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Love Kills

Eau de Parfum

35ml $160
0.7ml sample $7
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This is a very beautiful fragrance and I've been in love with it since I received a free tester a couple of months ago. If you love dusty rose and fragrances that tell a story, this is for you. I would classify this as unisex really because, to me, it has a Romeo and Juliet vibe with a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. I can definitely see the direction the creator was going starting the floral rose note in the opening, and then the rose transitioning into a dark musk. I think could be worn in spring and summer, not really a cold weather fragrance. It projects well, yet it's not obnoxious or offensive whatsoever. It's worth every penny and I'm happy to own this one.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 6/18/2020
The description of this perfume is quite accurate. From the initial scent, I thought I'd love it. It starts off quite floral (without smelling like roses). Over 30-45 min, it develops a mild rose scent with an edge to it. It has some musk that makes this fragrance dynamic. It's not a scent for me, but I can appreciate how interesting it is.
By   - Marketing from San Francisco on 11/12/2019
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