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50ml $165
100ml $250
0.7ml sample $4
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I love this!! Sexy and beautiful!! Long lasting on my skin. Citrus at first then all sandalwood and incense. No monster silage here but thats quite alright. This little beauty is definitely one I''ll be adding to my collection.
By   - Lover of life and perfume from New Mexico on 1/14/2019
Ok, so her''es the thing, this is my signature scent, my first in 20 years. After falling in love with the sample and reading reviews I was really hoping it smelled like Collette, which is 23 the price and easier to find. However, after testing them side by side, I can assure you that for some of us, these are not even on the same planet. Gypsy Water really does remind me of being outside in fall or winter, truly unisex. Collette is more like the scent of staying inside in your cashmere and watching the snow fall- all powder. Much more feminine. If you''re intrigued try the sample because these dry down very differently for some of us. I would never wear Collette, while others see these as identical. Viva la difference!
By   - Manager from Vermont on 12/2/2018
I''m surprised by all of the 3 star or less reviews on this one. This is by far one of my favorite scents, and the first time I''ve had a "pine" infused perfume that didn''t smell overpowering on me. There''s a nice balance of the notes in this one that amounts to a scent between earthy and creamyslightly sweet - delicate but not powdery. This one lasts on me - no issues with fading. I''m buying the hair perfume, too, so I can just be enveloped in this from head to toe.
By   - Market Development Manager from New York on 9/20/2018
I love the name, but not the scent. It''s quite powdery and sweet, like Play Doh mixed with baby powder, and comes across as juvenile for this reason.
By   - Nanny from Brush Prairie on 6/22/2018
I absolutely LOVE the way this smells right when it''s applied: creamy-woody but also piquant (from the pepper and juniper, I assume). However, this scent dries down almost immediately to a bland, sweet sandalwood-vanilla accord that is totally generic. If only they could preserve that initial just-out-of-the-bottle scent, I would pay double what Byredo is charging for this perfume.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 4/5/2018
Just received my sample, The description and ingredients, are what sold me to want to try this. Unfortunately, I don''t feel it describes what I am smelling. Although pleasant, and I could see this being a go to fragrance, my complaint is that it is so soft, that I can hardly smell it, and within 20 minutes, the smell does not linger on my skin. I always put fragrance on the back of my hand, because, I want to keep smelling it, throughout the day, has disappeared.
By   - Director of First Impressions from Burlington, Ontario on 9/21/2017
If you have ever purchased L.S.''s 25 fragrance discovery bag , "Feminine" , this smells like all of them mixed together in a bowl. Light, absolutely no particular or domineering note stands out other than a generic, powdery girl-scent. It''s a shame because what a strong title, " Gypsy Water" - sounds like your really going to get some incense, and musk, with an awesome firewoodpiney surprise which would have been amazing, but sadly, no. Generic.
By   - LCP from New York City on 9/15/2017
Nice smell...but too unisex for me :( I''rather see it on a man.
By   - Acountant  from NY on 5/22/2017
I really adore Gypsy water but was not in love at first sight. It took some time to get used to the very unique and different smell. I think we all have this initiation phase going from department store perfumes into something a bit more elegant and tasteful . like a fine wine or an acquired taste . Gypsy Water was that for me. She was the first fragrance I had that was different from anything I had before. And because of that, it took some time to get used to. But I''m glad I did because I''ve come to adore and simply cannot live without it. I consider myself a kind of expert with over 150 fragrances to choose from in my own collection and I will go as far as to say this is in my top 10.
By   - Designer from Sacramento on 3/17/2017
Really glad I tried this before buying it! Smells identical to Colette, which I love, except Colette actually lasts longer. Love this bottle, though, but totally not worth the cost. Stick with Tocca.
By   - writer from Philadelphia on 12/12/2016
I didn''t love Gypsy Water at first but have come to adore it. On me, the opening was a citrus that was pleasant yet unremarkable but then an hour later everything began to gel in a very creamy, dreamy, lovely way. This is a scent that goes with everything, is effortless and feels very cool. The silage is soft and you have to get close to smell it. It isn''t a scent that will proclaim itself but rather a scent for close friends and lovers and I like it that way.
By   - Artist from Denver on 10/3/2016
The person who said this smells EXACTLY like Tocca''s Collette wasn''t kidding. I compared the two and couldn''t smell a difference at all. Tocca is more affordable, but if you wanna treat yo self, go with this.
By   - Student from Cleveland on 8/30/2016
I really want to love Gypsy Water. I really do. But the sillage.....oh the sillage!!!! It doesn''t last longer than 30 minutes and then it completely evaporates. If only they could fix the longetivity, this would be the masterpiece. Like this, it lasts less than an ordinary deodorant.
By   - design director from Shanghai on 4/3/2016
Rich and "yummy". I put a couple of drops in the evening and could still smell it in the morning.
By   - Operations Director from Bethesda, MD on 3/5/2016
Gypsy water is easy to wear and super casual, it''s the scent I grab when I don''t want to smell like perfume. Starts of citrusy sweet with a warm fuzzy dusty undertone , It''s ultra casual, outdoorsy , great for bed , cuddles , walks , hanging with friends and family. It''s clean and dirty at the same time.
By   - Housewife  from London on 2/24/2016
I fell unexpectedly and inexplicably in love with GW. Forget its description: nothing suggests camping. Instead, it''s a woman on Sunday morning who has just spent Saturday night cuddling with a great-smelling woman: someone woke up with their lover''s scent on them. Male and female. Truly unisex. I am wearing this side by side with Tocca Colette: they are NOT very similar. GW is deeper, creamier, and with a distinct crispness Colette lacks. Colette smells cheap by comparison. Adore this.
By   - Writer from Austin on 10/5/2015
Gypsy Water smells IDENTICAL to Tocca Colette, which I adore. Since Colette is more affordable, I will stick with it. The Byredo bottle is lovely though.
By  on 10/30/2014
I have this. It''s amazing. It doesn''t last very long because it''s kind of delicate, I just re-apply, very unisex IMO. I can''t compare it to anything else as far as other brands are concerned, it''s unique.
By   - music from valencia on 1/30/2014
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