Molecule 01

Eau de Toilette

by Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 Sizes Available:
3.5oz/100ml $135
2ml atomizer
2ml atomizer sample $6

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Here's what other people are saying about Molecule 01...
Fabulous! Bought a bottle within a week at the local shop and LOVE it. Works both day and night, it''s light enough but alluring. Make me feel sexy.
By   - writer from Denver on 11/27/2018
Love the scent. In my top 3 favorite. A client comes in smelling so good. I finally caved and payed the price for this and am so glad I did! It reminds me of fabric softener or laundry detergent which I love the smell of but this is lighter than that. Perfect for what I like. Lots of other people freak out loving this smell too.
By   - Hair stylist  from San Antonio on 9/12/2018
Amazing woody pepper scent with 2-3 sprays (2 on wrist, 1 on neck) . The scent comes and goes , so it doesn''t really stick to you depending on where you''re at. Be VERY careful , because it can be extremeley powerful in some places . Someone I was sitting next to in class started sneezing like crazy because of this. But it did die down after a few minutes.
By   - None from Clovis on 8/15/2018
I was intrigued by the descriptions of this one, but it didn''t work for me at all. Cedar closet. Artificialchemical cedar closet. Slightly intriguing, and certainly different ... but this one went nowhere for me.
By   - Attorney from Washington, DC on 4/6/2018
This scent is pure magic. After a few wears, you almost stop smelling it. I probably overcompensate for this by dousing myself with it liberally. But don''t worry, it''s never overwhelming even in high doses. I am reminded that others can indeed smell it because people compliment me on it about half the time I''m wearing it. It''s a great perfume if you''re not into a really strong scent but you still want to leave a pheromone trail in your wake.
By   - pilot from Seaside on 2/19/2018
Wow,,this is hard to explain. This, to me, is like the masculine version of Philosophy''s "Amazing Grace" which is not high end, but one of my staple perfumes. Definitely woodsy & citrusy,,but light, like a cloud. I DID catch whiffs of myself throughout the day. This is a nice perfume that I hope to own one day..I think its Unisex & my husband liked it as well on me...
By   - Real Estate Broker from Margaretville on 1/9/2018
I came across Molecule 01 while shopping at Scent Bar and had the most unique introduction. The sales associate told me to apply a few sprays and then walk outside, walk around and then smell it before walking back inside. At first it smells like an indescribable chemical and progressively evolves - over several hours - into a most unique scent. It''ll be unlike anything anyone else is wearing so do expect a lot of attention. I came in looking for Tom Ford''s Tobacco Vanilla and ended up walking out with this - no regrets.
By   - Entertainment from Los Angeles on 12/19/2017
I love, love, love this scent!!! It''s true you can''t really smell it. I do pick up cedar. ..But...I layered it with Elizabeth and James Nirvana (just a little) and holy S%*T! I can''t get through a day without someone asking what are you wearing, you smell amazing? If you like a sweet floral scent, this is not for you. Scents react individually according to our unique chemistry. My VP says something virtually every weekly meeting about my scent. She asked what I wore and now she wears it too!Love the stuff:)
By   - Director Healthcare Marketing from Tacoma, WA on 12/14/2017
WARNING: This stays on FOREVER, so be careful before you try it on. I sprayed some of this on my wrist when I was window shopping last night, and after showering and walking around a ton, I can still smell it on me. It''s very green in a way that is a little too intense for me. The best way I can describe it is it smells like an art collector type who is really aggressively into Japanese minimalism. I''m normally into longevity in perfumes, but I like being able to choose how long they stay on via, say, soap, and I already wasn''t into it. If you''re into really strong, uniquely grassy smells with hardcore longevity, knock yourself out, but this isn''t for me.
By   - Human from New York on 11/20/2017
I came ame across Molecule 01. It sounded interesting, I loved the idea that it may smell a little different on each user. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks now and I love it so much. It took a week of wearing it daily for me to notice the scent on myself...which was a little tough on me, I am use to smelling my scent on my wrist throughout the day. I use 3 sprays. I spray my chest, back of my neck, and my wrist. I have had 3 people approach me "you smell so good, what IS that you are wearing" I am 46 and this has never happened to me. I get little whiffs of it through the day. On me it smells like a light woodsycedar scent...but it''s so much more. Give this one a chance.
By   - Self employed from Louisville on 9/3/2017
Any negative reviews is totally wrong.... This is by far the best smelling perfume there is on any market! Fresh & clean always...If people don''t smell it on you then maybe your body oils do not mix well with it... Please do not take it off your shelf! Make more items with same scent! Great job!
By   - MD from NEW YORK on 7/25/2017
got my sample today. the spray doesn''t work. I got an impression that there is water inside. 5 different people tried it, no one could smell anything.
By   - teacher from San Jose on 5/30/2017
I absolutely love this perfume. It is definitely a clean smell. When I spray this perfume it reminds me of the inside of brand new Chanel box. That''s the best way to describe it because It doesn''t smell like anything else. The other day a girl stopped me in the grocery store and asked me what perfume I was wearing she said she has never smelled anything like that before. It''s awesome,. If you''re looking for something different, get it !!! The only downside it does not come with a top which is weird.
By   - Photographer from Tampa on 4/12/2017
Now, this is brilliant. I cannot smell it when I try to, but I can smell it when I''m not trying. I love that. It creates a certain sort of magic that way. I love everything about this. And if you''re into layering, this is a perfect element for you.
By   - Photographer from Boston, MA on 3/9/2017
To me, this is like the Essence of Clean. It''s like wafts of purified fresh air come by. Its feminine nor masculine. It combines fantastically with other perfumes, I have a feeling that it sweetens and amplifies them.
By   - designer from diessen on 3/5/2017
I love this scent. To me it approaches a fig scent, like in candles. It lasts a long time and is very pleasant.
By   - Retired from Glastonbury, CT on 2/6/2017
I am very impressed with this fragrance. It has a very pleasant, interesting scent and the staying power is amazing. To me, it smells Ike fragrances and candles containing fig. Even though it is a single note, there is a complexity to it. I read from others it layers well with other fragrances, creating a synergistic effect. I can''t wait to try it that way.
