Luckyscent Discovery Set

Discovery Set

Luckyscent Discovery Set Sizes Available:
5 x 11ml $195
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Well, let me tell ya, the name says it all. ZOOlogist. These scents are nothing like I've worn before, and I think I have only smelled anything close to these when I actually visited a zoo. It's not that the scents are TOTALLY repulsive (only mildly), but I just can't figure out where or when they would actually compliment me, or be pleasing to those around me. They all smell like a unique combination of urine, musk, zoo-barns, and wild animal. I guess that is the idea. The only thing I can think of is that in someway they'll have to be used as a lightly applied sub-scent to something else, but it will take some time to figure out any combinations. Not good for me as stand-alone scents.
By   - Operations Manager from Martinez, CA on 11/7/2018
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