Eau de Parfum

by Comme des Garcons

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I''m a little biased, as I''m a big CdG fan. This fragrance is pretty much my favorite in my collection, granted I don''t have much in terms of niche fragrance. I love the rich magnolia and the way it interacts with the aldehydes. This fragrance is fresh enough to wear in the spring, and the cedar is sharp enough to wear in the fallwinter. The incense kind of just serves to add a little more depth and a bit of smokiness throughout. A complex yet wearable fragrance.
By   - High School Student from Houston, TX on 1/2/2016
This was a total last minute blind buy. I was in the hunt for something unusual and different, so I browsed the avant garde section. CdG perfumes intrigued me, especially after reading a lot of positive reviews. I requested samples of a handful of others and decided, based on the intriguing description and notes plus many positive reviews, to purchase this on a whim. And boy was I thrilled and fell in love at first spraysniff. Wow. Like others have said, this is definitely a scent that can aid in studying and intellectual endeavors.I have a "thing" for scents. I collect fragrances, and am drawn to unusual fragrances that appeal and excite different moods. Some fragrances have a way of appealing to my more intellectual and introspective side. This is one of them. While it isn''t "mood lifting" in the traditional sense, it does do something quite positive to my mood and cognitive processes. It helps me get "in" my zone for when I want and need to be in my head and reflect. I absolutely adore this scent.
By   - Student from Nor Cal on 9/16/2014
Smells sour, and reminds me lady''s perfume I associate with a not so good memory
By   - student on 5/1/2012
Absolutely chic. Sophisticated and rich, yet subtle. One of my favorites for the night out.
By   - from new york on 3/28/2011
This might be a little masculine, but i love this i would wear this in the summer. i am very ladylike, and i''m very much a lady. but this a sexy scent.
By   - technician from dallas on 1/30/2011
By   - technician from dallas on 1/30/2011
By   - technician from dallas on 1/30/2011
Hmm.. Could it be possible that the aldehydes could be tempered by dabbing, instead of spraying this perfume? I want to make this love work..
By   - enjoying life from amsterdam on 11/19/2009
I love this perfume. Masterfully crafted, warm, sparkling, deep and meaningful. It makes me beam with happiness, like having a cherished secret. I wanted to give this one a full five stars, and I would''ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn''t for you darn aldehydes! They flossed -yes, flossed- my sinuses. Give me a moment, this is the first time I''ve had my heart broken by a perfume..
By   - enjoying life from amsterdam on 11/18/2009
This is one of the most exceptional, unique scents I''ve ever smelled. You would think since it''s a heavier, richer fragrance containing aldehydes, so it could smell like something a granny would wear. I''ve never been more suprisded though! It begins with a wonderful incensewoody floral aroma (not any particular flower tho). It keeps You very entertained and makes You crave for more and more... Then as the whole scent deepens even more, it gets more exciting with a deliscious, MODERN aldehydebergamotmandarin note. It just keeps blooming and blooming on my skin. I can also detect some vegetal notes and a rootywoody finish. The whole fragrance itself is so different from everyting I know, but it manages to stay feminine and elegant - not overwhelming. I absolutely adore it, and with hundreds of fragrances I''ve already smelled, it means something.
By   - United States from Key West on 8/9/2008
You can get this on ebay :)
By  on 7/12/2008
does anyone know where i can get 2 comme des garcon from in england pleasethanksluv laine
By   - from plymouth england on 6/12/2008
I''m a guy in my late twenties and I absolutely love it! Best fragrance ever! Its just keep smelling better and better the longer you have it on, in my opinion.
By   - from Malmö, Sweden on 5/18/2008
I love this scent - will definetely be buying the full bottle. Very warm alluring scent.
By   - teacher from england on 5/17/2008
I got 2 samples and loved the first sample, which picked up the top notes, second sample faded too fast (or is it because I''m used to it now?) I have now purchased 2 full bottles so really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Love it!
By   - Manager from Melbourne on 4/21/2008
beautiful warm scent, very earthy.....reminds me of L''Artisan Timbuktu...but found this one lasts longer on me. Very sexy scent, not overpowering, but definitely makes people take notice in a very positive way.
By  on 12/22/2007
You know why am I reding all these comments? Because I was bored with my parfume eau de cartier and bought CDG2 on a friends recommendation. I thought that I made a mistake and bought the one for ladies and try to understand if it is for man or woman on the web. You say, it is unisex but this parfume is absolutely for women!
By   - from Istanbul on 11/1/2007
ok. so i''ll be changing my opinion again. maybe it''s something about the really cold September here... but I''m in love again with CDG 2 EDP. It is beautiful and this time it reminds me of cherry made of chrome... go figure!
