All That Matters

Eau de Parfum

by Anamor

All That Matters Sizes Available:
30ml $160
0.7ml sample $8
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This is a beautiful perfume. Although it only has three ingredients, they blend together to create something extraordinarily special.
By   - investor from West Shokan on 10/14/2017
Oh my, this is the perfect White musk! I really didn''t want to like this as much as I do, because of the price. I thought it cannot possibly be so good, that it is worth paying 160 dollars, but I was wrong. This is just perfect! Not too floral, too earthy or musty, it''s just the softest and cleanest musk, but with no soapyness. The perfect skin scent! I''ll have to save up for this one :)
By   - HR professional from Sweden on 7/3/2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragrance! So pricey, though. Saving up to treat myself
By   - Creative from Montclair on 4/5/2016
Nice out of the sample bottle I received but fade to nothing in a flash on me.
By  on 6/27/2015
Hmmm... First whiff is nostalgic, must be the Lily of the valley. Someone in my past wore something very similar but I can''t put my finger on the memory--an aunt? A teacher? It''s light and inoffensive but too powdery for me... The scent is comforting but maybe better suited for an older woman.
By   - from Outside NYC on 4/18/2015
Did you ever encounter one of those fragrances that you loved, but it didn''t love you back? It is my experience that this juice has WOW! factor--I get the lily first and foremost with a heavy soapy powder. The musk is there, but way in the background. I detect no sandalwood. I love its clean feel, along the lines of Lea, but I do not love that it pierces my sinuses. I sneezed and my nose ran for a couple hours until it calmed down and became that skin scent of which everyone speaks. Because it is such a sensitizer, I could never wear this with comfort. If you are not sensitive, this is worth a try. It is very lovely, and I appreciate its merits.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 4/16/2015
This one, in my book, is a winner. It is certainly making it''s way into the top favorites of my fragrance collection, and that is no small feat. I wore this today, and was complimented, (by a pregnant woman), who told me how good I smelled. Like Molecule 01 (another favorite of mine), this is a minimalist fragrance that serves more as an aura than as a perfume. It doesn''t make you smell good--it makes you smell great. If you don''t like musk, you probably won''t like this, but if you do, it''s a no-brainer. There is nothing funky smelling about All that Matters--it is not soapy, it is not animalic at all. It is just pure loveliness--never loud, never cloying. Just perfect. Already planning another bottle and yes, I can see why this one is oftentimes backordered on Luckyscent.
By   - teacher from Pennsylvania on 3/8/2015
UPDATE for my last review: This scent is really growing on me and fast. I have been using it over the last few days and I like it more and more. It is so well crafted and you really can tell that the ingredients are of high quality. I especially love the soft and clean feel I get when wearing this. At the end of a sniff, I can really make out the lily of the valley, which I think smells very similar to the actual flower. It doesn''t scream and shout but instead it softly sings you the most soothing song you have ever heard. I think I may have to find a way to buy a full bottle even though I do find it pricey. I think it may be worth it though because even when applying only a little from the sample, the scent lasts for hours on me and it is truly delicious, so I think the full bottle would be a good investment that would last. The scent is not sweet (and I am a big gourmand fan btw), it is not fruity, woodsy, oieintal, floral either, it is unique and just lovely.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/14/2013
I love "All That Matters", but it is quite unique. Someone mentioned that it is the "Emperors New Clothes" of perfume, and if you''re only going based on how it smells when first applied I can agree. It starts out very soft, neutral, and then, after a while the aroma kicks in. I wonder if it''s just picky, and only does this with certain body chemistry. This has been my experience every time that I''ve put it on: I apply it, only sort of smell it (it''s quite subdued at first), go about my business and forget that I put anything on...and then 45 minutes later I notice that I smell something very softly floral, fresh, clean and realize there she is! It''s "All That Matters."I think of it like the really good friend who isn''t a diva but is just always fashionably late--once she shows up she definitely adds something special and important to the quality of the gathering but don''t count on her to enter on time with a clash of cymbals.Also - sidenote - I have sampled nearly every perfume that LuckyScent has suggested (see above for: "if you like this, then you might like...") and All That Matters is, to me, the prettiest of the bunch.