By   - Retired from Glastonbury, CT on 2/2/2017
I have the sample I bought in the summer on my left wrist and the spray I bought for Christmas on my right. The left has the intoxicating scent that pushed me to buy a whole bottle, but the left is completely lacking. I wondered if it was the Essence One sample I had liked and not the Molecule One since I bought both samples. No. The Molecule One sample is the one that sparkles I can''t stop smelling it as I type. The new bottle of Molecule One is weak, insipid, a little bit of boring woods. My daughter (good nose) can barely smell it, but thinks it smells like dirt when she brings my wrist up close. I can barely smell the sample, myself. I wonder if the ingredients change seasonally. Did I just get a bad batch?
By   - piano teacher from SW WA on 1/1/2017
Gorgeous. It emerges -sometimes minutes to hours after, in an almost not-there way. Works with my body. Unique to each person. Feels like a secret about to happen. Yes! I do recommend.
By   - Interpreter-Linguist from Phoenix on 12/27/2016
A polarizing fragrance. It is the smell of Iso E Super, the chemical that smells like cedar wood (and clings like glue). It''s found in a number of best-selling perfumes, so there is clearly a fan base out there. On the other hand, it is frankly noxious to others. Not just as in "I don''t care for that aroma," but as in "good lord, get me away from that, it''s giving me a headache." So, a real love it or hate it proposition. Definitely to be sampled before purchase. Alas, I''m in the "not for me" camp. (FYI, Iso E Super is apparently not earth-friendly, and there are indications that it may undergo further review for human health reasons by IFRA regulators, though I''m certainly no expert in any of that.)
By   - Guy from San Francisco on 12/4/2016
I got a sample of this and loved it. Wore it over the summer and really enjoyed the smell. I could smell it. I kept thinking of it and finally went ahead and purchased it. Now I can''t smell it on me. I know from all the reviews that it creates your own scent. I''m wondering why I could smell this summer and not now... would seasons affect this product? I paid a lot for the bottle so I want to continue wearing it but no one has come up to me or even noticed that I smell good.: Any advice?
By   - Manager from Peabody on 11/22/2016
Kelly Ripa talked about this scent. She said it was the best thing ever and was asked "what are you wearing or you smell like you just took a shower." I bought the sample and W O W ! I am buying a bottle today! I''ve been wearing Illuminum "White Gardenia Petals" since Kate and William got married. That''s what she wore, plus the church was filled with Joe Malone Candles... Basil and Lime, Mandarin etc. ( I get my info from my "Hello" magazine from England UK.) Suggestion! Get a sample a little costly apx $13.00 but sure was worth it.. .I''ve worn the sample for 3 days and still have apx 4 days left. Be Well and Safe!
By   - Mom, At home Chef, House Designer for Fun from Georgetown, TX on 11/20/2016
I just received the sample I ordered. It is an amazing scent. So much so I ordered a full size bottle immediately. I am not a perfume wearer. I had heard of Molecule 01 but wasn''t interested until I heard it had a very "clean" smell as well as being just lightly detectable. I love it! I can barely smell it but what I can smell is wonderful! I haven''t had a chance to wear it out around others yet but I love it enough for me.
By   - Management from Atlanta on 11/10/2016
I have to say that I am astonished at how Molecule 01 works. I did not smell anything on myself, but continued wearing it as the reviews said to. Then about 2 weks later, people kept saying "who smells so good" and I have been getting incredible compliments ever since. I can get a brief whiff of something beautiful every once in a while, but everyone else can smell it all the time. I think I have finally found "the one".
By   - occupational therapist from bayside on 10/31/2016
In the best possible way, this presents less like a perfume (topmiddlebase) and more like lime-and-pepper proof that humans essentially belong around each other. The strange and most-commented ghosting effect is simply the perfume moving along to convince bystanders as it has convinced you together we will be united in the calm, clean, competent space the scent describes, and everything is going to be all right. (If you find yourself missing that first dazzling clarity, fear not -- it''ll come back at you when you''re least expecting it. The leather bracelet I was wearing during my first test reproduces this scent at the oddest times now.) Happy co-existence in a bottle.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/1/2016
This is soft and lovely. At first this smells like nothing at all. Then a gently breeze picks up and an elusive scent whispers. Slightly smokey, slightly coy and warm. As others noted, it comes and goes throughout the day. Very fun in a quiet, introspective way.
By   - artist from florence on 6/1/2016
This smells like home to me! A simple, one note scent that mixes with each person''s body chemistry to create a unique fragrance unto the wearer. I work with at least three other women who wear this regularly, and it smells different on each of us. It can be layered with other scents to lend depth, or worn on its own for an easygoing, comfortable sexiness.
By   - Licensed Esthetician  from Austin on 4/25/2016
The amount of times people have asked me.."what perfume are you wearing" or ask who smells amazing when they walk into a room...It''s ME...I love this fragrance SO about to try Escentric 01 for a change now...The most unique fragrance I have EVER worn and smelled.
By   - Hair and Makeup artist from New York City on 4/10/2016
It''s too bad this one didn''t work for me. It made me smell like I''d been sitting next to a campfire all night. So, I guess "woody" is actually sort of accurate. I didn''t like it, though.
By   - Teacher from San Diego on 3/16/2016
Wasn''t to my tastes but matched description.
By   - Electronic Music Artist from Charlotte on 1/5/2016
LOVE this perfume! People ask me all the time what I''m wearing! I have NEVER had people ask me on a regular basis what my perfume is until Molecule 1! They even pull out paper and start writing it down! I can smell it on other people not on myself - bummer - because I love it!
By   - Hairdresser from Westlake on 12/1/2015
I can''t smell this on myself at all, so I took the tip of a previous reviewer and layered with my current fave, Cuir Cordoba from Keiko Mecheri. Not everyone comments on it, but when someone does - they typically love it. I get comments almost every time i wear it. My husband can even smell it when he''s on a different floor in our home. I think of it as an enhancer for other fragrances that I wear.
By   - Project Manager from Houston on 11/29/2015
This is a magical unisex scent that is so sensual and softly alluring that you might fall in love with yourself while wearing it.Precious woods and spices,maybe musk? Not sure of this recipe but it''s wonderful.My suggestion: blend with a drop of Kuumba Made Persian Garden oil.Fantastic!
