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Received the sample and really enjoyed the fragrance because of it's really nice note of Bergamot. I'm not exactly sure how this fragrance can be classified as a Par fume because it dries and not much of residual effect at the end like a number of the department store fragrances. Whoever the creator of this fragrance is on to something here with the formulation of this fragrance just only it's residual effect needs to be a little more for this unisex fragrance. Me and my wife said the same thing after we wore it. This fragrance can be BIG TIME.
By   - Accountant from Washington, DC on 2/21/2020
The search for a fragrance you can wear in Phoenix's summer heat is endless. It can't be too sticky, floral, or loaded with orange blossom, which, for us, is a spring to summer note. Fragrances with cedar don't work on me, cedar amps up on me and smells like a hamster cage. I was afraid this was going to be another too-much-for-summer fragrance, but I was wrong. The opening is loaded with hay (for me, maybe not for you), and then there is some edgy citrus. Over time, this unfolds with a buttery easiness, nothing suffocating or overly floral. The hay stays, but it is joined by bergamot and a background of ylan-ylang. Half an hour into the sample, I'm not swamped in cedar. Another sample try out and I'll be a fan!
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 8/3/2018
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