Fragrance Fitting - Custom Sample Pack
Fragrance Fitting - Custom Sample Pack Sizes Available:
5 x 0.7ml vials
5 x 0.7ml vials samples $42

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This was so fun! I loved the attention to detail and the notes that came with each sample. I’m 2 deep and already bought a bottle.
By   - Nurse from TN on 8/11/2019
As a newbie to the world of niche fragrances, I was a little overwhelmed and intimidated so this option was invaluable and so much fun! I said that I loved vanilla but also almond and vetiver. I never imagined I would love every single sample, but I really do. After much deliberation I finally went with a full bottle of A Lab on Fire's What We Do In Paris Is Secret. ELDO's Fat Electrician was a close second though! This felt highly personalized and thoughtful, well worth it in my opinion. Thank you DB, you are a wizard!
By   - Software Analyst from Pittsburgh, PA on 5/30/2019
DB prepared my order and all of the samples were delicious! I don't like fancy, complex fragrances and wanted something that smelled fresh and clean but alluring at the same time. Something that I would want to bathe in, that I would want to wear every day. All of the scents were fantastic and one was particularly wonderful, so I ordered a whole bottle. Thank you so much, DB! I'm a one fragrance type of gal and I tend toward unisex body scents that smell different on each body. I'd tried so many samples in the last two years and I finally found my new scent! Yay!!
By   - Lawyer/Professor from Lancaster, PA on 5/20/2019
I found this to be a very fun and helpful experience. I have trouble articulating my scent preferences, yet the samples I received were exactly what I wanted.
By   - Student from Denton on 2/13/2019
I loved all the fragrances that were selected and I am having a hard time choosing one to purchase. I really enjoyed being introduced to perfumes that I personally would not have selected. Highly recommended!
By   - Admin from Australia on 1/29/2019
So excited to get my smells! This was everything I hoped it would be. I gave some thoughts regrading what I thought I might like and out of my sample pack, there were 3 that I really liked and one, Tam Dao by Diptyque that I can't get enough of. I also learned about some new things - like ... cedar and sandalwood? Who knew I would want to bathe in those. So, to expand my experience, I'm ordering 2 more sample packs - the 13 for female and unisex. Tam Dao will be duplicated but that makes me happy! Any i don't care for... perfect timing for a Christmas re-gift to my sister :)
By   - HR Guru from Denver on 12/10/2018
This was such a great experience! First, I have made two purchases for samples within two weeks. My first purchase was a custom-fitted perfume sample. I sent my detailed information of notes and perfumes that I have come to love. Next, I gave a call to LuckyScents and spoke to Alex. What an expert on fragrances! I called him to ensure I wouldn't have duplicate fragrances in my two orders. He listened, suggested some scents, and offered to throw in some backups if I didn't like the original scents selected. My second purchase has yet to arrive, but I am extremely excited to be introduced to the work of niche perfumes. Thanks, Alex!
By   - Educator from Lansdale, PA on 3/3/2018
Nice job, TR. I asked for light floral or fresh citrus fruit scents, or spice scents like cinnamon or clove or cardamom (what I described as "baking spices.") TR sent some lovely floral and/or fruity scents. I can't decide which I like best, but I like several of them very much.
By   - editor from southeastern Pennsylvania on 1/17/2018
Shout out to Alex. He/she did a great job picking the samples for my fitting. Everything is consistent with my description, definitely does not disappoint.
By   - Research Analyst from Gotham on 12/31/2017
Great Customer Service! There was a problem with the shipping and they were so helpful and shipped another immediately. This is such a great service if you're just overwhelmed with the number of choices. Rachel did a great job selecting scents and sent some that I had been pondering and some that I hadn't considered. I loved four of them (including one of the bonus winter scents she sent) and now I just have to decide which one to buy!Melod
By   - Public Health Communications from Baltimore on 12/31/2017
I am so impressed by Luckyscent's customer service and individual attention given to the fragrance fitting I purchased. I made fairly specific and limiting requests, and they contacted me to clarify those requests. The scents themselves were great, and I'd like to purchase at least 2 of them sometime. I had also purchased another pre-packaged sampler, which was missing one sample from the manufacturer, and Luckyscent replaced it quickly. My only suggestion would be for the sample bottles to be either easier to open and close, or ideally, mini sprays.
