2015
I am so happy to finally have the privilege of writing a review. My hands were itching to gain a sample of Odeur 53 for a very long time. I finally decided I've had enough, and the samples were on their merry way! At first, I could detect the slightest envisage of powder from the sample vial. When I dipped some of the fragrance on to my wrists, magic began to happen. Being someone who likes a different scent every month, I like to venture in to the unknown. There is no other way to put it; this fragrance is so unoffensive and self-effacing, it's going to range with differences of note prominency within each person. The principles behind this fragrance intrigued me on to the verge of obsession. When I sprayed it on to my wrists, I immediately detected a waft of powder, no not body powder you buy at the store. Powder in it's purest essence, the smell of lightly scented cotton with the mix of a neutral fragrance softener. You know that zingy laundry smell that gets shoved with the breeze and wafts right under your nose during your neighborhood stroll? Yeah, that is what I am talking about. Suffice to say, this scent is very nostalgic for me with a bit of modern euphoria. It is very anomalistic and bears very close to the skin. However, its projection game is not very strong. In fact, it is one of those scents that retires to be undetected unless you briskly walk past someone with the remnants of the scent abruptly dancing their way of what may be left to linger. After a few minutes, the drydown leaves me with the smell of a brand new aluminum refrigerator. You know the outside panels that are made to be smudge less mixed with the vacancy of the fridge's fresh inside, that is what I get. That with a side of subtle pencil shavings. As this is all going on, I still detect peaks of the powdery-dry-cleaner type smell. As if it is playing peak-a-boo with me. To me it seems this scent is dominated by oddments of laundry soap with no particular smell, combined with the aroma of pencil shavings at the bottom of a freshly changed container, added with a slight metallic bend to it all. Along the piquancy of the powder smell, I get a bit of an ocean-type-salt-water zest to it. It smells mostly of salty clay that has been basking in the ocean water, clean ocean water. Its very hypnotic in a sense that these notes have no particular purpose, they're just there living in congruence. The subtle bitterness of the pencil shavings seem to mingle with the fragments of salty-clay which make for a perfect acquiescence. You know the smell of newborns, this scent is equivalent to that but of an adult, a reborn adult. This is not a scent you would think of in the middle of a suburbia crowd. No instead this scent is of an unnamed stranger, who seemed to kindly pick up your dropped change and with gentle caution, hand it back to you. Their face masked by generous mystery, possibly a hood or not enough light, but their presence oddly comforting. As time slows, it seems to interfere with the reality of their sudden departure and all you are left with is the temperance of their being, the sweet powder kissing the daring pencil-ly aroma. With the farewell of the bending metallic, it provokes an insatiable urge to eerily question as to what was their name? Who are they? And you find yourself at a personal dissonance as to why you are so strangely interested, you can't help but ought to be! And as they disappear into the roaring of evening city-traffic, you wonder along with a sloppy yet curious grin on your face. This scent is for the subtle yet powerful, the kind yet unpredictable. The notes in this scent are an anfractuous winding of a road in the hills. The smell of a brand new human, unnamed and unharmed. I feel giddy to the thought of purchasing a bottle, as I surely will. Try it before any preconceived notions. The experience is well worth it.
By   - Student on 5/18/2015
Another lovely creation by CdG. I love the sheerness of it. The notes may seem a bit unusual, but they are blended together very nicely. The composition has a delicateness to it. It's a lovely skin scent. It smells sweet on my skin, but not sickeningly so. It's subtle, yet obvious. Another fragrance I love and will one day purchase a bottle!
By   - Student from Nor Cal on 9/16/2014
The first time I smelled it, I fell in love. I bought it and have been wearing it ever since and I can't stop smelling myself. The smell is not very popular, I heard people saying that it's an odd smell. I have never heard anyone complaining about the way I smell when I wear this. But again, I wear perfume for myself, not for people. The smell is very clean, a bit metallic when I first spray it, and it gets mellower after a while. I think unusual perfumes fit my skin well because this one definitely smells like heaven to me. J'adore!
By   - from Paris on 9/12/2014
Nice for about two minutes and then turns into a plastic soap smell on me. It's an interesting effect, but not at all appealing.
By  on 11/25/2013
I consider this an anti-perfume.It has the strangely attractive mustiness of hot dust, but the fresh airiness of damp clean skin.I would probably have bought this by now if it came in a smaller bottle. I would probably only wear it in warmer weather and wouldn't need the quantity currently offered since I switch scents every 2-3 days.
By   - from Evansville on 5/16/2013
It's interesting, but I wouldn't want to wear it. 1: It's extremely weak. I'm almost unable to smell it unless I shove my nose into my wrist or wherever it is on me. 2: When you do catch a whiff of it, it has a very sterile, doctors office, rubbing alcohol smell to it. Once it dires down, it just smells like sweaty skin. Not too crazy about that. I know that a lot of people like this scent a lot, and it's not a terrible fragrance, it's just not for me. I prefer Odeur 71 by a long shot.
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/7/2013
I really wanted to like this scent. I smelled it on paper and it smelled great, like a cleaner type of musk. On skin it is BARELY THERE yet it gave me a little bit of a headache when I wore it
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/4/2013
Have the sample, and I can't stop smelling myself!!! This scent is addictive, and my husband loves it on me. Warm skin perfection is definitely the best description. Buying the full bottle ASAP!!!
By  on 8/28/2012
I'm partial to sheer skin scents and this one is right up there near the top of my list. Fresh, clean, and subtle.
By   - from Vancouver on 7/4/2012
Wanna free sample of Odeur 53? Just step outside of your house and breathe the air. Dont be fooled by the notes. This fragrance is about as transparent as the contents inside the bottle.
By   - from NORFOLK on 6/17/2012
I don't know what to say about this. It's like... a beautiful plastic flower. To me it's a synthetic floral. This is probably my favourite fragrance I've ever worn. It's so different. I just can't fully describe this. Buy it.
By   - from Toronto on 6/16/2012
I have been using 53 for several years and really like it, as does my wife. The sole complaint I have is about the packaging. They seem to no longer make a small bottle, and the packaging on the big bottle doesn't allow for pouring any out into a smaller atomizer. This means that for a 1-2 day trip, 53 stays at home. So in this age of travel liquid restrictions: please bring back the small bottle version (there used to be a ~15-30ml bottle which was perfect for travel). (Or change the current packaging so the atomizer can unscrew).
By   - from Minneapolis on 4/17/2012
What a wonderful scent!! Soft skin musk, All of these notes combined are wonderful. Even though it's smells really nice, I agree with one of the posters before in that it doesn't seem long lasting. 5/4/11
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/4/2011
I thought this would smell different and metallic, which is exactly what I was looking for. But it's just a non offensive, nondescript cologne that doesn't really smell like anything. I liked it... I didn't fall in love with it though.
By   - Actor from NY,NY on 5/3/2011
This manages to smell like "clean," without smelling soapy. Outstanding.
By   - musician from Hollywood on 5/22/2010
After days of referring back to this and other samples, it hit me - Odeur 53 is quite similar to Donna Karan Black Cashmere. Strange but true. Both are very uplifting modern smelling scents that hint at being floral while hanging more towards atmospheric.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/8/2010
Its so SHEER it barely exists,but what I can sense it its parody of being a perfume,that is not. The lightness of this perfume is nice though,reminds me of a Gendarme scent.
By   - Perfume reviewer from cincinnati on 7/10/2009
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