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Grace by Grace Coddington

Eau de Toilette

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If I can't find my perfect perfume for my mood, I'll mix them and create something new. This is how I discovered that Grace mixed with Mondale's Chocolate Greedy is absolutely heaven. It complicates Chocolate Greedy and oddly, simplifies Grace, so there's always something changing in the experience but is miraculously balanced. I love it so much. Mix your samples and see what you come up with! :)
By   - Analyst from Sacramento on 1/13/2021
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this to find a delicately balanced, youthful, exuberant party in my sample bottle. I ordered it and worried that it would be a strong older-lady, rose forward miasma of pain. But I worried for nothing - it is exactly what I hoped for: a 20-something wearing a sundress and having tea with her favorite aunt.
By   - Analyst from NorCal on 7/30/2018
I am a first time purchaser to Luckyscent. I received Grace in the Fragrance Fitting pack. I am not usually a rose fragrant lover but lately have liked some lotions that had a mix of different scents, with touch of rose scent and they were pleasing lotions, as I explained that to the fragrance fitting person. Grace is beautiful, soft, clean, brisk, cool with a zesty something? Its light rose scent and not overpowering . It is just a great mix of notes. I cant stop smelling my arm! Its just luscious . I will order this in full bottle. (third day applying sample). Just perfect! I haven't been able to find a fragrance in 15 years because all seem too heavy. This is easy to wear.
By   - Bookkeeper/ at home from Hanover on 1/14/2018
I like it, but it reminds me a lot of a scent by Guess (I think just called Guess) that I wore about ten years ago. In that perfume, I didn't get the rose so literally as I do in Grace. This is fresh pink roses, round and youthful and creamy. I got a lot of compliments on that scent, so perhaps this would be similar. The staying power is a tad disappointing. But all in all, I quite like it and would recommend to someone that likes rosy, feminine perfumes.
By   - Manager from LA on 8/20/2016
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