By   - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 4/9/2013
So I FINALLY bought a sample of this controversial perfume and here is what I thought:I definitely smell it, it IS there, however, it has a quiet silage. This would be great for work when you don''t want your perfume to enter the room b4 you do, or when you must work in close proximity to many people because it really is not offensive whatsoever. I actually enjoy the calming smell it radiates. I smell mostly the sandalwood oil with just a light touch of the crispness of lily of the valley (I adore the smell of real LOTV btw). It would be a great skin scent. It hasn''t changed since I''ve put it on about 5 hours ago but its nice so I don''t mind it''s simplicity. I think with my skin chemistry the lasting power is quite good so, as many have complained that they cannot smell anything at all on them, I believe this must just come down to chemistry. It sort of reminds me of LEA by Calypso st-Barths because of its 3 ingredient make up and in the way it is pretty, yet simple and well blended without being a big showoff. Let me be very clear, Lea and All that matters DO NOT smell the same but the feeling or aura of the two scents remind me of one another. I wouldn''t buy a full bottle of this only because of the price. I don''t feel it is special enough to merit that price tag but I can easily see how someone could fall head over heels for this and buy it without blinking an eye. I do keep smelling my arm for another hit..... so maybe it is worth it.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/3/2013
Oh my gosh, I just received my sample and I can''t stop smelling my wrist. It is just the most beautiful, soft smell. Normally LOTV is too sharp, but the musk softens this and makes this just the most beautiful, lovely scent. I don''t smell the sandalwood in it, but maybe it will come out later. I am going to have to figure out how to justify spending $160 to get a full bottle.
By   - secretary from Severna Park on 12/21/2012
Such a beautiful fragrance, and I can tell the ingredients are very high quality, but it only lasts for a short period of time. I had to reapply after 20 minutes because the scent totally disappeared. I don''t know - maybe it would be good for an intimate region before bed or something.
By   - Analyst from LOS ANGELES on 10/25/2011
Warm, soft, gorgeous muskskin scent. I kept the empty sample bottle after I used it all, just so I could get a hint of the scent every now and then. One day I''ll splurge and order a full bottle.
By   - from Vancouver on 9/22/2011
Hmm. My skin sucks this up... or it disappears. I wanted to love this but I don''t. Certainly I can''t see spending 150 bucks on something that either a) i apparently already smell like or b) disappears completely.
By   - workin' from los angeles on 8/10/2011
Just wonderful ... about to purchase my third bottle (and I normally never buy fragrances more than once!)
By  on 3/16/2011
One of the best soft skin scents on here. LOVE it!!!
By   - therapist from NYC on 3/11/2011
Beautiful scent. I wish it was stronger or a bit less expensive, but it is otherwise perfect.
By   - Homemaker from Seattle on 11/7/2010
Nice, but definitely nothing extraordinary. Plus, it has a slightly "dusty" accord in the background reminds me a bit of LesNez''s l''Antimatiere, which I also don''t find all that amazing. Even if this perfume weren''t shockingly overpriced, I don''t think I''d buy it.
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 6/15/2009
This did not work for me. Initially it''s a fresh and very light scent, but after wearing it for a while the scent took on a distinctly unpleasant flour-like note.
By   - from Seattle on 5/4/2009
This scent is very lovely. However, that price point is ridiculous.
By   - from Atlanta on 4/9/2009
A light, pretty, sweet musk. It doesn''t hold a candle to Perfect Veil, though, with my chemistry. All That Matters is hard for me to detect on my skin. I''d love to smell this on someone whose skin brings out the best in this fragrance, because it would be beautiful.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 10/12/2008
Very pretty. Certainly not worth the ridiculous price tag attached and nothing exotic.It''s a soft musk. I like subtle, not invisible.
By   - Sales from NJ on 8/25/2008
It is ok. Nice but nothing special.
By   - Business Analyst from Atlanta on 8/2/2008
I was a bit concerned, but jsut HAD TO HAVE THIS. After reading a few reviews, mixed as they were, I WENT FOR IT..slurged and threw in the $150.00 and I am THRILLED. I LOV ELOVE LOVE MUSK and this is FABULOUS! It is musk made for the GODS! I do wish it would last a bit longer, but overall, it is the best musk scent I have ever tried or owned. Right now, I am not sorry at all!
By   - Vet Receptionist/Assistant from New Cumberland on 5/21/2008
I am not a happy girl...can you return items? I had a sample of this and it smelled great the few times I tried it, but when I shelled out the money for a bottle and sprayed it on, smells the same except with one unwelcome overwhelming chemical plastic smell that won''t go away. Try and try again and no go...I smell like musk and inflatable pool toys. On top of that the packaging is cheasy and comes in a black faux fur bag, the bottle is dinky and has a rhinestone detail. I was really excited to get this one and what a let down!
By   - from Santa Barbara on 4/27/2008
I just shelled out the $155 for this after trying the sample. Perfumes usually fade on me and I can''t smell it after more than a few hours of spraying, but this one just grew stronger as the day went by and not in an offensive way at all. It smells like my skin, but better, and envelopes more like an essence rather than a smell. Totally worth trying the sample. I imagine it smells unique and different one everyone.
