Extrait de Parfum

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There's a lot going on in this one, but the upshot on me is an overall impression of walking into an import store and whiffing the incense wall. Very strongly reminds me of unburnt Song of Indian incense cones from the 70s. Very layered, a bit strong for hot weather.
By   - Engraver from Seattle on 6/25/2021
Moth is a hauntingly beautiful scent however this is not a blind buy! For me personally I love dark perfumes and this one most certainly is. The honey note is very dominant and I've noticed that one sprite is more then enough because this is one of those types of scents were less is more..
By   - . from NY on 4/10/2020
A delicate sizzle. It really does evoke a creature joyfully consigning itself the flame of obsession.
By   - Writer from Albany on 3/12/2020
I'm glad that I got a sample of this! I thought I would try this because of a video I watched on Youtube but oh my goodness! It's horrible!! This smells like pure sour medication! If I smelled this someone I'd think that they were living in a damp basement that smelled of mold!! Gonna give Zoologist another try in the future but Moth is no doubt a miss for me!
By   - food packer from Merced on 8/14/2019
This is one of those scents where it's difficult to pick out the specific ingredients, because it's so well-blended that it is more of a forest than its component trees. If I had to guess, I'd say the honey, oud, smoke, resins, and jasmine are taking center-stage here. But again, it's really a master blend. When I first applied it, there was a tiny bit of a "fuel" smell to it, with some musky sweetness coming through. Luckily as it dried down, the gas-like element dissipated leaving a harmony of notes----reading as fuzzy, warm, slightly powdery, and a tad spicy. It's very complex and somehow, comforting and sexy at the same time.
By   - Art Director from New York City on 7/8/2019
Dark, smoky, mysterious. I love this one. Despite all the notes, I mostly detect a smoky strong honey with powder in the dry down. Excellent longevity and you will fill a room with this one.
By   - Femme Fatale from Auckland on 5/14/2019
This scent is one that Surprises me every time i use it, the aroma is hauntingly mysterious and dark, Moth brings me to a place of seduction and sweet surrender, almost a black licorice candy taste that rises to the taste buds, wet rocks, smoky and seductive, I used it before going to bed at night and i was enveloped in pure delight, scents changing from one minute to the next, I could not stop smelling my arms and Finally in a trance of self love I fell asleep. Marvelous - if you like patchouli and earthy scents then i highly recommend this.
By   - Records and Office Manager from San Francisco on 3/5/2019
the soft flutter of moth wings.. powdery... and very delicate with an earthy vibe how this man captures the spirit of an animal or insect is just...mesmerizing i have not sampled one of his perfumes that i have not loved or been amazed by.
By   - talent agent from st pete on 5/11/2018
Amazing scent. Incense, aged parchment and a hint or Aniseed and dust. All in a good way......
By   - Design Director from New York on 5/9/2018
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