Let's Get Minimal

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Sumo Wrestler
A beguilingly fresh and powdered amber that works wonderfully on men and women alike.
Escentric Molecules
Molecule 01
The minimalist legend, an iconic single note fragrance that still captures the attention like none other.
Escentric Molecules
Molecule 02
Powered by ambroxan, M02 gives your skin a discrete but deeply sensual touch of clean freshness.
Juliette Has a Gun
Not a Perfume
Powered with the subtly clean sexiness of Cetalox, this minimal cult classic belongs in every collection.
$100 - $135
All That Matters
A subtle and elegant skin scent with smooth, silky musk and a hint of fresh lily of the valley.
D.S. and Durga
I Don't Know What
A sheer, ethereal hint of citrus, musks and woods that's bright and sexy on its own but also designed to layer beneath any scent you can imagine.
$175 - $260
Olfactive Studio
Flash Back
A refreshingly light and vivacious summer vetiver with perfect touches of rhubarb and grapefruit,
$115 - $195
Yu Son
A delightfully pretty blend of citrus and smooth green tea.
L'Artisan Parfumeur
Champ de Fleurs
An airy white floral with a lovely touch of pear.
Masque Milano
Love Kills
Bright and fruity lychee lights up a fresh and sparkling rose.
A Lab on Fire
Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed
A clean, bright, just-the-right-amount-of-sweet musky vanilla that smells great on anyone.
Floris London
Clean, classic masculine aromatic citrus.
Philosykos - Eau de Toilette
The perfect fig scent- ripe, fresh, green, and aromatic.
$105 - $145
Gypsy Water
A gorgeously unique unisex featuring juniper, incense, and a base of creamy vanilla with sandalwood.
$190 - $270
Bal d'Afrique
Another beloved Byredo classic, Bal d'Afrique is an unforgettable blend of warm woods and vetiver with a fruity violet heart.
$190 - $270
Ramon Monegal
Agar Musk
While certainly not a skin scent, this elegantly clean and musky oud scent shows that a great oud need not shout.
Essential Parfums
Bois Imperial
Freshly crushed and spicy Thai Basil leaves meet the sparkling peppery and grapefruit facets of Nepalese Timut Pepper absolute.
$20 - $75
Essential Parfums
Nice Bergamote
Juicy citrus and freshly musky florals- a wonderfully agreeable bergamot scent.
$20 - $75
Di Ser
An invigorating and distinctive combination of juicy yuzu and crisp mint.
Keiko Mecheri
Peau de Peche
An elegantly delicate peach scent with a gently powdered sandalwood.
Parle Moi de Parfum
Milky Musk
A subtle but deeply compelling blend of fresh green fig and gently milky sandalwood.
$145 - $235
Obvious Parfums
Une Vanille
A sexy, grown up vanilla with musk and tonka bean.
A lusciously light floral musk- all of Xerjoff's legendary complexity but without the volume.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Aqua Universalis
A truly classic fresh scent of citrus, light florals, and clean musky woods. Perfect for any age, style, or gender- it just simply smells amazing.
$215 - $395
Gendarme - Eau de Cologne
A green and herbal musk with a slight masculine touch, it's an unforgettable signature.
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