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I'm a little embarrassed to only give this one 3 stars… I really liked M01 and E02, but M02 is just too faint. Nice but after an hour I was still only getting the occasional whiff. I'm gonna assume it's me, not it….
By   - Business from Boston on 11/8/2020
I appreciated this scent in that it does have an amazing ability to change in scent throughout the day. I was guided to this scent through a personal favorite of mine (I don’t know what by DS and Durga). In conclusion, good fragrance not great.
By   - Sales Executive  from Minneapolis on 10/18/2020
Love this scent. Fresh, clean, sweet like honeydew. I was taking notes on my samples and I kept coming up with words like "nice" and "pleasant" for this one. It was my favorite of a 13 sample set, and has me excited to try more Molecule fragrances. It is very subtle. Like other reviewers, I felt like the smell disappeared after a few minutes, but then it turned around and really lasted a long time. It just doesn't project much. It's for the wearer's pleasure and no one else's, which is really a good thing in some situations.
By   - Cosmetic Chemist from New Albany, OH on 7/17/2020
This is the strangest fragrance I have ever smelled !! I bought only a sample , and the smell was there initially then disappeared and came back with a more pleasant smell , then I can't smell it (( BUT )) I can .. !!! I was thinking what is this fragrance exactly ! But it is very very very beautiful, I will definitely purchase a full bottle and test the rest if the molecule family.
By   - Dentist from Philadelphia on 7/18/2019
There must be something in this I can't smell. It has good lasting power on my skin, but after a rather fizzy opening it just smells like it ought to be a perfume base. Not unpleasant, but not much to it. May use up my sample to try layering with other scents.
By   - retired from Austin on 1/16/2019
All I can say is WOW! I'm fortunate to be able to smell it on myself and I can't stop sniffing my wrist. I just tried the sample I received in the mail and have already placed my order for a full bottle. It's hard to describe what the fragrance is. It's easier to describe what it's not. Not floral, not sweet, not powdery, not heavy, not dark. Not a common department store fragrance at all. No identifiable smell of a specific flower or component to get sick of. Very present without being overpowering. It's light, fresh and so incredibly interesting. Exactly what I've been searching for. I'm hooked!
By   - Medical Office from Bakersfield on 7/23/2018
Very nice. I'm one of the lucky people who can actually smell this on herself. :) I got a sample and now can't wait to order a full size. I agree with someone who said, "It's not a fragrance, it's an aura." #Truth. It's fantastic for someone who lives in a hot climate. Strong scents or heavy florals can really gag a person here. You have to give Molecule 02 a good dry-down, about a half-hour. Then it's like a bar of Ivory soap, but only if Ivory soap smelled expensive. Very fresh and clean, not as sweet. If you want sweeter, which is also lovely, buy All That Matters or Essential Faith Oil. All are nice, just depends on what you like. Thank you Luckyscent. Wonderful selection. :) :)
By   - Mother from Dallas on 4/19/2018
I am obsessed with ambroxan , ambergis. I have never smelled anything like this before.. It is uniqe My skin and some magic..
By   - Freelancer from New York on 9/17/2016
I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!! Fantastic for summer. I feel more "at home" wearing this than wearing the adored Molecule 01.
By   - Archaeological Section from Kosice, Slovakia on 7/1/2015
Update: Do not make the mistake and over apply Molecule02 because you cannot smell it. Trust me you will not be able to smell it up until approximately four minutes after its applied. Others will smell you. It is confusing and bizarre. It probably will bother you that you cannot smell this perfume (as it seriously bothered me) and I wanted to call LUCKYSCENT and complain that something is wrong. It is a very lovely, light and airy scent I am told by others. I've used about 10% of it in 2 days, which is a clear indicator of how frustrated I got. The aroma is hovering around you, whether you believe it or not.
By   - Street Cop from Niagara Falls on 6/18/2013
I received my bottle yesterday and to be honest, upon application of 4 sprays, I was confused...I couldn't smell anything other than 4 more sprays...and still....ALCOHOL. Now Im confused, saddened, annoyed and angry because my sample of M02 was a great scent. I applied 2 more sprays, making the grand total of 10 ...yes TEN sprays. Then literally three to four minutes later...the fragrance came to life...and this intrigued me. This, like Molecule01, is a base notes fragrance meaning you will not detect the scent sniffing the bottle or immediately upon application, however both have major lasting power and will remain on your clothes for a week. Molecule 02 is best described as an airy, warm, slightly sweet and seductive, mineral like scent. If you do not like to smell like perfume or don't want to offend anyone Molecule 02 or 01 are perfect for you. In fact, I can't imagine anyone on Earth disliking or being offended by M02 or M01. Anyways, a friend of mine immediately complimented my fragrance as I approached her. This isn't strong and it will be hard to over apply M02. I really enjoy it but give it 4 out of 5 stars. M01 is more aromatic and deserves 5 out of 5 stars!