By   - Artist from Carmel on 9/25/2015
This is just like Luckyscent''s wonderful description...and then some! It''s definitely mysterious and is an experience in itself. It starts off with a distant faint clean somewhat soap-like smell. After about just under an hour, it started to come alive! I kept getting a waft of rich cedar...then a waft of warm birch wood. It was not to be ignored! At first shy, it was now introducing itself and I was forced to keep smelling my arm as I tried to browse on my laptop. Then it freaked me out because it started to play "hide and seek". At it''s just disappeared! I put my nose up to my arm and got a faint smell of it. Now, after about another 30 minutes, it''s begging for my attention again. I''m literally laughing out loud at the craziness of this! It reminds me of something "alive" a pet cat who wants your attention...but only on THEIR terms.
By   - from San Diego, CA on 4/1/2015
It''s hard for me to believe that I have not yet reviewed this fragrance. As others have pointed out, it''s not difficult to understand why this is the most popular scent that Lucky Scent offers. As someone who is fragrance sensitive, this is a godsend. In addition, as someone who works amongst myriad cases of children with allergies, it''s another plus. I have worn countless fragrances, and never have I received the reactions I''ve received from wearing this fragrance. This is not just my experience. I spoke to one of the guys from Lucky Scent and he agreed with me that once you start wearing this, you''ll be hard-pressed to wear anything else. I was in Liberty''s in London, and the guy at the fragrance bar told me that this was his go-to fragrance. Be advised, that once you start wearing this scent, there will be others in your collection that will suddenly seem overwhelming and you''ll just cast them aside. But take heart--Escentric 01 and Escentric 02, and Molecule02 are all good options--just not as good as this one.
By   - teacher on 1/19/2015
I ordered a sample and I can actually smell a cedar scent from the get go. Once I spray it on my wrist a scent of woodsy- warmth starts to open up, the staying power is pretty long, it drys and ends with the same opening. Not bad, but I feel that it is not a very unique scent on me.
By   - Politics from San Diego on 10/26/2014
Don''t work on me.
By   - Engineer from Detroit, MI on 10/13/2014
I have read all the reviews and watched the youtube videos before I bought it. The first day I sprayed 4 sprays to work, I have had few compliments. And it lasted all day and night. After that, I used it twice and no compliments. No one noticed I had it on. I even asked my friends and cousins and they couldn''t smell it. Can someone tell me what''s going on??
By   - Engineer from Detroit, MI on 10/12/2014
I appreciate that this is something unusual, but I just didn''t enjoy it very much. Like others, I could not smell this on myself beyond a tiny whiff of sandalwood. So there wasn''t much for me to experience here. My partner could smell it, and found it mildly pleasant, but underwhelming. If you love fragrance, do try it for the novelty and see where it takes you if you like. But don''t expect that dreamy new perfume feeling.
By   - from Saint Paul on 9/3/2014
I must be anosmic - couldn''t smell a thing. A while later I got a few whiffs of cedar rodent bedding, and that was it, even with two sprays and burying my nose in my wrist. From the other room, my boyfriend was bowled over by the scent, though he didn''t like it much either.
By   - Seamstress from Massachusetts on 8/29/2014
I barely smell it on myself. A prevailing theory is that specific chemicals fit specific sensors. Some people either do not have such sensors or very few in the nose. Or "accomodation," where the brain dismisses the signal input after it has been deemed not harmful to the organism (you stop smelling it after a while). It affords the attention to be placed on other sensory inputs.I simply put this as my go-to, favorite all-year, all-occasion scent. One time at a bonfire (where the smell of burning wood was prevalent) a dude and some girl separately sought out who was wearing Molecule #1 and raved about it. I didn''t say anything (there was no nuance of sarcasm or malice they separately said it smelled amazing and not overwhelming even with a burning pile of wood nearby yet caught the scent). Numerous comments after hugs from different people, real opening ones (I only apply two sprays, although one can apply ten and not be overwhelming).I even had a comment from a fr-enemy (can a straight guy use that word?). She totally hates my guts (in secret). She said in the most subtle way that I was around because she smelled me from around the corner and said she could smell "some clean, woodsy scent). I could tell she wanted to know what it was.I''m not a pretentious, assuming type of person. It''s not rocket science to tell the difference between sarcasm and true enthusiasm. This scent is legit.
By   - chemistry grad student from El Paso on 8/29/2014
I found this to be blah on me. I don''t even really know how to describe the scent. It didn''t make me feel feminine that''s for sure. It wasn''t at all sweet, nor floral, nor spicy, nor green, nor gourmand. It seem, well, chemical I suppose. It did smell a bit better on my boyfriend though. Not great, not something I had to get for him, but wearable. The sandalwood aspect didn''t come off as obvious but I suppose there was a slight resemblance to it. I''d like to smell this on someone who''s chemistry makes it pop and smell divine.
By   - from puerto rico on 8/15/2014
I was so determined to enjoy this fragrance that I bought a bottle despite not really being able to smell it, like many other people! And I wore it a few times but nothing special happened (although I did notice that the scent bloomed and intensified after about half an hour). So I thought I''d experiment a little and layer it. Oh my goodness! One spray on each wrist of Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum du Soir and then one more of Molecule 01 and oh my goodness the scent just exploded. I felt like there was a cloud around me - it increased the sillage exponentially which for me is great as everything stays very close to my skin. It''s now been 8 hours and I can still smell the Loukhoum! Going to experiment with all my regular daytime fragrances now, really excited.
By   - Retailer  from Western Australia on 8/15/2014
Barely-there synthetic sandalwood. I''m confounded by the cult around this fragrance. The overall effect is just... meh.
By  on 8/9/2014
By  on 7/21/2014
One of the most interesting and beautiful scents that I''ve ever experienced. Not overpowering, so I can wear it to work. I could see myself wearing this becoming my signature scent for spring and summer.
By   - jeweler from Michigan on 4/18/2014
This is by far the most interesting and captivating scent I have ever worn. I have been stopped by countless people who have asked me what I was wearing. I am selfish and don''t give them too many details !!
