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The Dyptique House is some kind genius when it comes to formulating "green" scents. I wore Philosykos for several years and every day I was amazed at and awakened by the burst of fresh leaf, broken twig and fig fruit that enveloped me. the fruit: a just-ripened-to-purple fresh fig skin plus! the sweetness of the fruit inside. And by the end of the day, Philosykos had mellowed and mixed with my skin to smell like me. Funny how so many perfumes and l'eaus do not last on me - Philosykos does. Find a lover who feeds you fresh figs and asks you to marvel at the delicacy of the fruit's insides... it might inspire you to wear this.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 8/9/2014
I like this fresh and fruity scent, but do not find this perfume as something exceptional. My husband told me that I smell like a pile of mowed grass when i wore it. And my sister (whos favorite fruit is fig) didn't tell anything when I sprayed it right in front of her. So, verdict is: Philosykos is good for everyday use, may be it will look too relaxed for using at work, but for weekend or journey to countries with warm climate it will be very appropriate.
By   - from Fort Lauderdale on 3/7/2013
Two bottles down and time for another! It's summertime! So perfect in warm weather. The best fig out there now that Satellite Paris "a la Figue" is no longer available. But it is truly a shining star in its own right. Lovely layered over sandalwood or amber fragrances.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/28/2012
This is just what I was looking for. I would appreciate a bit more longer lasting.
By   - from Antwerpen on 4/9/2011
Fig, fig and more fig! Sap, bark, crushed leaves, green fruit, the whole kit and caboodle. Floral lovers...forget it. This is so green and vegetable-ish, it feels like standing in front of the salad veg section in the supermarket, or in a market garden somewhere. It's like nothing I have ever smelled, and I'm going to have to splurge and buy the big bottle so I can spritz often, as it's only weak point is its lack of staying power. I can't live without this one. DELICIOUS.
By   - retired medical typist from Victoria, Australia on 2/16/2011
Love at first sniff... with a catch. This juice smells just like a freshly broken fig branch. SO green and fresh. Delish. Too quickly though this turns into pure coconut and soon disappeared on me. I want to cry! If this could retain that initial hit of fresh green we could be magic together...
By   - from Scottsdale, AZ on 7/28/2010
Wow, gorgeous! Wonderful scent, it smells just like ii says! I must buy a bottle!
By  on 6/10/2010
Chalk me up as another fan of this scent. I got a small amount of this in a perfume swap. It's really nice. I like how balanced it is: not too sweet, not too "green." I wish it lasted more, but then again, maybe it's just that my nose is "getting used" to it. Pity it's so expensive.
By  on 5/6/2010
I like this much more than I expected. The green notes capture the essence of crushed green leaves perfectly. The fig is creamy, almost coconuty and not overbearing. Very well balanced. I usually get bored with a perfume after several hours, but I can see wearing this for days on end. Reminds me of the beach-great for summer.
By   - from OH on 4/13/2010
This is an amazing fragrance. It smells like a freshly cut fig in the opening, but as time passes, the fig scent is slightly subdued. It turns into an amazing, cedary fragrance that I find completely sensual but also elegant. Lasting power is also quite good, more than 6-8 hours. Love this!
By   - computer programmer from Athens, Greece on 9/22/2009
I love this perfume! Every now and then I would get a small waft throughout the day and it was like hearing beautiful music somewhere in the distance. This is going on my top ten list.
By   - Teacher from Canada on 8/18/2009
Well, golly, after reading the description here I thought I would feel the earth move under my feet as I applied and smelled this fragrance. Not quite. It's nice, it's pleasant, it's quite unique, but by no means is it the incredible feast for the senses as so vividly described by the very talented copywriters at LuckyScent. A hint of fig and leafy greens, an overture of woodiness, but really, not particularly long lasting nor memorable. Meh.
By   - PR  from Chicago on 7/15/2009
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