Molecule 01

Eau de Toilette

by Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 Sizes Available:
3.5oz/100ml $135
1.5ml atomizer
1.5ml atomizer sample $6

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Here's what other people are saying about Molecule 01...
I did get a sense that it was a “layer” or function of fragrance, rather than a whole fragrance in and of itself. Unlike “The Nue” (“functional” fragrance I”m also trying, which I love and which interacts well with my natural chemistry/scent), this is (although pleasant) not a complete experience for me, nor does it last long. Being a middle-aged woman going through all manner of body changes and pain management with its accompanying prescription meds, it’s difficult to find a fragrance that works well as a match rather than a mask/cover. This was benign yet I found unrewarding. Probably works much better for younger women and those with sensitive fragrance palates.
By   - Military from Washington DC on 6/3/2019
I'm sensitive to strong scents, so this is perfect. I layer with JScent Hydrangea on my neck and once they settle, I can't get enough of the combo. I pick up wafts of creamy powdery sweetness and fresh clean skin. I'm a no-nonsense no-makeup gal, this is the first perfume to make me feel foxy and naturally pretty. The cedar note is very faint on me, more sandalwoody, Downsides: Little sillage on me. No comments from passerbys about the scent after a week of wearing. Lasts maybe 3 hours with 2 sprays. Easily overpowered by competing scents nearby.
By   - Manager from Los Angeles on 3/29/2019
I could smell the faintest hint of a light woody scent on my wrists and my boyfriend said I smelled fantastic, but it is how everyone describes, meaning you just wear it and hope for a good reaction from the people around you even though you can't smell much yourself. I have the discovery set from this company so I'm interested to try them all out and see how they work. I'll probably wear this one a few days in a row and see if I get any comments from co-workers and my cooking students.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 3/4/2019
Fabulous! Bought a bottle within a week at the local shop and LOVE it. Works both day and night, it's light enough but alluring. Make me feel sexy.
By   - writer from Denver on 11/27/2018
Love the scent. In my top 3 favorite. A client comes in smelling so good. I finally caved and payed the price for this and am so glad I did! It reminds me of fabric softener or laundry detergent which I love the smell of but this is lighter than that. Perfect for what I like. Lots of other people freak out loving this smell too.
By   - Hair stylist  from San Antonio on 9/12/2018
Amazing woody / pepper scent with 2-3 sprays (2 on wrist, 1 on neck) . The scent comes and goes , so it doesn't really stick to you depending on where you're at. Be VERY careful , because it can be extremeley powerful in some places . Someone I was sitting next to in class started sneezing like crazy because of this. But it did die down after a few minutes.
By   - None from Clovis on 8/15/2018
I was intrigued by the descriptions of this one, but it didn't work for me at all. Cedar closet. Artificial/chemical cedar closet. Slightly intriguing, and certainly different ... but this one went nowhere for me.
By   - Attorney from Washington, DC on 4/6/2018
This scent is pure magic. After a few wears, you almost stop smelling it. I probably overcompensate for this by dousing myself with it liberally. But don't worry, it's never overwhelming even in high doses. I am reminded that others can indeed smell it because people compliment me on it about half the time I'm wearing it. It's a great perfume if you're not into a really strong scent but you still want to leave a pheromone trail in your wake.
By   - pilot from Seaside on 2/19/2018
Wow,,this is hard to explain. This, to me, is like the masculine version of Philosophy's "Amazing Grace" which is not high end, but one of my staple perfumes. Definitely woodsy & citrusy,,but light, like a cloud. I DID catch whiffs of myself throughout the day. This is a nice perfume that I hope to own one day..I think its Unisex & my husband liked it as well on me...
By   - Real Estate Broker from Margaretville on 1/9/2018
I came across Molecule 01 while shopping at Scent Bar and had the most unique introduction. The sales associate told me to apply a few sprays and then walk outside, walk around and then smell it before walking back inside. At first it smells like an indescribable chemical and progressively evolves - over several hours - into a most unique scent. It'll be unlike anything anyone else is wearing so do expect a lot of attention. I came in looking for Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla and ended up walking out with this - no regrets.