By  on 4/15/2014
I can see why this is the most popular scent on the site. It seems to suit everyone. The disappearingreappearing act also adds to the overall mystery. I get many compliments when wearing it. The beautiful cedary smell works well with Lafco Sea and Dune soap which you can also purchase from this site.
By   - Esthetician from Charlottesville on 3/17/2014
I apologize in advance to those who love this fragrance. I really gave it the best of all trys. It''s initial pepper scent on my skin just didn''t appeal to me. As the aroma developed, I realized this just wasn''t for me. Interesting chemistry concept, though
By   - Oncology Nurse from Mission Viejo on 2/19/2014
My husband and I both love this scent.
By   - from Athens, AL on 11/15/2013
I LOVE this almost-not-there scent! It is neither masculine nor feminine, it is light and transparent, yet warm and cedar-y. It always smells clean and is a bit mysterious. It is a fragrance one cannot tire of, and as it unfolds it is unique to the individual wearing it.
By   - Retired from Los Osos on 9/12/2013
I normally do not write reviews, but this scent is unbelievable! I have never experienced anything like it. Every time I wear Molecule 01, I get LOTS of great feedback. I can hardly get anything done as people are always stopping me to ask what scent I am wearing. I have been told that I have a radiant glow and smell divine. This scent mesmerizes people. Its so dreamy! I would give it more than 5 stars!!!!!
By  on 9/7/2013
Life is simply not fair.My latest batch of samples delivered to my office this afternoon. Supremely excited to try this one, I immediately spritzed my wrist. AND!?!?!? Nothing. I thought "Oh, great! It doesn''t work on my skin!" And then I spritzed a little more on my chest and thought I''d just wait and see. And then.AND THEN IT TRANSFORMED! Into the most hard to describe, piney, fresh, soft scent that would occasionally leap up at me and was, quite literally, enchanting. I kept inhaling my blouse deeply trying to find it, to pin it down. It was like my skin itself had evolved. I thought, PERFECT! It''s true! It''s real! This one is for me! I smiled thinking I''d finally, 85 samples later (seriously. 85! true. story.) that I had found the ONE.And then.Apparently, I am one of the unlucky fools to have a sensitivity to Iso E. Super. Insert a string of wild profanity here! It gave me a headache. A real, and true, and terrible headache. I am so, so disappointed. I had no idea! And I am crushed. I love this fragrance. I love the mystery, I love the science, I love it all and if it weren''t for having to scrub it away to get rid of the headache, I would be purchasing a full bottle right this second. You should absolutely try a sample - buy one right now! And if it works on you, if it blends with your skin and you''ve no sensitivity to the synthetics, then honey hold onto your hat- you are going to LOVE IT! I''m so, so very sorry it''s not going to be my signature fragrance.Good luck!
By   - from Savannah, GA on 7/11/2013
Received my Limited Edition black beautiful Escentric Molecule01 bottle today. To the people who doubt this wonderful formula, you need to understand that this is a Basenote fragrance, the scent cannot and is not intended to hit your olfactory system by sniffing the bottle or upon immediate application thereafter. This magical juice works its magic and will outlast nearly most of the competition in the end. Sniffing the atomizer nozzle is not a good way to test this fragrance. Spray it on a napkin or article of clothing and come back hours later or a day later and test the area. This juice is a powerhouse in terms of longevity and although it lasts, it is subtle. The best way to describe Molecule01 in my opinion (as well as a fellow niche fanatic friend of mine) is like someone took the washing machine filled it with clean white cotton t-shirts, water, old school detergent suds, some wood chips and the lightest bit of musk, vanilla, and a touch of spice.. It''s really not loud at all. It is also really "safe", the scent is not overbearing in any department. It''s just pleasant and simple the way the earth smells after a rainstorm. The smell is present, and detectable, but not way turned up. This fragrance doesn''t have the "top" notes that cover up the alcohol ingredient like all other cologneperfume have. Be AWARE, you may not be able to detect this on yourself however with that being said, others will notice the distinct nuances this juice possesses that set it aside from the rest. You really have to give this perfume time to evolve and "arise" in the way it was designed to work. If you are looking for a versatile fragrance that can be worn in any weather or temperature, that will last, not offend the most finicky, and appeal to the masses, then go for it because Molecule01 is worth the money, the patience, and the experience.
By   - Police Officer from Niagara Falls,NY on 6/12/2013
I wear top of the line fragrances from Creed Aventus to Tom Ford private colections (Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather). Everything I wear smells good but when I wear Molecule 1, everyone ask what do I have on. It last all day. If you want to smell next level, this is the fragrance you''ve been looking for to get you there.
By   - Minister/Public speaker/Mentor from Wisconsin on 4/30/2013
I have never witnessed the reactions I have with Molecule 01 with any other scent. My husband started wearing this about 3 years ago and every single time we go anywhere, total strangers, men and women, stop him to ask him what he''s wearing. The doorman at his office, clients, women trying to get the name for their partners, you name it. This scent''s trail is remarkable. I once got off the train walking home from work and as I walked along the pavement I felt I could smell my husband''s scent. I couldn''t see him though. It wasn''t until I turned the corner and saw him 100 metres ahead of me that I realised! The development is woody, powdery, aromatic, fresh- all at once. A truly wonderful scent that I can still smell after washing shirts and ironing them again. My husband would never swap it for anything else.
By   - Perfume editor and consultant from London on 4/12/2013
Iso E Super is indeed a rich, deep, heady scent that transforms differently on different people. It can sweet, exotic, woody and sensual all at the same time. I personally love it. However, Iso E Super is an extremely inexpensive compound. You can purchase bottles full on Perfumer''s Apprentice, for example, for a fraction of the price here.
By   - from Nashville on 1/28/2013
I have been trying to find another favorite fragrance for 5 years. After wasting a lot of money and my housekeeper getting all of the mistakes, I found a real winner. When I wear this EVERYTHING SMELLS GREAT- people stop me wherever I and ask me "what is that "? My lab coat and even the clothes in my dirty clothes hamper afterwards smell great.When the lab coat goes to the dry cleaner, they inquire "what is that fragrance?. It plays games on you-now you smell it, now you don''t . I am not sure what notes I am smelling because it is different from minute to minute and then completely disappears (to my nose). All day long everyone says how delicious I smell, even at the gym at 7pm- this is still working its magical powers. My very fav of my life and I am not a young girl. Thanks to your sample program- this was a real discovery.rsample program
By   - medical professional from miami Florida on 1/1/2013
At first, no smell...then about 30 minutes later a lot of cedar! Clean and unobtrusive. However, a little too coniferous for my tastes.
