Eau de Parfum

by Comme des Garcons

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50ml $103
100ml $131
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This was the fragrance that catapulted me into the world of niche fragrances. The scents compiled in this fragrance are what formed the basis for what I judge most fragrances upon. I really like DRY fragrances, I don''t like sweet, I don''t like gourmand or floral, I like dry, mysterious, dark, and warm fragrances and this is all of that. It really smells like wood, but so many types that it transports you into an old mountain cabin in the woods on a cool autumn evening. The bergamot and vetiver provide crispness, and the woods give a nice richness, combined with the subtle spices this is an excellent fragrance. Could easily be a signature scent.....I can wear this anytime of day as well.
By   - Education from Fort Lauderdale on 10/3/2017
After trying 50ish sample from every perfumer imaginable, this is the first bottle I have ever bought. It is obviously a woody scent, slightly medicinal but not intoxicatingly so. It reminds me a fresh wet wood, with that slightly metallic scent that comes when a healthy tree is cut into. But at the same time it is dry and soft. A very sexual scent in my opinion.
By   - University Student from Washington, DC on 1/18/2017
When first applied, this smelled like turquoise dandruff shampoo and I was really disappointed. After about 20 minutes, the wood showed up for me, but it kept switching back and forth between wood and dandruff shampoo. When it smells like wood it is really lovely, but...
By   - student from Cincinnati on 4/8/2016
Great scent! Dry, woody fragrance with a sweet twinge after dry down. If you like wood fragrances, get this
By   - from San Francisco on 1/4/2013
I really do love this scent! It''s woody with a hint of smooth sweetness that really anyone could wear, man or woman! One of my new faves.
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/3/2013
Such a clean smell, yet can be so warming. A lot more versatile then I first thought. Wood - Simple idea, great fragrance
By   - from Perth on 9/24/2012
This smells like a polished wood cabinet fell on you...and is just as subtle. It''s also too sharp and I get a metallic note too.If you want woody, I prefer Diptyque''s Tam Dao.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 6/26/2012
I purchased this fragrance in bulk and flooded my neighborhood in it. A couple of people drowned but thanks to me West Hollywood smells exactly like the great redwood forest. Just doing my part to beautify the city of Los Angeles.
By   - King of Pop from Los Angeles on 2/2/2012
The first half hour was okay, but then it became very similar to CDG Man 2.
By   - Sales from Austin on 10/20/2011
Love it! After CdG 2 Man, this is my favorite fragrance. It''s wood on steroids! At first, I was worried that I was going to smell like a hamster''s cage all day, but WW dries down to a woody, piney, cedary fragrance with, what my nose detects as, floral notes.
By   - from The Brew on 9/12/2011
I have been looking for a sandalwood smell that really smells like sandal-WOOD (the mysore kind), because it''s a favourite and I feel so at home with that smell. This has a nice touch of pepper and other stuff that just enhances it and makes it unique but on me the sandalwood dominates and that''s just what I want. I first tried it on paper and it appeared a bit too masculine, but on my skin it is not masculine at all, it''s just mine. Wonderful.
By   - Artist from Sweden on 4/28/2011
Yikes, smells like essential rosewood oil right out of the bottle. Maybe its my male chemistry but this is headache inducing on me.
By  on 4/23/2011
This smells divine on me. I keep catching scent trails and falling in love all over again.I''ve smelled a few CdG scents in men''s stores and was "meh" on them. I''m starting to see what all the fuss is about with this line, and I''ll probably spring for the full bottle.
By   - from Austin on 2/26/2011
Sandal predominates this gentle, wonderful scent. A bit on the plain side, won''t knock you socks off, but pleasing and comfortable.
By   - web designer from new haven on 11/9/2010
Surprisingly sweet, though with a nice radiance to it. I just pulled out a carved sandalwood compact a friend brought me from India years ago, and they smell identical to me. With genuine sandalwood hard to come by these days, CdGLie may have created an ideal replacement scent.
By   - Librarian from Bay Area on 11/8/2010
I really like it, but it was much more gentle and easy to come to terms with than I expected. I was expecting to get hit over the head with a blast of aromatic woods. But not the case. I was a little disappointed that it wasn''t more wild, but it is lovely elegant, and wonderfully gender neutral nonetheless.
By   - Student from Salt Lake on 10/20/2010
While I''d have to disagree with the previous reviewer here, this is a pretty boring scent. And the comparison to Black Afgano is beyond me. . not even close. This is a very wearable scent, for everyday occasions, but not something I''d want to wear to something special (although it could work there too. . )
By   - Student from Charleston on 10/19/2010
Has got to be one of the worst fragrances I''ve ever tried. Very strong and offensive.
By  on 10/11/2010
A gorgeous woods, it is nearly a dupe of Satellite''s Padparaschka, only better. For me and my skin this one is a long lasting winner, and definitely full bottle worthy. Just because I love it does not mean you will, so sample first.
By   - AV Tech from L.A. on 7/2/2010
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