By   - Entertainment from Los Angeles on 12/19/2017
I love, love, love this scent!!! It's true you can't really smell it. I do pick up cedar. ..But...I layered it with Elizabeth and James Nirvana (just a little) and holy S%*T! I can't get through a day without someone asking what are you wearing, you smell amazing? If you like a sweet floral scent, this is not for you. Scents react individually according to our unique chemistry. My VP says something virtually every weekly meeting about my scent. She asked what I wore and now she wears it too! Love the stuff:)
By   - Director Healthcare Marketing from Tacoma, WA on 12/14/2017
WARNING: This stays on FOREVER, so be careful before you try it on. I sprayed some of this on my wrist when I was window shopping last night, and after showering and walking around a ton, I can still smell it on me. It's very green in a way that is a little too intense for me. The best way I can describe it is it smells like an art collector type who is really aggressively into Japanese minimalism. I'm normally into longevity in perfumes, but I like being able to choose how long they stay on via, say, soap, and I already wasn't into it. If you're into really strong, uniquely grassy smells with hardcore longevity, knock yourself out, but this isn't for me.
By   - Human from New York on 11/20/2017
I came ame across Molecule 01. It sounded interesting, I loved the idea that it may smell a little different on each user. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks now and I love it so much. It took a week of wearing it daily for me to notice the scent on myself...which was a little tough on me, I am use to smelling my scent on my wrist throughout the day. I use 3 sprays. I spray my chest, back of my neck, and my wrist. I have had 3 people approach me "you smell so good, what IS that you are wearing" I am 46 and this has never happened to me. I get little whiffs of it through the day. On me it smells like a light woodsy/cedar scent...but it's so much more. Give this one a chance.
By   - Self employed from Louisville on 9/3/2017
Any negative reviews is totally wrong.... This is by far the best smelling perfume there is on any market! Fresh & clean always...If people don't smell it on you then maybe your body oils do not mix well with it... Please do not take it off your shelf! Make more items with same scent! Great job!
By   - MD from NEW YORK on 7/25/2017
got my sample today. the spray doesn't work. I got an impression that there is water inside. 5 different people tried it, no one could smell anything.
By   - teacher from San Jose on 5/30/2017
I absolutely love this perfume. It is definitely a clean smell. When I spray this perfume it reminds me of the inside of brand new Chanel box. That's the best way to describe it because It doesn't smell like anything else. The other day a girl stopped me in the grocery store and asked me what perfume I was wearing she said she has never smelled anything like that before. It's awesome,. If you're looking for something different, get it !!! The only downside it does not come with a top which is weird.
By   - Photographer from Tampa on 4/12/2017
Now, this is brilliant. I cannot smell it when I try to, but I can smell it when I'm not trying. I love that. It creates a certain sort of magic that way. I love everything about this. And if you're into layering, this is a perfect element for you.
By   - Photographer from Boston, MA on 3/9/2017
To me, this is like the Essence of Clean. It's like wafts of purified fresh air come by. Its feminine nor masculine. It combines fantastically with other perfumes, I have a feeling that it sweetens and amplifies them.
By   - designer from diessen on 3/5/2017
I love this scent. To me it approaches a fig scent, like in candles. It lasts a long time and is very pleasant.
By   - Retired from Glastonbury, CT on 2/6/2017
I am very impressed with this fragrance. It has a very pleasant, interesting scent and the staying power is amazing. To me, it smells Ike fragrances and candles containing fig. Even though it is a single note, there is a complexity to it. I read from others it layers well with other fragrances, creating a synergistic effect. I can't wait to try it that way.
By   - Retired from Glastonbury, CT on 2/2/2017
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