By   - Physician from Colorado Mts on 11/17/2012
Amazing scent. I finally found a scent that is me and will use forever. Very woodsy and clean and not like everything else. I''m addicted and I get lots of people asking me what I''m wearing and actually trying to breathe it in. I can smell it on me in waves and it make me feel happy and calm.
By  on 10/15/2012
I''m usually dissapointed after trying unusual fragrances, and Molecule 01 was no different. All I could smell after the application, was a faint trace of cedar. The experts at Luckyscent, ranked this scent amoung the world''s best. I''m still trying to figure out why? This is a try before you buy.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2012
Funny story actually .. Before bed one night I sprayed terre d''hermes edt on one arm and molecule 01 on the other. Don''t know why I chose those two. But I noticed that they were very similar. And after reading a few reviews someone stated that terre d''hermes uses a lot of iso e super!Pretty much take the musky powdery orange out of terre d''hermes and your left with molecule 01
By   - from Perth on 7/21/2012
I love wearing this scent! Even though I can''t smell it on myself, it seems to be really attractive to other people. I am constantly hearing people sniffing behind me on the elevator or when I walk past them in the hall at work and I''ve had waiters, hotel bell staff, taxi drivers and strangers on the sidewalk stop me to ask what I''m wearing so they can buy it for their wife or girlfriend. How fun is that?!!
By   - from Chicago on 7/19/2012
ha! i received my sample and began the whole process of not being able to smell the scent. but then i read the reviews and it explained the completely captivating, intriguing whispers of scent that visited from time to time. the description is 100% accurate. this sparked an inordinate amount of inquiries! i love it.
By   - Advertising from Irvine on 5/23/2012
I have been a fragrance "junkie" my whole life and up until now I have never been able to say that I have a "signature" scent... I cannot even begin to describe this scent - sometimes I can smell it sooo vividly and sometimes I cannot smell it at all.. but whenever I wear it I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it! I spray it on before I go to bed at night and I the scent envelops me and makes me soooo happy! - when I can smell it that is :) Give this a try
By   - from Amherst on 3/3/2012
ORDER A SAMPLE FIRST! I see a lot of poor reviews due to not being able to get any scent from this fragrance - that''s because a small percentage of people cannot smell the molecule that is the core of this fragrance, Iso E Super... most fragrances use only a bit, while this makes it a key ingredient. Your bottle is not defective - it''s just that you literally, physically cannot smell the main ingredient! Sorry :(
By  on 11/11/2011
I doused myself in it and could smell nothing but alcohol. I''m wondering if the scent is unstable, because there is nothing wrong with my nose- I''ve got 5 other samples here that work just fine.
By   - Writer from East Coast on 10/6/2011
Unfortunately, I can''t smell it on myself or others.
By   - from The Brew on 9/12/2011
I first smelled this scent on a colleague and loved it! When I tried it myself, I didn''t think it smelled the same, but it turns out that you don''t smell it on yourself, but those around you enjoy the scent! Every now and then I do catch a hint on myself. It is a light fragrance and is my new signature! I''m so glad that I found this perfume! I have tried many, but this one is a keeper!!!
By   - Manager from Chicago on 8/10/2011
This is a strange but lovely one for me. I don''t particularly like the smell I get from sniffing my skin closely, but the aura of scent that surrounds me is really appealing to my nose. I''ve experience it in waves, and those waves are very soft edged and inviting.
By   - from Planet Earth on 8/1/2011
This scent is definitely not for everyone, but it is wonderful for me. As a signature scent, this is perfect for me because it is distinctive and sexy, but light enough that it smells like your natural body scent, or maybe just your hair or skin. This is a perfect everyday scent, though I still keep something a little heavier around for evening events. Like the others said, it does come and go at the most unexpected moments, which can be kind of fun and sexy. If you''re looking for something light and clean, but not citrus-y or cotton-y, this is the scent for you.
By   - Medical from Maryland on 7/11/2011
For me, this is a must have. Finally a signature scent. I get so many compliments when I wear this. Its like cedar but also like sandalwood. it just wafts around my skin, and I lightly smell the fragrance throughout the day. Lightly spicy. Somebody told me it smelled like a vacation in the country.
By   - from Des Plaines on 5/24/2011
Could not smell anything, weird, maybe I just don''t get it, sorry...
By   - from San Francisco on 4/14/2011
I am asking for a bottle for my birthday. The sample was gone in 4 days...couldn''t get enough. My husband said, "that''s the best of your samples - what is that?" I do not mean this in a bad way - but it kind of reminds me of clean, warm laundry a hint of old-fashioned Downy.
By   - Mother from Cincinnati on 3/31/2011
This is an amazing perfume and I have worn it for 4 years now. People tell me they love it- it smells "relaxing", or "I always know its you in the building". Many many people ask what I am wearing and this never happens with other perfumes. BUT- I can''t smell it!!!! All I know is that It feels like me, and not like perfume. It''s the HG for me for sure!
By   - diurector from boston on 3/30/2011
I have worn many a perfume. I''m a fickle creature and have never had a "signature scent". I''ve owned this for some time and am drawn to it at times when I need comfort. I couldn''t explain why that is, but it is. With my vast arsenal of lovely and exotic perfume bottles I have never had a stranger stop me dead to tell me how alluring I smell. Until the other day when I was wearing this. It''s not overt or in your face. It''s a nuance...a shade that lingers around you. Admittedly, my skin LOVES woody scents and amps them to no end, perhaps that''s why this smells so inviting. But I went from liking it to loving it in short order.
By   - Finance from Chester NJ on 3/27/2011
I am a female. My boyfriend didn''t even notice the scent. I find the scent to be woodsy and to smell like cedar. My female roommate thinks it smells absolutely phenomenal. Go figure! I''ll try to rest of the tester and see what kinds of reactions I get. I''ll definitely try it on my boyfriend again!