By  on 4/20/2008
I have been looking for scents that make me feel attractive, but do not announce, when I enter a room, "I''m wearing perfume." I think this is gorgeous..very subtle, very well crafted, and, yes, oddly sexy. I do believe it is worth the money if it works for you.
By   - Gallery Director from Chicago on 4/18/2008
I agree with the other comment. When you first spray this, a few seconds later, it disappears. But later on, the scent reappears...??? I know it sounds strange but it''s rather unique! Soft, sweet, creamy mmmm! I loved it! I would buy the sample first. If it doesnt last on your skin, even after waiting a few minutes, obviously, it''s not worth buying. However, it worked for me because the scent came back. I couldn''t help it, I bought it... Cant'' wait for it to arrive!
By   - Nurse from NY on 4/3/2008
Okay. This musk is absolutely delicious and perfect and wonderful...but I think $155 is too expensive for what you''re getting here. Unless you think it''s not. Different musks are magical in different ways on different people and you can find an equally magical ones at a fraction of the cost of this one. But is it beautiful? Very very. I''m so glad I finally tried it.
By  on 3/31/2008
Very odd. Some people apparently can''t smell this on their skin, I can''t smell anything but this. It''s still strong even after washing it off. Nice, but overpowering.
By  on 3/28/2008
sigh. i have found nirvana.
By  on 3/14/2008
This scent is so odd to me. I got my samples and could not wait to test this one out. I love clean musk scents. I put a little on and it was very light. Light, clean, soft. Very pretty, but almost could not smell it. Well waited about 10 mins or so and then keep thinking what is that smell!!! I love it! It was All That Matters! It really comes alive as time passes. I put some on last night and went to bed. Woke up and all I could smell was it. It starts off light and almost as nothing. I think you have to give it time to warm with your body to come alive. I love this one so much, but the price so high. I may buy this. Not so sure just yet. Not sure it is worth the price when you get so little product. Will keep testing to see if I love it enough to fork over $150 for it. May be a great birthday gift for myself. Will keep testing.
By   - Mom from CT on 11/12/2007
I have to disagree with the post below me she probably just got used to it or it became one with her so well that she couldnt smell it because just a dab and I smelled it all day-more than other perfumes. Also I accidentally spilled too much on me and then went into my living room to watch a movie with a bunch of family and my sister in law said, "Whoa!" I replied, "Sorry! I spilled some perfume!" and then throughout two movies she kept saying how she still could smell it and it was still through out the whole room! (and it wasnt even the whole vial, i still have some left!)
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 11/7/2007
Hate to be the killjoy here, but someone has to say it. This is the Emperor''s New Clothes of fragrance. I doused myself in practically the whole sample, hit all the pulse points, but if I could still barely smell myself after all that, how could anyone else? You''d have to be a dog or... yes, a professional nose, to have such sensitive nostrils. Don''t get me wrong, I am a premier clean-musk lover, and from what I could smell, this is indeed one super-fine musk. But to shell out $150 for 30 ml? You''d have to be rolling in disposable income, or have a generous sugar daddy. Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that the initials of this perfume are ATM?
By   - journalist from Manila, Philippines on 9/5/2007
Found this one subtle and interesting. It seems truely unique - a rare thing in the world of perfumes! You won''t smell like "everyone else". A very agreeable scent.
By   - from the Beach on 8/3/2007
Am I missing something here....a total let down for me smells like a drug store musk, a beautiful bottle though.
By   - from Hawaii on 8/1/2007
This is the best - simple, understated, but wow... I appreciate the fact that the scent doesn''t knock you over. A friend said that someone would have to be pretty close to smell this on me, which is exactly what I want. (Enough to pony up the $$$$ for the bottle...)
By   - health care from Albuquerque on 6/8/2007
A very white musk dominated scent, which isn''t a note I''m keen on. Ah well. If you love white musk you''ll probably love this.
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
I had the weirdest affair with this scent...I loved it and hated it at the same time, which is a first! It fit the description and I loved all those elements about it, but then it was almost...too sexy? I''m not sure what I mean, but it kind of brought up some shameful memories...I''ll still give it a 5 though because it fit the description, it had perfect sillage, it lasted forever, it acomplished a really good skin scent, and it smelled expensive! A little really did go a long way! I found ''the one'' in Peace Comes From Within, it was a cleaner girlier skin scent. Yay for me, my search is over! (and I was almost ready to give up!)
