Not a Perfume

Eau de Parfum

by Juliette Has a Gun

Not a Perfume Sizes Available:
50ml $100
100ml $135
0.7ml spray
0.7ml spray sample $5
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It''s a very light, slightly sweet woody scent that stays close to the skin. It would make a great scent to wear in an office setting or anywhere you don''t want to smell too strong. It''s as if I used a woody-scented soap in the shower. I have to sniff my skin to really smell it. I don''t care for the smell, but I can see how others might like it.
By   - Nanny from Brush Prairie on 6/25/2018
I love this fragrance. It surprises me that I am so taken with this scent as I usually prefer oriental fragrances or dramatic florals. But there are so many reasons to love this. It is fresh, clean and very understated and elegant. It lasts forever.People ask what is that perfume ? I love it" Because it is a composition of but one note the dry down does not surprise or disappoint. The bottle and packaging are lovely as well. This is a fragrance to wear when you want to be the Grace Kelly to everyone else''s Lady Gaga.
By   - owner of an antique restoration company from Indianapolis on 10/13/2016
I Love this fragrance! It is my summer go to. It''s light and lasts all day long. I can''t smell it on myself, but I get compliments on the fragrance all the time, all day long. I can start my day at 8am and by 10pm, people still say "you smell really good!" Now, that''s a great fragrance. The one note, is just that...a beautiful one note!
By   - Jewelry Designer from Los Angeles on 6/9/2016
Loved Not A Perfume from the Discovery Kit, so I ordered the large bottle. Sadly, the fragrance in the big bottle smelled like nothing. Maybe a little laundry detergent mixed with alcohol? I DRENCHED myself in it- at least ten sprays- and no one, including me, could smell anything. I don''t understand, was this a bad batch? How could the sample size smell so wonderful, but the big bottle smell like nothing? So disappointed!
By   - Stylist from Dallas on 6/9/2016
I had the original so I ordered the sample of Not A Perfume. It was horrible. The original lasts all day. The sample is like alcohol. It sprays on with a alcohol scent and the scent is gone in 5 minutes. I''m happy I didn''t spend $100. Very disappointed.
By   - Paraprofessional from Baton Rouge on 5/13/2016
I love this perfume! It''s true that it''s composition and wearability are hard to pinpoint. Some days I can smell it on myself, other days, I can barely smell it at all. I just love it, though. I tried Molecule 02, and though I liked the very faint smell I was able to detect on certain days, it didn''t seem to last on me. It seems like which of the two stays on you depends on your chemistry.
By   - Teacher  from San Diego on 3/23/2016
I ADORE - Not a Perfume! This is my fourth bottle -- its my signature scent. I get LOADS of compliments when I wear this. Its so long wearing and elegant. I don''t notice it when I wear it but everyone else does which is the way to know when a scent is perfect for you. LOVE LOVE LOVE
By   - Designer from Roch on 11/11/2015
The best fragrance
By  on 10/28/2014
amazing, mysterious and sophisticated. i get so many compliments every single time I wear this. Its my signature scent and have gone through 3 bottles. epic. when I get this through lucky scent its brand new -- so i put it in my window for just a week to strengthen it - lasts ALL DAY. I adore it.
By   - designer from rochester on 7/18/2014
Not a perfume, not much of anything at all. I expected to love it I''ve been wearing Molecule 02 for years. I assumed it would be practically identical as the are both single-note ambroxan. This was nice at first, kind of similar to Molecule but not as much as you''d expect. But it was gone in a few minutes. Gone gone. Molecule stays around forever on me, especially if I spray it on my clothing. Anything that you don''t wash each time you wear it like a coat or a sweater will still smell like it. Not with this I tried. Disappointing.
By   - nurse on 3/1/2013
This is a beautiful, light slightly sweet blend that smells innocent and all grown up at the same time. Clean, soft and womanly. However, it does fade into nothingness in under an hour. So sad, I hated to have it go.
By   - fitness geek from laguna hills, ca on 10/2/2012
Well... after an hour of wearing this, it pretty much smells like Victoria''s Secret Heavenly. Which no doubt has a lot of ambroxan in it. So you could some money, buy a light department store "musk" perfume, and admit to yourself that while adorably and classily packaged, this is basically a gimmick.
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/12/2012
I really, really like this scent. It reminds me of a subtler, more refined Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue with a slightly sweet floral note. The scent is lovely, understated, and natural. Some might say "generic," but I prefer to think of it as "all-purpose." HOWEVER, the reviews that criticize its lack of staying power are right on the money. It fades in less than an hour. For this reason, I could never justify paying for a full-sized bottle. In three words: Simple, lovely... fleeting.