By   - Veterinarian from Sacramento, CA on 12/21/2017
I really loved my fragrance fitting! Alex did a fantastic job picking out really interesting scents for me to try! Now I have some ideas as to what I should save up my money for. I only wish that the perfume vials were easier to open - I always end up spilling these kinds of vials all over my hands when I pull out the lid, so I prefer the tiny atomizer type.
By   - Artist currently working in Retail from Prefer Not To Say on 12/9/2017
This was one of the most delightful packages I've opened in a long time. It was really exciting to see what had been picked out for me and all of the fragrances were on point and varied. I never heard of Naxos by Xerjoff before and because of this fragrance fitting (love the analogy to clothes fitting), it's now one of my favorites of all time. Great experience! Highly recommended.
By   - Lawyer from Wilkes-Barre, PA on 11/21/2017
I gave this team an impossible challenge: Make me smell like Rachel Maddow looks. Seriously, they pulled it off! I am SO happy with my selection. I'm in love with at least three, and will buy the full size version of whatever one triggers someone to ask for my opinion on a highly complex political issue :) In all seriousness though, these are all lovely and unisex and complex just like hoped they would be. I am having a blast testing these and cannot recommend this highly enough if you love to play with scent. The surprise factor alone is worth the money. Perfect way to end a Monday. Thanks JL, you rock, whoever you are! :)
By   - Advertising Exec from Burlington, VT on 10/24/2017
I can't say enough wonderful things about this! Rachel did such a good job of picking out a range of fragrances for my upcoming wedding. I shared details of the event, as well as some of my favorite scents, and she did a fantastic job of picking fragrances that all felt really distinctive and different but also very me. I found the perfect fragrance that I might otherwise have passed up if I just sniffed it at a beauty counter since it develops into a totally different fragrance as the day wears on. Thanks, Rachel!
By   - policy analyst from Washington, D.C. on 10/16/2017
This was worth it - very good. I just placed an order for one of the scents chosen. It was nothing I would have expected. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would do it again.
By   - Lecturer from Austin on 10/12/2017
I was referred to this program by luckyscent CSR and it delivered. I got my mail today and as I read down the list on the slip. i screamed the more before smelling. All because I have watched many reviews on them and sampled many colognes from luckyscent. What I received, PDM layton, MFK Oud & BKR 540 extrait, Mancera Cedrat Boise & Lemon line, Molecule 02, Byredo Oud immortel and Cereus no. 7. I opened this with 2 of my friends all collectors and all of us were happy. One loved Cereus No.7, the other molecule 02 and myself MFK 540 extrait and cedrat Boise. All three of us loved Mancera lemon line. I just introduced these guys to luckyscent and am glad I purchases this. Thank you DZ for picking em out, Alex and Julianne. that MFK 540 tho,
By   - IT Infrastructure support from Fargo ND on 9/25/2017
Just buy this. It is such a great service. I wrote a note begging Rachel to recreate the island vacation I was unable to take this year due to work constraints, and she FAR exceeded my expectations. Every sample was a winner. Even though I specified they should all share a single note, she managed to find excellent interpretations of that note -- while all the samples have that note commonality, none are overly similar, and all evoke different feelings and experiences. It's such a well-rounded selection. This is my second time ordering a custom fitting, and I liked it even more the second time.
By   - academic from Tempe, AZ on 6/23/2017
Rachel really knows her stuff. She took time to pick some real winners and threw in a few for good measure. Stuff I never, ever would have stumbled upon. Now the challenge is finding the one to commit to. Well done!
By   - Business Development from Baltimore on 5/29/2017
This is well worth it. I provided rather vague (in my opinion) details about what I like and don't like, along with what I was looking for - scents for hot weather, in the office, etc. They nailed it! You can't expect to like all of the samples (that's part of the process), but I found two of what will now be my signature colognes (one was a bonus sample provided!). These are scents I would never discover on my own, so I'm thankful the fragrance fitting is available.
By   - * from Arizona on 5/13/2017
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