By   - Police Officer (Fragrance Fanatic) from Niagara Falls on 6/18/2013
Just ordered a bottle and can't wait for its arrival. Its very subtle but when it is detected is an amazing scent....very seductive.
By   - Street Cop from Niagara Falls on 6/13/2013
I haven't purchsed this fragrance in a while but have gotten nothing but compliments when I came into a room. As sublet as this scent is a young lady said to me that she knew it was me when I came into a room because nobody smelled like me, in a good way. One time a man purposely walked behind me because he like the way I smelled. So for all that have not had a good experience with this fragrance oh well it's not for you. Period. I love it and it will remain apart of my scent arsenals. Another thing who cares how much Ambroxan is if you don't want to buy it don't buy it .
By   - Student from Owings Mills on 11/22/2012
For the first fifteen minutes or so, I was convinced that I'd gotten punked, and there was nothing in the spray but alcohol and water. Then I caught this amazing, subtle, indefinable scent from my wrist when I reached up on a shelf. It's almost, but not quite, masculine, but more in that "holy crap, your skin smells AMAZING" type way. It settled pretty close to my skin, and certainly doesn't waft around like other perfumes do. However, I believe that people shouldn't smell your perfume unless they're close enough to kiss you, so this is perfect. Definitely a scent for date night (or even for staying in together).
By   - graduate student from Phoenix on 9/7/2012
I am well aware of the inexpensive amount of Ambroxan, but I have to give it to G.S...he took one aroma chemical and made it into something that fragrantly twists and turns according to one's body chemistry. Every time I wear this, I get followed, asked what I'm wearing, smiled at, and people tend to stand extra close to me when speaking. This fragrance is unlike anything that I've smelled, and it puts me in a great mood.
By   - Parfumeur from Dallas on 4/1/2011
Exactly the same experience as the fellow towards the bottom of the posts - within a couple minutes of spraying, it was completely gone. Zip, zero, nothing but an oily spot on my skin to show that something was actually sprayed there. I have a sensitive nose and great skin chemistry for scents; I have never ever had anything completely disappear without the slightest trace like this one does. It smelled interesting for the 90 seconds it was detectable, but then - nada! If anything, it's remarkable for that quality and little else. Too bad, I would've liked to have experienced it a little longer...
By  on 11/29/2010
I had the opportunity to smell real ambroxan/ambergis some years ago. Molecule 02 dry down does smell similar but very very faint in comparison. When first applied Molecule 02 smelled like rubbing alcohol. Ten minutes later it had a sublte skin scent quality and last for about 2 1/2 hours. Seems overpriced, but I may buy it anyway
By   - from Boston MA on 6/21/2010
This has got to be the best fragrance I've gotten in a very long time. A few days ago, I went to appointment and some people were saying that someone was smelling so incredible and one of the women said that she had to know what that fragrance is, I just sat back and heard them describe what they thought of it. I left, and had to return 2 hours later and heard some of them say that the person with the scent had returned and saying how wonderful it was. I did not say that it was me because the didn't ask me directly and for fear of seeming arrogant. It is a definite keeper! LOVE LOVE IT!~
By   - therapist from NYC on 4/19/2010
i want to buy molecules perfume but,whats the different between,ESCENTRIC 02 and MOLECULES 02.could you please tell me which 1 shall i go for.i mean which 1 is really good 1......
By  on 1/25/2010
My daughter tried this, and instantly remarked on how it made her "skin smell good". As opposed to other scents that sit on top of the skin, this fragrance blends with your body chemistry flawlessly, to provide a scent that seems to belong on you, as opposed to a scent you have consciously applied. As a result, it smells different in the bottle than on your skin. Only when applied can one appreciate the sweetness and subtle undertones of this fragrance. The only drawback is the fact that the scent fades quickly, as one would see in cheaper perfumes, and requires repeated applications as opposed to the fragrances of Creed, which require only a small amount and linger all day. Not a great fragrace for a day at work because of this, but well suited for a quick application just before cuddling up next to someone special.
By   - physician from albany on 1/16/2010
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