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 5/24/2007
So lovely! This scent conveys both innocence and seduction in one whiff. Simply composed, yet the effect is sophisticated. Lily of the Valley keeps the musk supple, crisp, and fresh. It lingers on my skin for hours, leaving an understated,classy aura in my wake, a perfect sillage.
By   - Teacher from San Francisco on 4/5/2007
Mmmm. Such a finely-crafted, softly sweet musk. Perfect for every day. I love the packaging, too. A good "airport" scent that is never over-powering.
By   - from Chicago on 12/26/2006
This scent takes my breath away. It''s the most stunning fragrance I''ve yet encountered. I use it day after day and it never fails to amaze me. "All That Matters" is a perfect description of this fragrance. It''s the epitomy of what we try to capture in a scent.
By   - Accountant from Chicago on 11/26/2006
Comment: Anamor does contain only synthetic Musc. What gave you the idea that the musc is natural? Where does it say that the musc is natural? There is a huge variety of synthetic muscs around but only a few smell close to the original natural musc and they are very difficult to produce and therefore very expensive. Please check your sources in future before making such comments.
By  on 9/23/2006
Very disappointed and shocked that Lucky Scent would carry a perfume that has musk from the endangered musk deer who are illegally poached for vanity. There are so many synthetic versions that you don''t need to kill for it.
By  on 9/20/2006
I get Migraines from most scents that i wear or others. So I have to be careful in what I can wear. I of course ordered a sample first and was also shell shocked at the price to purchase the full amount.. I did finally purchase the bottle and I am very pleased with the scent itself, it doesn''t seem to linger as long as the price indicates to me it should. Yes I will purchase it again though, no migraines with this great cologne. Thanks for a woonderful airy, clean scent
By   - Secretary and Bus Driver from Athens on 9/2/2006
Maybe this fragrance is not understood in the US, where the majority of fragrances seem to have to knock you dead. I have been wearing this fragrance for over a year now and I love it. For me it is the ultimate in skin scents and in my opinion it is everything companies like Clean are promising: A light, lasting fresh out of the shower scent. I can still smell it on my clothes days after I sprayed it on and a little goes a long way. Whereever I go this fragrance gets commented on. I would not want to be without it.
By  on 8/19/2006
This is really a lovely, sexy fragrance. I ordered the sample size. The only problem is it doesn''t last,..and If a company is going to charge $150 for a little bottle,..then it had better stay on without having to re-apply after 20 minutes. It''s extremely faint to non-existant in a short period of time,.otherwise it is really beautiful. It gets a zero for the pricelasting quality.
By   - Healthcare from Chicago on 8/17/2006
This is the gentlest and softest egyptian musk fragrance with a very soft sandalwood and LOTV note. LOTV usually ruins fragrances for me, but this one is so soft it doesn''t really matter. BUT given how incredibly soft this is and how difficult to smell at times (I love musks and don''t have problems smelling it like some do), I find the $1501 oz. price tag to be obnoxious and unwarranted. The fragrance is very pleasant and nicely blended, but seriously, you can get a similar (albeit stronger) effect wearing Egyptian Goddess by Auric Blends (about $7 a pop).
By   - from NYC on 8/4/2006
This is VERY delicate...a skin scent that is near impersceptible. I will admit that I am not a musc conisseur but the sandalwood is also very faint with the lily being most pronounced. I did my fragrance check (that''s when I go outside in the 100 deg weather with 100% humidity) to see if it would waft about me like other subtle fragrances...but unfortunately not a wiff. Somehow though...I keep finding myself drawn to it. Maybe it can be sensed more easily by others? I''ll have to check with my hubby. This also reminds me of Serge Lutens Un Lys after being worn for 4-6 hours. This might warrant another sample...or 2...but not FBW as I would use 4-6 spritzes a day and be done within 1 month!
By   - from APO on 8/2/2006
I really had high hopes for this scent, but in all seriousness, I couldn''t smell it minutes after putting it on. It smells sweeter too than I was expecting. If you''re looking for a great musk, I wouldn''t recommend it.
By   - from Houston, TX on 8/2/2006
I love this it is so soft that at first application I thought there was nothing, a short while later I smelled the spot and it was so soft and pleasent like no other musk scent I have tried. I used the samples (2) that I ordered and when I went to order I was sticker shocked. is super nice and wish they had a smaller size or a sale.
By   - hairdresser from bloomington, mn on 7/19/2006
OMG! This smells great! So clean and not soapy. Just like fresh skin. I got a sample and decided I want to get a full bottle...then found out the price, which is a showstopper. :(
By  on 7/17/2006
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