Peau de Peche

Eau de Parfum

by Keiko Mecheri

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100ml $165
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I don''t get the laundry or the soap smell. Just the scent of ripe peaches. It''s a skin scent on me, but when sprayed on my clothes or in my hair I get tons of compliments.
By   - Teacher from Atlanta on 2/17/2017
Fresh and light green peach. Unfortunately, this has little staying power, but it''s so delightful I might have to spring for a full bottle anyway, and spray on my clothes and pulse points.
By   - office drone from Colorado on 8/22/2016
My aunt also smells like a peach, so ever since I was a kid, I''ve been looking for her magic secret. Maybe this is it? And if not, I will have my own peach secret.
By   - chocolate from MINNEAPOLIS on 2/15/2016
Taking into account my body chemistry, this perfume smells exactly the way it does from the bottle, on my skin.Sillage is probably less than 6" but this is perfect because I don''t want a cloud of perfume surrounding me and intruding upon the spaces of others.I spray this on the nape of my neck. This is where I generate a good amount of body heat, and because I wear my hair down a lot, the scent permeates my hair which allows the scent to surface with any movement I make.The smell? Well, it''s definitely peach. But it''s not a plastic fake peach as others have described. It reminds me of cutting into a barely ripe peach, tasting that tiny bit of sweetness, but there''s the contrasting acidity that makes you salivate. The perfume has no hint of acidity but it''s well balanced in a way that doesn''t make this a cloyingly sweet scent. The softness of the peach, the depth of the orris makes this an incredibly inviting scent.I was in an elevator at work, and I could hear the man standing near me inhale deeply. To me, that''s a sign that this scent works really well with my chemistry.If you''re looking for something very feminine, but not overpoweringly fruity, get a sample. You''ll never know until you smell it on yourself.
By   - advertising from los angeles, ca on 3/15/2015
I thought it would be more of a grown-up peach from the dramatic bottle, but it is very "little girl" peach. Reminds me of a peach-scented My Little Pony or other cute toy. It''s a delightful and very lovely scent, but a little too immature and sweet for me.
By  on 1/31/2015
As another review said, peachy soap on me with thankfully little staying power. Very green peach at that. Wanted to love, sorry. Will update when I try again if anything changes.
By   - from Jersey City on 12/16/2014
I love this scent . Reminds me of a scented doll I had as child. Puts a smile on my face. It''s peachy and slightly powdery but not old ladyish to me. It smells warm and sensual on my skin . I think it would smell great layered with maybe a coconut scent too. Yum
By  on 2/24/2012
Another one that I wouldn''t wear. To me it just smells like watered down peach with soap suds ...Peach scented washing up liquid maybe? So its a clean fragrance I guess. Very light. It just doesn''t appeal to me.
By   - Artist from UK on 7/25/2011
I have found my signature scent! I love everything about this 1. I couldn''t agree more with 1 of the reviews that said it reminded them of the 80''s Strawberry Shortcake. It does have a hint of plastic but it''s comfort for me. I have been looking for the perfect peach and have found it!!
By   - Paralegal from Cincinnati on 4/13/2011
This is a very gourmand scent. But for me this is pure chocolate. If there is any peach in here it must be the peach I don''t recognize. This is very sweet and creamy. I thought that Iris Pourpre smelled more like peaches that I am accustomed to smelling. This is a nice and lasting perfume, however, and if you like choclolate notes in your perfs than you should give this a shot.
By   - from New York on 11/23/2010
The sexiest peach fragrance I have yet to encounter. Sends a trail of seduction through the air - so I''ve been told by co-workers and random (male) customers. Not my intention but I do not doubt its allure - it is my favorite bar none.
By   - Full-time student from Gulf Coast Region of Louisiana on 8/6/2010
I really love this brand and am a fan of all of the loukhoum fragrances, but i also love peach. I have sampled this and MDCI-Peche Cardinal and I love both enough to make both fb purchases as they really help bring each other out and make the most amazing peach scent I have ever smelled. MDCI is more of a nectary, black currant peach with coconut, where as this is sweet, lightly woodsy and soft powdery white peach. I think this is very wearable and perfect for day-time, I will use it all year long.
By  on 2/7/2010
I bought this as a sample. One of the things like about KM fragrances is the blend of woods and fruit or floral. Peau de Peche is another gorgeous blend. I smell the barest hint of of the peach but I''m obsessed with the wood and orris notes. It''s subtle but expressive. The one downside - it doesn''t seem to last long on my skin, but I''ll buy a full bottle of this eventually.
