Sumo Wrestler

Eau de Parfum

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A delightful and much less expensive dead ringer for Le Labo Labdanum 18. Elegant, dry, fluffy and slightly sweet in a totally non-gourmand way. I didn't get a barbershop vibe at all, but more of a beige fur coat. Great longevity, pleasant dry down. Unisex but it felt warm, cozy and feminine when I wore it on a gray February afternoon! Would consider a FB but I love J-Scent Agarwood even more (although my husband loves it too and argues it's more suitable for a gentleman!).
By   - Architect from Portland, OR on 2/12/2020
Disclaimer: Though I am a tremendous sumo fan and am aware that bintsuke (the soy-based wax used to get rikishi hair into ginkgo-leaf formation) has a distinctive, sweet scent, I honestly don’t know if this bears any relation to that (beyond the concept). This is in any case delightful -- powdery yet warm, with an appealing salt undertone that lingers. The eucalyptus and heliotrope contribute to a clean, composed, elegant whole. If you’re shopping for a gentleman eager to secede from the Cool Water monolith, consider this your chance.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/26/2019
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