By   - student from safety harbor on 3/13/2011
I have close to 175 samples and approx. 50 full bottles of perfume. This is absolutely the longest lasting and best smelling fragrance I own!
By   - from Dothan, AL on 3/4/2011
Liked this better than Escentric 01. Still did not really work for me. Very light and clean. Smelled like cedar on me. Nobody really noticed the smell either.
By  on 1/15/2011
Maybe my expectations of this fragrance were too high, but I was really disappointed. I couldn''t smell anything after I used it and other people couldn''t either! I much prefer Escentric 03
By   - from London on 1/7/2011
Breathtaking!!! People would come up to me and snif my hair, and neck and ask what I am wearing. It''s clean, incensy and just gorgeous.
By   - from Tulsa on 10/21/2010
I can''t ever smell this scent on me, yet many other people can. It has wierd reactions from people. Some say i small devine, while others have commented on the scent in the office (which happens to only ever happen when I wear it to the office) with "Is someone wearing frakenscence, it smells like church inscence". So not sure if it''s a skin thing or the nose of others around you thing. If you''re going to spend your cash on an Escentric scent I would purchase Escentric 01.
By   - from Australia on 1/29/2010
I can''t ever smell this scent on me, yet many other people can. It has wierd reactions from people. Some say i small devine, while others have commented on the scent in the office (which happens to only ever happen when I wear it to the office) with "Is someone wearing frakenscence, it smells like church inscence". So not sure if it''s a skin thing or the nose of others around you thing. If you''re going to spend your cash on an Escentric scent I would purchase Escentric 01.
By   - from Australia on 1/29/2010
i love this.for some reason it smells really strongly on reminds me a bit of tam dao by diptique but i agree with ''more of an effect that a scent''i tried it on my boyfriend and its amazing.funny one but worth a go.
By  on 1/16/2010
I find that only really short men wear this. And they bathe in it and otherwise, it does have a very faint smell. I think they should rename it Napolen.
By   - from NY, NY on 9/15/2009
This is hilarious it´s the very nice smelling perfume version of The Emperors new clothes!Well done, Geza!I love all of his compositions and have them all, gs01-01, Woode and of course the Escentrics and Molecules.The biehl parfümkunstverke02 is ab absolute masterpiece and my hands down favourite - and also my gf´s choice for me.
By   - from Sweden on 9/3/2009
I absolutely loved this scent on my guy, too. However, after he turned out to be the most dishonest person and was a cheater. I can never and hope to never smell this scent again because it reminds me of him. However, today two handsome men walked by me and both of them were wearing it. It''s such a distinct and unique scent. It immediately made me hot and go back to their hotel with them... The tall one seduced me... we lounged by the pool all day and made love all night.
By  on 9/1/2009
I absolutely loved this scent on my guy. However, after he turned out to be the most dishonest person and was a cheater. I can never and hope to never smell this scent again because it reminds me of him.However, today two handsome men walked by me and one of them was wearing it. It''s such a distinct and unique scent. It immediately made me sad to smell it because it reminded me of such a bad experience in my life.
By   - from Los Angeles on 9/1/2009
I may not be able to smell it on me all of the time but the people around me sure do. This scent is amazing. I can smell it on me and I like what I smell. I go outside and get no less than three or four random people telling me how much they love how I smell and what the scent is. I love hugs at the end of the night as most of my female friends come back for another hug and tell me how great I smell. People I meet for the first time remember me as the guy who smells great. This scent is amazing.
By   - Producer from Los Angeles on 9/1/2009
I can''t imagine how much of this perfume people had to load on to get these marvelous reactions that they''re describing. The initial smell was too faint to even get a proper handle on, but the drydown was, as I suppose should have been expected, the cedar blocks you put in your closet to repel moths (sandalwood sounds so much more exotic), except for a nasty two-hour period in the late afternoon when it went berserk and became reminiscent of Juicy Fruit, of all things. A friend of mine with completely different body chemistry tried it and didn''t even get the cedar blocks out of it but said that there were a few times when she thought she smelled like candy. And by the evening, when I thought it was gone, it was checked the boyfriend for backup and he couldn''t smell a thing. I think this scent is more suggestion and hype than anything else.
By   - attorney from NYC on 8/12/2009
This is really a stand out scent. Each and every time I wear it, women comment. I''m buying another bottle just to make sure it isn''t discontinued or something before I run out of the current. I can see me and this scent for the next 20 years.
By   - from LOS ANGELES on 8/2/2009
Add one more vote to the "Emperor''s New Clothes" contingent. I got a sample and put it on, and I might as well have drizzled water on my arm. I tucked it into my pocket and went to work. Whenever I stuck my hand in my pocket, I was reminded of the vial, and I put more on. After a while, I could smell something very faint if I stuck my nose to my wrist and inhaled deeply. A very pleasant, fresh-air, line-dried sheets smell. But so FAINT. I finally asked someone. No, she did not smell anything. At home, before supper, I dumped the rest of the vial onto my chest and rubbed it around with my wrist. Now, I was wearing the entire sample bottle. During supper (cold chef''s salad), my husband did not notice anything. After supper, I hugged him and asked if he smelled anything. No. I had him put his face right into my chest (he didn''t mind) and yes, he finally could smell it. Very faint, very nice. Maybe I''ll try it in winter, when my skin can ''bake'' it inside a sweater...?
By   - office manager from Wisconsin on 6/25/2009
Folks! This is a very unique fragrance. It really is all that its cracked up to be. It has a nice muskysandlewood scent. Its never overwhelming, it just sits close to the body and makes you want to keep smelling it. I''m straight and attractive and the ladies just love it! I repeat, they love it on me. It really is an "effect". The dry down is very nice and lasts a really long time. I''m not sure how some cannot smell it....maybe fragrances shouldn''t be your passion if your sense of smell is so off.
By   - from Chicago on 6/16/2009
I got a sample of this scent, and several hours later after it settled into my skin I fell in love with it, and I ordered a whole bottle. It starts out very crisp woodsy on me, but after a few hours it turns warm and creamy woodsy. I can actually smell it on myself the whole time, and it lasted for a full 24 hours... How this scent smells on a person clearly has everything to do with individual chemistry... buy the sample before buying the whole bottle!