By  on 9/11/2007
A really exceptional scent. Warm, faintly spicy, subtle and very well-balanced. Like CdG White, this really seemed to dissolve into my skin. No matter how much I put on, the scent was never blaring. It''s very sexy in a complex way. One of my favorites
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
I LOVE THE BOTTLE!!I really wanted to love the scent, trusting that this is for the fashion forward man I tried and tried and tried and still smelled old lady. What is the matter with CdG labeling something "A womans scent"? Just because someone from marketing says chanel 5 is for men doesn''t mean it''s right. I''ll give the parfume to my mom and she''ll smell great.
By  on 4/23/2007
i should change my opinion. first 20 minutes of this scent is wonderful and very unisex. sumi ink, aldehydes, folia, mate - it is all there. But after that it is very feminine. you will smell like a circle of grandmas :) try 2MAN, sexy roaring beast :)
By   - lighting designer on 4/18/2007
after wanting this scent for a long time i finally bought it at the comme des garcons store in NYC.i already have over 60 bottles of cologne and really didnt need it.i smelled all the other scents in the store and hated them all.but this scent is insanely amazing.i am selling all my other cologne off and this is going to be my new scent.every single person i hug goes nuts over it.Oddly enough, most of them are str8 men!throughout the day i grab the bottle and smell it.it just brings so much pleasure to the senses and it lasts forever!i highly recommend this scent(even though i dont want anyone else wearing it)
By   - waitger/dj from syracuse on 3/24/2007
Would not recommend this for a man. It starts off quite nice but then after the drydown, it smells extremely feminine and flowery which I was not expecting. It sort of reminded me of my daughter''s scented "Malibu Barbie". You''re better off trying "2MAN"(which is ok), or "3" (which is the best in my opinion)
By   - from nyc on 1/14/2007
Would not recommend this for a man. It starts off quite nice but then after the drydown, it smells extremely feminine and flowery which I was not expecting. It sort of reminded me of my daughter''s scented "Malibu Barbie". You''re better off trying "2MAN"(which is ok), or "3" (which is the best in my opinion)
By   - from nyc on 1/13/2007
It is probably #1 fragrance that matched my personality. It''s both out of this world and so earthy. It''s fresh but it''s warm, it''s spicy but it''s mild. It''s so magical one wonders how in the world one could come up with this fragrance. I am not a fan of Rei''s perfumes normally (reeeeeeeally hate CDG 2 Man as well as Odeur 53 and Guerilla 1), but this is just incomprehensively wonderful! I am a guy, and i definitely can see how it''s unisex. My best friend told me that I have finally found my scent!!!
By   - musician from New York, USA on 11/7/2006
I adore this scent, I am a man in my late twenties and have yet to come across someone else who wears this. I get numerous compliments and to this end have been very reluctant to disclose what scent it is. I love it and so does everyone esle I know who has smelt it...
By   - Consultant from London on 8/14/2006
This is a great scent for women. For men,...not so much,...unless you want to smell like a woman.
By  on 7/2/2006
i catered the launch party for cdg in israel, and hence procured a large amount of Free Stuff. and after trying this one, immediately bought multiple bottles at Full Price, which i consider to be a fine and legitimate expense, as every single time i wear this i am convinced that i am not only the most alluring and sexy woman in the world, but bulletproof and immortal as well. also just as good on my husband. no, of course i am not prone to exaggerations. why do you ask??
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
the best and sexiest unisex perfume ever!very complicated with a mostly spicy flavour.
By   - from athens greecw on 5/26/2006
Hands down a constant in my ridiculously large collection. I always get compliments when I wear this, and I never feel like it''s wearing me. The best part is when I catch a whiff of something delicious and realize it''s me! Why doesn''t Luckyscent carry the larger size?
By   - therapist from chicago on 5/11/2006
It''s funny how this can ever be a female or even unisex scent... You must have such "strong" skin chemistry to conquer this... I usually turn everything sweet but CdG2 is just a sharp, strong, bitter note almost like mosquito repellant. It''s a single note, more or less. When sniffing my skin I might detect a complex, beautiful, cool scent with magnolia and ink underneath, but in the throw it''s just wham! dry bitter woods and herbs!
By  on 5/2/2006
No, not for me. Works on men better.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 4/25/2006
Barnone beautiful. I receive many compliments when I wear this, or, rather, when it wears me (it''s almost its own entity), the best one being ''what are you wearing, it''s so ''you'' very nice'' isn''t that why we wear a scent in the first place? A little work of art in a bottle, every note combining perfectly in creating an olfactory adagio. Dark, warm, and bright
By   - Antiquities from Los Angeles on 4/9/2006
I don''t know what REI is thinking calling this a unisex scent. Tried it on and smelled like an older,much older,white haired stuffy lady wearing mink and bling. I''m with comme on a lotta thangs but she''s not getting me with this one. Sorry
By  on 2/22/2006
fell in love with it, gave it as a gift to my boss, who also fell in love with it, now I hesitate to wear it because she BATHES in it, and it ends up smelling of Deep Woods OFF! Treat this fragrance with tender-loving care it is best applied LIGHTLY! Spray it into the air, and then walk into it your public will thank you! My mother commented that it reminds her of ladies in the 1950s who were swathed in furs and black wool, when they would leave the elvator and leave their lingering, ''wealthy'' scent trailing behind them. The cedar pops in particular, so this is a most unusual and ''hormonal'' fragrance...mmm-mmm!