By   - from Princeton, NJ on 9/14/2009
I own this fragrance, and I agree with a lot of the previous reviews. For me, this is definitely a cozy, comfort scent that''s appropriate for summer. If I had no idea what was in the fragrance, I doubt I''d guess peach. The smell reminds me of the 80''s Strawberry Shortcake doll I had: light, faintly fruity, and with a hint of plastic. At the same time, this is also an elegant perfume with its soft, subtle woods and earthy orris powder. If you''re intrigued, I would recommend a sample.
By   - from Boston on 7/25/2009
The orris note is the best!
By  on 2/7/2009
By  on 2/7/2009
Loved this scent. Smelled so lovely on after the first 10 minute dry down. Not very "peachy" though and I was hoping for something more profoundly fresh cut peach smell. However, lasted all of about 2 hours and was completely gone. Husband couldn''t even detect the smell anywhere on the spots I placed them. Still so pretty and light. But not 2 hours isn''t worth the price. Sigh. My search for a true peach will continue.
By   - Pharmacist from Florida on 5/10/2008
I am absolutely obsessed with this fragrance. I discovered it through one of my clients, who happens to be a very classy and glamorous woman. One whiff of this incredible scent and i had to have it! Now, it''s all i will wear and spray it incessantly through out the day. It is so elegant and pretty smelling, i can not for the life of me understand why anyone would think other wise. When i wear this scent, i feel very confident and classy, which is exactly who I am. I don''t want this to become too popular because I feel like I''m one of the lucky ones to discover this, but i have to say, if you do decide to purchase this, you will NOT be disappointed. So beautiful and exquisite, words can not describe.
By   - Artist from Los Angeles on 3/3/2008
My absolute favourite KM scent. I get alot of peach in this, but I get alot more wood, and I especially love the dryness. This one lasts at least a half day on me. I either love or hate KM perfumes, there does not seem to be a middle ground.
By   - lighting tech from Los Angeles on 2/7/2008
wow, with total respect, i disagree with the reviewer below who describes this scent as unisex. for me, this was the sheerest, prettiest, happiest, most delicate, elegant and feminine peach perfume i''ve come across! certainly light, this didn''t last all day- but i also didn''t have the insta-vanish experiences of some others, below. this perfume floated around me for hours in a lovely haze of dewy, a bit champagne-y, slightly floral, and not too sweet, peach!
By   - from toronto on 1/22/2008
OK. A little too unisex for me - I prefer my peach scents a bit sweeter and richer.
By   - from Atlanta, GA on 12/8/2007
Beautiful, beautiful then gone. Absolutely no lasting power. Too bad, this is really a very lovely fragrance.
By  on 10/26/2007
Ooohhh!!! I love this scent. It puts me in the best mood. It makes me giggly inside, like a young person finding love for the first time. It''s the sofest most romantic perfume I''ve ever owned. Peach is the undertone of this powdery scent, and as it warms I smell coffee notes. This is the kind of perfume I''d ask someone what they were wearing. Very addicting, and comforting, price wouldn''t be an issue with this one.
By   - from san diego on 4/25/2007
Peach? Really? Where? I can detect a slight hint of something I believe is supposed to be peach thirty minutes after application, but this is, in actuality, a pretty orrissandalwood fragrance with peach thrown in for adornment. There is also that Keiko Mecheri "accord" that is so prevalent in her fragrances, redolent of sweet, burnt plastic. So many other better peach scents out there don''t waste your time with this one (Renee''s Snow Peach is quite lovely, and sold at LuckyScent as well my personal favorite peach scent is Laura Tonatto''s m''oma, and NOTE Blossom is another winner).
By   - Undergrad from Chapel Hill on 4/7/2007
Peach? Really? Where? I can detect a slight hint of something I believe is supposed to be peach thirty minutes after application, but this is, in actuality, a pretty orrissandalwood fragrance with peach thrown in for adornment. There is also that Keiko Mecheri "accord" that is so prevalent in her fragrances, redolent of sweet, burnt plastic. So many other better peach scents out there don''t waste your time with this one (Renee''s Snow Peach is quite lovely, and sold at LuckyScent as well my personal favorite peach scent is Laura Tonatto''s m''oma, and NOTE Blossom is another winner).
By   - Undergrad from Chapel Hill on 4/7/2007
I''m sorry i have to make some changes. I tried the perfume again today, and it turned out really lovly. it smelled like really soft natural white peach. Doesn''t smell old at all! It''s really beautiful and nice. I''m in love~ I really don''t know what happened the other day.... weird!