By   - from Atlanta on 4/26/2009
Very subtle, sandalwood skin scent.Platonic friends leaned in as if they might change their mind . . .
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/13/2009
By  on 3/13/2009
My fiance and I smelled this intoxicating scent at the airport and followed the poor woman so that we could find the name of it. We both wear the perfume and love it, however... when I wear it, I don''t smell it but get HUNDREDS of compliments on the perfume and the constant attention of my fiance. And when he wears it, the same thing happens. I don''t think this is a fragrance the wearer is supposed to enjoy but I LOVE IT!
By   - Psychologist from Memphis on 1/14/2009
I fell in love with Molecule 01 at the laundromat. I kept smelling the most intoxicating, warm, sweet, woodsy scent and I had to know where it was coming from. Finally, I tracked down the woman who was wearing it, and I now own my very own bottle. I have to admit, I was freaked out at first by the ''peek-a-boo'' game this fragrance plays! When I cannot smell it, other people apparently can! However, I am very happy with its performance. Its lasting power is simply incredible. Even when I come home from the office at the end of the day, I am able to catch this scent in waves. I always get the most compliments when I wear this scent. It is certainly a favourite in my collection.
By   - Print Production from New York, NY on 11/18/2008
Molecule 01 is probably the most frustrating scent I have ever smelled (or tried to smell, I should say). I flat out adore its sister perfume, Escentric 01, which is 65% ISO E Super and so thought I would love this even more. Well, I was wrong. Molecule 01 is like spraying my arm with water that is VERY faintly scented with rubbing alcohol and cedar. And then I smell nothing. Hats off to whoever can smell this and the similarly elusive LesNezL’Antimatiere.
By   - from Houston, TX on 8/7/2008
Whem I first sprayed it on I couldn''t smell anything, BUT THEN... WAUW! Not TOO heavy, but spicy in a good sense.My boyfriend thought it was a fragrance for men - but no ITS MINE!!! Its not too girly, but not a mens fragrance either.Love it!!!
By   - Economist from Denmark on 6/30/2008
This fragrance rocks. Bought it and I like the sexy, spicymusky woody fragrance it evokes on my skin. Wore it the other day and had numerous people stop and ask me what I was wearing. It lasts quite well on skin, actually so much so, that I can smell it on my clothes for days afterwards. Can''t wait to try to the new molecule 2 range !
By   - from Los Angeles on 5/27/2008
Do you know what this smells like to me? money. seriuosly. if you ever get a crisp 10 or 20 from the bank smell it...this perfume to me smells like money. i am used to perfumes not smelling great on me so i guess that i''m not upset that it doesn''t work with my chemistry. interesting though, i think you would have to try it yourself to see how it reacts to your chemistry.
By   - retail from Toronto on 4/15/2008
Wearing this I get more positive comments from strangers than ANY other scent. And this is from one with a fragrance wardrobe. It is a slight scent, though it seems to fill the room. Masculine, definately. Great longevity on me. Will keep this one in the wardrobe as long as they continue it.
By   - from Los Angeles on 4/2/2008
I''ve tried this a couple of times just to give it a fair go. Initial smell on skin was oriental, warm ....... then it disappeared and never ever came back!
By   - Manager from Australia on 4/1/2008
Tried this one a couple of different times, but it''s not me, reminds me of a nice fresh masculine scent so I would prefer it on a man in hot hot weather.
By   - Manager on 3/18/2008
Yup...I tried this today and it about 5 minutes. It was nice while it lasted though. I keep waiting for it to reappear...maybe not. The Escentric 01 is absolutely divine though...similar, but the disappearing act doesn''t seem as convincing! :)
By   - musician from Tacoma on 2/29/2008
I don''t know about this stuff... it''s interesting on an intellectual level, but is that primarily what I look for in a perfume? Not really. I can''t comment on what it smells like, as I have never been able to smell it, and I have worn it three times on three separate days. However - here are the impressions I received: when I first put it on the first day, my husband said "Did you just put on some perfume? It''s really strong" !!! I thought this was funny since I couldn''t smell it at all. He said it smelled OK, "like a feminine woody smell". Walked around in it for 2 more days, got no comments, so finally asked a friend, and after much sniffing, she said she detected a very faint, pleasant ozonic smell - like clean mountain air.It''s basicallly postmodern perfume - you can''t smell it but others may. This kind of freaks me out, because I don''t want to be walking around wearing something that to some people "smells really strong" when I can''t even smell it - hard to judge how much to put on (I''ve only ever worn small dabs on wrists and inner elbows).Also, part of the pleasure of wearing perfume, for me, is being able to smell it myself, so this is not for me. Plus, $135 for 3.5 ounces of EDT is quite pricey for something that you and others may or may not even be able to smell. Hmmm. I don''t mind paying top dollar for a quality fragrance I love, but this smacks a bit of the emperor''s new clothes to me :(
By   - film editor from NYC on 2/19/2008
Just got a sample of this. On first application, I caught a hint of pleasant cedar. After that, the scent seemed to just fade, and disappear.
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 2/16/2008
Molecule 01 is exactly how a lot of other reviewers felt. It has a very addictive smell to it, when you can smell it. When you think the smell is gone it pops up out of nowhere. The fragrance also smells like it is constantly changing and you get whiffs of different notes. I''ll be buying this quite soon! I wish it was in a parfum form however as it might make the fragrance more intense!
By   - Teacher from Hawaii on 2/14/2008
I am a big fan of Molecule 01. Just finishing 4th bottle and will continue. I love it!
By   - GO Director from Warsaw on 11/27/2007
have had this perfume for a while and it isnt the men that are noticing it its the women! I wonder if its better off sold as a mens fragrance cos I have had allsorts of women loving the scent - men would get really lucky...!
By   - teacher from Hatfield on 10/15/2007
This is a such a unique and amazing fragrance. I received my sample and immediately was captivated by it. I have a drawer full of different fragrances (I''m a fragrance fanatic), but this is the most different, unusual, unique fragrance. I thought the staying power is great. Even at night after I applied that morning, my daughter says "You smell good". Hate that its so expensive but would probably be worth the investment if you''re a true perfume lover.
