Yu Son

Eau de Parfum

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While this has the same freshness as other Altaia scents, I only get a slightly bitter citrus that I sense as grapefruit behind that freshness. Just disappointing in comparison.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 5/25/2021
Wow Truly an amazing fragrance, this is such a comforting fragrance. It takes me back to when I went on my first cruise to Mexico. The memory of luxury soaps, sea water at night and the green tea at tea time.
By   - Analyst from Orlando on 2/1/2017
An incredible juicy, almost syrupy opening note of satsuma (a seriously great olfactory likeness, in fact) first calms down a bit, then gets a clean and sparkly little lift from green tea and modulates into a lovely, not at all heavy amber. I was concerned when the notes included iris -- did we really need a death's head at the garden party? -- but it turns out to be there only to maintain a bit of composure, a sort of garden wall in the sunshine. A low-sillage delight.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/10/2017
Liquid heaven.
By   - Dragon Slayer from Violet on 9/1/2016
I was eagerly looking forward to receiving my sample of this scent based on reviews I've seen on a few websites. To my nose, this is strongly reminiscent of Estee Lauder White Linen and unfortunately, I'm not a fan of that fragrance at all. That said, Yu Son is definitely superior to White Linen in that it is not as sharp or synthetic.
By   - Perfumista from Phoenix, AZ on 5/6/2016
Full-bottle worthy. I am fussy about fragrances, I want them to develop over time, don't want a sillage monster and want it to last. This was all that and more. An excellent fragrance for summer and one that will last into winter. I don't get the separate notes, I do get a well-blended floral that is light but long-lasting, enticing and juicy.
By   - Writer from PHX on 4/22/2016
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