By   - from toronto on 10/7/2006
At first all i smell was powder, kind of an old fashioned powder smell. I got no peach at all.. But after a while when it sofens i start to smell a little bit of peach. It''s a very soft and comforting scent. Reminds me of an older woman though.
By   - from Toronto on 10/1/2006
It smells pretty but not my style, only because I have never liked peach scents, or powdery scents. I just wanted to smell this because everyone loves it. It does smell like an older women would wear this, but not in a stinky way. My husband thinks it smells like bodywash very clean. I love clean scents but I just cant seem to like peach, even when I try (I try because my husband loves peah).
By   - stay home mom 26 on 8/3/2006
If you''re looking for a simple, summery peach perfume, DON''T buy this one. If you''re looking for something light and subtle but made for summer, try it. On me...a subtle peach aroma after the initial spray...but more a sense of something light and standing in a meadow of wildflowers picking up a hint of the peach orchard beyond. Delicious!
By   - from Texas on 5/21/2006
way too light! almost non-exsistent!
By  on 5/1/2006
SOFT!! This is a tender scent. Not a juicy peach, this is peach skin. I couldn''t wear it as an everyday scent but it is something I''d wear when I need a comforting "MOM''S HUG" kind of scent.
By   - from Lincoln, RI on 4/24/2006
This is one of my favourites. It''s a very light, pretty peachy scent with a lingering base of a very light musk on me. It lasted forever - about 14 hours on a night a shift at work! - and still smelled fresh and pretty at the end when I got into the shower!
By   - Office worker from London on 4/23/2006
reminds me of (my favorite) peach jolly ranchers... a bit sweet, but not so cloying.
By   - insurance claims rep from detroit on 4/18/2006
was hoping this would live up to the positive reviews but i was rather disappointed and unimpressed with this one. i love peach, not the teeny bopper, cheap sort of peach, and this was just a step above, smelled rather conventional and unsurprising--on ME. smells like the kind of peach an older woman would wear, not as fresh, maybe a little more elegant. perhaps it''s the sandalwood and amberwood i''m detecting most...? a sample size was good enough for me.
By   - public relations from san diego on 4/1/2006
On my skin it smells like a stronger version of the geisha blanche oil, very soft and clean.Just when you think its gone, it shows up again.Pretty but not for a night on the town..too discreet, perfect for cuddling!!!!
By  on 3/21/2006
I am revising my earlier review about this. I had tried it too recently after sampling Baiser du Dragon, and that was a bad thing. Anyway I love, love Peau de Peche and I am going to buy a full bottle as soon as my credit card payment clears this month. This is a beautiful, elegant peach warm, sexy, fresh and unique. The lasting power isn''t great (I wish Keiko Mecheri somehow could put the incredible lasting power of Loukhoum into all of her fragrances) but the bottle is big so I''ll spritz a lot!
By   - from Orange County, CA on 2/22/2006
...This is simple. I always liked yellow peaches better then white, and this IS white. I don''t get enough of the powder, I think more powder would make it more interesting. It''s better than most cheap juvenile peaches, but still not interesting enough to buy.
By   - Student from Springfield, VA on 12/6/2005
This is absolutely lovely. Smells fresh and clean, not fake peachy but more like the peach skin with powder. I love it!
By   - Program Coordinator from Boston on 11/15/2005
This smells lovely when it''s first sprayed but then it smells more like a peach pit than a peach, and within an hour it disappears completely on my skin.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 9/7/2005
this is a lighter, more peachy version of lancome''s "miricle" perfume.
By  on 8/18/2005
this is such a pretty scent! i received a sample and i love is so delicate and beautiful. i am so so sad it is so $$$! i guessi''ll have to save up for this one.
By  on 8/18/2005
I received a sample of this and it is absolutely exquisite! If I could create a signature fragrance, this would be it. I was hesitant about giving it a great review because I don''t want anyone else to smell like me. It is too wonderful not to share though. If you love fresh, light feminine fragrances that are not cloyingly sweet, try this.
By  on 6/16/2005
Gave it another try this morning and it''s HEAVENLY. The description is very close -- not a sugary, sweet peach, but a fresh, tart (but not overwhelmingly) peach very lightly balanced by powder. I hate powder perfumes, so this is just enough to keep it from being too sharp.
By   - Analyst from Pensacola on 6/10/2005
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