By   - exec. secretary from dothan, al on 10/2/2007
Wow - I read with interest all the great comments about Molecule 01 and then received my sample. Mind blowing is all I can say. I put a small amount on before bed last night and when making my bed this morning I had the most gorgeous scent eminating from my sheets I simply cannot wait to go back to bed! It truly is such a pretty scent and now I am looking so forward to ordering my bottle. Can''t wait to see my boyfriend tonight to see his reaction at it, it is all I have been talking about since I first came into contact with someone wearing it. I am making a special note to NOT tell him that I have the sample and that I am wearing it. He always makes comments on my fragrances so let''s see if he notices how intruiging I smell tonight. A+ to Molecules 01 - a winner in my books.
By   - Logistics Co-ordinator from Melbourne - Australia on 9/11/2007
Whoops posted the below comment to the wrong scent. It was meant for Ecentric 01
By   - from chicago on 7/8/2007
This kind of smells like a less intense version of Perfumeie Generale''s Yuzu ab Irato which is one of my faves. Nice but ill stick with PG.
By   - from chicago on 7/8/2007
At first I thought that I wouldn''t like this as I couldn''t smell a hint of anything from just sniffing the vile. I quickly changed my .mind after putting it on. Its a delightful dry woods scent that ebbed and flowed, dissappered and reappeared throughout the day. Long lasting - I would catch wiffs of it as a would wake throughout the night. Very soothing a sophisticated. I wish it came in a smaller bottle.
By   - from chicago on 7/8/2007
As others have noted, this is a very strange perfume indeed. I quite liked the woody, slightly spicy smell when I first applied it, but it seemed to vanish very quickly. I reapplied before going to bed, just to give it another chance. The following day, I went away for a long weekend. When I returned, my pillows and sheets smelled beautifully of cedarwood (for 10 minutes). I don''t know if I will buy it, but it certainly is intriguing.
By   - Student from Nottingham on 5/22/2007
By   - ACCOUNT MANAGER from LOS ANGELES on 5/18/2007
Emperors new clothes? That is what I thought when the shop assistant explained that this perfume didn''t smell when you put it on but was guaranteed to attract the right mate? I dont know about that but it certainly caused a stir. Firstly my husband couldn''t smell anything and several of the people I worked with couldn''t smell anything either. I was starting to think that the hype was a gimick. Then I got a wiff and started to try and find where the smell was coming from but it went as soon as it came. Then strange things started to happen. Complete strangers would approach me to ask what perfume I was wearing and I caught a man trying to sniff me in a queue at the bank. Definately worth giving it a try and when you get a wiff of the smell yourself you will love it.
By   - from London on 5/15/2007
Maybe it''s interesting to other people, but to me it smells like my the inside of my Grandma''s cedar chest - not particularly what I want to walk around smelling like.
By   - Med. Tech. from Madison, WI on 4/17/2007
iso e super.. oh hell''s really unique. but not the same effect on everyone. make sure to try it before committing! if u are one of the lucky ones (like me) that it shines for, you will be overjoyed!
By   - chef from tel aviv on 3/14/2007
This stuff is weird I bought it cos the woman of my dreams likes woody fragrances and (you''re not going to believe it) we are now an item! Yet some people simply cannot detect it and others can recognise your aroma from across the room. I''m off to get some more!
By   - General Manager from Manchester UK on 2/26/2007
So subtle, warm, very slightly woodsy, almost like fresh cut walnut wood. I had to wait a few minutes for this one to develop. It stays close to the body but does not leave quickly. I love it!
By  on 1/19/2007
By   - from London on 12/17/2006
By   - students from sydney on 12/15/2006
There are much more interesting and expensive molecules than Iso E Super.135 bucks for 3.5oz of Iso E? You must be ridiculing customers.
By  on 10/10/2006
My uncle bought me this after meeting the designer (Giza Schroen). I think that it''s an amazingly unusual scent. It reappears at different points in the day, but you can never seem to find it on your own. Like Heinz ketchup, it wont come out until it''s ready!
By  on 8/28/2006
Kind of a boring, super soft cedar scent. Nothing special to report here.
By   - from tampa,fl on 6/15/2006
By  on 5/18/2006
I cannot smell this fragrance on me but the first time that I used it, people kept asking me what was that "spicy" perfume I was wearing... Everyone comment was very positive. I think I like the effect it has on people more than the scent that I cannot really smell.
By   - from London on 5/10/2006
I love this scent. I can not stop thinking about it. very odd. $135 is way to much for any scent I believe but this one just might change my mind (but then maybe not).Get a sample !
By   - from NYC on 5/2/2006
The whole point about this perfume is that you can''t smell it! The molecule is so large that your sense of smell is blocked, however... when other people encounter you they can smell it (quite strongly) for a short time as well, until the same thing happens to them - it''s amazing.Rest assured, you are perfumed, but the effect isn''t inescapable (like [P]issy Miyake for instance)
By   - Skateboarder from London on 3/1/2006
i am such a big fan of luckyscent. i live in florida andeverywhere you go everyone wears the same darn i have to say read comments but please try foryourself. this scent is lovely. crisp, warm and IS lasting on me.
By   - talent agent from st pete on 1/26/2006
I put this on and came back to read the comments. I agree. I can smell very little. What I can smell is not unpleasant, but this is not one I will add to the collection.
By   - from Tarrytown, NY on 1/19/2006
Sample first. Has a nice, unoffensive sandalwood smell, that quickly fades. Almost no staying power on me. It actually smells quite nice, however generic, and you''d have to shower in it for anyone else to smell it.
By   - from Boston on 1/18/2006
Smells like clean air? I''m not sure if i smell anything at all...very faint.
By  on 12/16/2005
I''ve tested this twice now and can''t smell it at all. Not a thing. I''ve heard that some people can''t smell certain musks, so perhaps Molecule 01 contains a musk or similar essence that I simply can''t detect. Either that or it''s the exact scent of the inside of my nose. Hmmm... (Rating it a 3 because it''s not at all offensive, just not... THERE. For me.)
By  on 12/9/2005
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