Extrait de Parfum

60ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Has a synthetic, chemical smell, like glue and freshly-minted vinyl. Also smells ionic. Reminds me of a music store with new carpet that has been testing out high-powered amps--I can picture rows of music books with plastic sleeves for attached media, and hear the hum of the amps. I can almost detect what is described as rum and tobacco, but only inasmuch as it's a little sweet and gourmand--but in the same way that WD-40 smells a little like vanilla. More of a fume than a fragrance.
By   - Instructor from Akron on 6/7/2020
First off, my monitor is not wide enough to move the femme-masc slider as far to the right as it should go for this gloriously butch offering. They’re right, though, that after a swaggering start it confidently settles in with a book and a steady gaze into the fireplace -- think of a leather tobacco pouch in a very old, very dry wood-paneled library. No half-measures whatsoever here.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/4/2020
The very first note of Rum scared me. Then the wonderful rich smells of tobacco and smoke and leather came through, made complete by the other subtle smells. It’s absolutely amazing to get subtle whiffs of cedar, then sandalwood, then pinewood and conifer needle. There is no way I can completely convey how amazing this scent is to me. It’s like trying to describe the feeling of a sunset on the beach with a beautiful woman and you favorite drink, while a sea turtle swims up and uncover a buried chest of gold doubloons. Well, maybe a little. Seriously, get a sample. Today. If you’re a man, or want your man to smell like one.
By   - Engineer from Birmingham, Alabama on 10/17/2018
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