By   - college professor  from Houston on 2/17/2012
Smells like Estee Lauder White Linen! YUC!!!!!!!!
By   - Cosmetics manager from SLC on 12/30/2011
Throughout his collections Romano has been very partial to a particular scent. From Miss Charming through to Midnight Oud, the intoxicating aroma of woody muskiness has always been a presence. Whether it has been subdued or loud, think of Miss Charming or Lady Vengeance the musky wood note has been a recurring theme throughout Juliette has a Gun. To Romano Ricci it was only a matter of time before he created a perfume from this one beloved note.A single note synthetic scent conjures up images of a monotonic aroma without variations. This is very far from the reality of this scent. Even though Not a Perfume has no top, mid or base notes it subtly twists and changes with every passing moment. A well rounded elegant tone, it adheres to the skin like a fine kid glove. This is not a scent that will walk into a room before you but gracefully accompanies you and lets you shine through regardless of gender.
By   - Perfume Specialist from Melbourne/ Australia on 9/28/2011
Did I mention that I LOVE this?Just so good...Mm-mmm!
By   - Medical Professional from Alameda, CA on 9/26/2011
The name says it all--this is not a perfume. It is a smell, and a rather weak and fleeting one at that. Those who want simply a generic, faint, watery, pleasant scent to make them smell good for 15 minutes or so might like it, although they can surely find something equally suitable elsewhere for a much better price. Anyone who wants an actual perfume should just keep looking. This is not it.
By   - chemist on 6/16/2011
I was curious about this one, as I often find conceptual scents more intellectually interesting than sensually pleasing. However, this one kind of disappoints on both counts. It''s like a distillation of that weird, metallic, throat-scratching odor I''ve come to associate with virtually every mid-price department store perfume line. So, ultimately, it smells like highly concentrated mundanity. Such a shame as I really love some of the other Juliette scents (Calamity J and Midnight Oud? Both lovely.). Alas.
By   - from Washington DC on 5/12/2011
This is stunning. The very sweet sales girl added this sample at the last second from her personal bottle because they didn''t have a tester in store and she thought I would like it. Absolutely dead on! This is so beautiful - transparent and ethereal but earthy and sensual. A definite full bottle buy.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/27/2011
Love this--but then I love light muskambergris scents. When I first got it it seemed quite strong, and I was a bit worried about spritzing too much, but it really calms down after having a couple minutes to settle, so it''s not a problem for me.
By  on 3/21/2011
Gorgeous. Calming. Centering. Peaceful. Clean. LONG LASTING!
By   - real estate on 3/6/2011
I have never had a reaction to perfume before but this one literally made me sick. Seconds after spritzing on my sample I became very nauseaus and dizzy. I have a phobia of the dentist office and I think this scent brought on a panic attack! It''s very antiseptic smelling... awful stuff.
By   - from Toronto on 2/6/2011
This had no effect on me whatsoever! All I could smell was a rather artificial antiseptic smell.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 1/26/2011
On me this smelled like workout clothes after sweating, maybe mixed with Pantene shampoo... generic, slightly chemical
By  on 12/31/2010
Absolutely fabulous!!! Subtle and quite unique. LOVE the soft skin musk! It will be one of my new staples
By   - therapist from NYC on 12/6/2010
Well, I''ve read a bit of vitriole surrounding this scent, and I certainly understand the points made - it''s not a "work or art" per se. But does it claim to be? Having said that, I received a sample and spritzed it on with no expectation. It''s actually extremely pleasant, understated and with good lasting power. Yes, incensed perfumistas, there are indeed people that want or even need a scent that isn''t immediately recognizable as those of us in the healthcare field. This is something that I could enjoy at work and still fly under the radar on the fragrance policy. It isn''t always about high art. Sometimes you just want to smell good.
By   - from Seattle on 12/5/2010
This is a unique fragrance with incredible staying power. The idea definitely isn''t new no matter what claim is made, i.e., Escentric 02. It''s very smooth, soft, creamy, and radiant--a very pleasing and comforting scent. Although it is not technically a perfume, the ambrox covers quite a range of muskiness and woodiness and is complex enough to be quite fascinating.
By   - Accountant from Pittsburgh on 12/3/2010
OMG! This is so fantastic. It lingers on and on and if there were a 6, I would give it to Nino on this one. It is so ecclectic yet fabulously smooth and delicate. The staying power is amazing! Cheers, everyone. Run to your computer and experience this one with the best man you can muster---a definte bang!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 11/22/2010
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