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Here's what other people are saying about Bal d'Afrique...
It’s creamy and citrusy scent that takes you to a warm and sunny day on streets of Paris. It’s very hard to describe it, but it’s also kind of like clothes that cane fresh out of driers. It’s perfect for warm days. My husband calls it “the pheromone” because he finds it extremely sexy on me!
By   - Pharmacist  from PA on 9/18/2019
The fragrance is quite nice and unique.. more feminine, for daring, bold, cheeky girl.. I liked it immediately and was going to buy a full bottle. However, it doesn’t last on me, at all!!! I could only smell it for 2 hours, after 4 hours it was completely gone!! Next day I tested it up against Molecule 02 and it failed again. Byredo - 2,5 hours.. Molecule 02 - over 8(!!) hours. How is it possible?..I don’t know (some people say they can’t smell Molecule on themselves). Overall, I love it, a lot.. and wouldn’t mind to reapply it every 2 hours, but only if the price was twice as less. Huge disappointment for me.
By   - Pastry chef from Kitty Hawk on 4/10/2019
My favorite of favorites. Clean and warm and inviting with the right balance of fresh and woodsy notes. Nothing cloying. A lasting smell that lingers on your clothes and skin throughout the day without being obtrusive. My every day staple that I buy over and over again.
By   - Market Development Manager from New York on 9/20/2018
Received a sample - I can't stop smelling this! At first there's only the initial citrus notes, disappointing because I was expecting a heady 1920's feel (and I already own a good citrus scent). But then it transforms to something that is almost powder without being powder (amber and musk?). I agree with the reviewer that used the word "creamy." It evokes an image of my grandmother's attic, strangely, a sweet nostalgic feeling. I do enjoy it a lot, it's not what I was expecting, however, given the name, I was thinking something spicier. It is a sort of velvety tiger cub, as the description says.
By   - Poet from Dallas on 5/19/2018
This one wows on the opening, it is simply everything at once and you breathe it in as deeply and rapidly as you can. After it dries down, I find a strong similarity to Kenzo L'Elephant: Saffron, banana, burned sugar, and underneath that the culmination of an entire spice stall in the souk market. Rich, sweet, elegant, and intoxicating. I think if someone walked by and I caught this emanating, I'd try to take a bite out of them.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 2/22/2018
I really love this scent. It opens like a pop of champagne, bright and sparkly with citrus notes. I smelled myself constantly throughout the day.
By   - student from denver on 9/12/2017
this scent opens with citrus notes. It's nice & fresh & sparkling. It's my favorite part of the entire scent. Very unique actually. Once those notes fade away the scent becomes a little bit spicy, just a touch (possibly from the marigold?). About 2 hrs in, I smell some woody notes. There is something in this that reminded me ever so slightly of Moshino's Cheap n Chic perfume. These do not smell that alike but I bet they share a note or two in common. The scent is suppose to be a unisex one and I can easily see how it could work both for men and women. However, on me it was feminine. I really like this perfume! It's very unique and interesting. I think it is well blended and of high quality. Sillage is good/ medium. lasts 6+hrs
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 7/1/2017
A unisex (in my opinion) floral that somehow manages to capture what's described in the marketing extraordinarily well. It really does smell like the essence of a European, Orientalist conception of a poetic Africanness- I don't know why I think I have any idea what that would actually smell like, but somehow I'm completely certain it would be Bal d'Afrique. And it smells amazing, by the way. Delightful from the second I spray it on 'til I smell it on my clothes the next morning, and with just enough sillage to get you compliments without ever being less than subtle.
By   - - from - on 1/1/2017
Nothing special. There is a familiar quality to the scent but nothing that grabs me. Just OK,
By   - Customer Service from Bakersfield, CA on 11/22/2016
No bright, fresh notes on me at all. This started as a pleasant skin scent, sort of lotiony, and developed over time into a gentle, complex floral.
By   - Peanutgallerist from Durham on 7/1/2016
Upon first spray, this smelled very fresh and like it wouldn't have any longevity on my skin. Fast forward an hour and it smells woody, fresh, clean! Now it's been several hours and it smells a bit too masculine on my skin, and it smells like soap. Not a bad soap, but it smells slightly like Irish Spring. Oh, and the longevity is quite good! I will probably let my dad try the rest of this fragrance sample that I have and see if he likes it, because I don't think it will work for me.
By   - Student from Michigan on 3/22/2016
Beautiful, creamy, buttery, lemon tinged floral. I hate florals usually but this is exquisite. I have a sample and far too many perfumes, but I think I need to buy this. I've never smelled something like this. It's so fresh and creamy. I don't think this is unisex. Definitely for women. Mmmm. Yum.
By   - Freelancer from New York on 2/29/2016
Unique and beautiful! It doesn't smell like anything else out there. It is like smelling butter yellow flowers on a spring morning in the warm sunlight. The main note is definitely the marigold. This is both fresh and warm at the same time. Excellent for spring/ summer or right out of the shower.If you are looking for something different but not weird try this. You won't be disappointed!
By  on 5/26/2015
It's fruity, flowery, and just divine! I fell in love the split second I first whiffed and it's amazing! Totally FB worthy!
By   - Esthetician  from La Habra, CA on 5/1/2015
Unlike anything else! I've read so many reviews on this, and after finally sampling it for myself, I have to say that few of them (including this one, I'm sure!) do this fragrance justice. It's simply one you really have to smell for yourself. Ball d'Afrique is warm. That's the only thing I'm sure about. After that, I get everything: some sweetness, some flowers, some musk, and even a bit of fruitiness from the african marigold (tagetes). It's somewhat fresh and clean (I personally get a laundry element, but I think I'm the only one...), not at all heavy or cloying, but it's not necessarily light either. There's no smoke, no spice, no balsams, and though I feel like there almost should be some vanilla, as it has that sort of "fee", there isn't any of that either. I think it's unisex leaning towards feminine, depending mostly on a man's tolerance towards sweet scents, and for me, it's certainly an anytime, anywhere type of fragrance. Sillage is moderate, it smells almost like it should be a skin scent because it's aura sort of envelopes you (I know, that sounds nuts, but it's true!) but it's not, you get a good arms-length projection from it, and I would say longevity is solid, about 6 hours. In short, I think this is a must try, if for no other than reason that because it's so unique!
By   - from LA on 12/18/2014
Mesmerizing! Bal d'afrique is the type of fragrance that inspires my "scent addictions". It has the ability to transport my imagination to new places with merely a drop. I'm in love.
By  on 7/10/2014
I was very amazed that "Lucky Scent" reviewed this as femme / unisex!!! I thought this was more on the unisex side of the fragrance margin scale? I enjoy the scent! Women do ask me and give me compliments!!!
By   - Male Stripper from Florida on 2/1/2014
I've been wearing Bal d'Afrique for a couple of years, and I will tell you that Lucky Scent's review is spot on. When spring hits, I douse myself in this aquatic fragrance and never fail to get compliments. I like how subtle it is, too. It may not be potent, but on my skin, three sprays will last me all day long. I'd like to add that I detect faint hints of pineapple and banana, but that may be just me. Regardless of that, the aquatic note is the foundation of it all.
By   - Occupied from Lafayette on 1/31/2014
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