By  on 2/11/2006
It is unbelievable scent - very sexy, very androgynous. It changes through the day from very deep, sweet incense, after that very juicy mandarin and lemon, later it becomes very flowery and vanilla bursts like a flame. It works wonderful during cold winter days, because CdG2 shows you its "industrial" face outdoors :)
By   - lighting designer on 2/4/2006
I really wanted to like this scent. I love the bottle design and almost everything that CdG produces. However the smell seemed too much like elixor by clinique. I had a friend who''d wear clinique religiously and this smells almost exactly the same. What a big let down. Way too powdery and flowery.
By   - Shop keeper from Atlanta on 11/28/2005
I wanted to love this scent, but I imagined its inkiness as an intense sun-soaked black, an earth-bound resin without the spice. But the cumin of this is rank, the aldehydes pierce you in the sinuses, the generic tang of magnolia white flowers disinfects the air around you. Ugh! CDG Series 1 Tea is a much more beautiful and evocative ink.
By   - from Hudson Valley New York on 9/16/2005
I recieved this as a sample, and it smelled O.K. at first, then gave me a nice headache. Whatever ink smells like, maybe it shouldn''t be bottled.
By  on 9/14/2005
I tried so many brands from all over the word, but honestly CDG2 is one of the best can ever get with its unique fresh style..Im in love with Comme des gracons2 and I cant even stop buyin'' it
By   - Engineer from Montreal, Quebec on 9/13/2005
I''ve tried to many perfumes to count and seen to many fashion labels to remember, and I can honestly say there is nothing like this, it is truely unique and flawless. As soon I tried this I was hooked and couldn''t get it out of my mind, delivering the same effect as a junkie on krack. Maybe its the scent of amber and patcholie, comprised with Japenese Ink. Either way this scent and brand has no contemporaries.
By   - Retail from Melbourne on 6/28/2005
I don''t see why women love this, it''s definetely a men''s scent but I wouldn''t buy it for my love. It smells like dry wood that''s exactly what it smells like.
By  on 6/21/2005
Out of this world, unique, fresh, sexy, classy. So many times strangers ask me "what are you wearing? smells delicious"people love this. The smell of sumi ink is so modern and crisp, the incense mild. Very unisex.Awsome !!
By   - from Fla. on 5/13/2005
This scent is elegant and sublime. I get compliments when I wear it, and it doesn''t fade away into nothingness like many other scents. It''s definitely a bi-sexual perfume, as it works on both men and women!
By   - from nyc on 1/24/2005
It''s delightfully great...I smelled it first in Spain, and fell in love with it. And the greatest thing is that it''s eau de parfum instead of toilette - which is quite rare for men.
By   - student from Sao Paulo on 12/7/2004
Incredebly eddictive classy essence.Very colorfull and a little strange.
By   - from NewYork,NewYork on 11/1/2004
This scent is awesome, so complex it takes on many different personas as you wear it thru the day. It is both feminine & masculine. Some floral, some woods, and you can pick up the trace of ink. Superb!
By   - from NY,LA,London,Paris,Milan on 6/9/2004
This is not the scent for me, yet I can''t help but admire all of the unique contrasts that this scent does have. It goes throught many metamorphoses.
By   - student from Bay Area, CA, USA on 6/3/2004
sexy sweet and oh so delicious. I go through so many different moods everytime i get a whiff of this NO.2 it explores the masculine and feminine beauty just like that found in nature. It''s spicy and ripe all at the same time. It is sooooooo right. it touches all senses of smell. Yes, I do love it too
By   - from NYC......USA on 5/25/2004
"Comme des Garçons 2 plays with complements and contrasts...with reflection and opacity...with mirror and brilliance...with light and shadow...with earth and the energy of the sun". I LOVE this scent, I LOVE this scent, I LOVE this scent! Did I mention, I love this scent -) It''s truly unisex fragrance contrasting the feminine (the flowers and aldehydes) and the masculine (the woods and vetiver) notes. I really do pick up the sumi ink and magnolia notes - especially in the beginning - the drydown is more woody-ambery. Very attractive and unique scent!
By   - a student of psychology from Helsinki on 5/15/2004
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