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Revision! 5 Stars. What a wonderful, comforting, unique scent. Jujuberry below gets it absolutely right. This is CdG at its original best. Get it. A fire, a smoke, a green, a mystery.
By   - Man about Town from Washington, DC on 8/2/2021
CdG lovers who lament how most all of CdG's fragrances last no more than 2 hours, here you go: the gift of longevity. Rouge lasts over 24 hours on me with an lovely incense dry down evoking what i love about the best CdG perfumes. Rouge is sweeter than Kyoto and Jaisalmer, with amber predominating the first impression. I don't usually care for sweet smells, but i can easily overlook the sweetness for the rich, full cabernet-style saturation of jungle incense complexity. Rouge has enough greenness that it burns without being smoky. Its depth is surprising, and it bears that elusive, contradictory CdG signature quality that's so seductive.
By   - Rogue Warrior from New York on 7/28/2021
For the first two weeks of owning this, it was dead on me. I kept wearing it and as has happened with CdG before, then suddenly it made sense. It took me a while to catch the pepperberyy and ginger notes but once I found them, I loved its freshness and exotic nature. Incense is never far away in a CdG fragrance and it lays low here. I like this one for bedtime.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 12/9/2020
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