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Sweet, pretty, tropical fruity scent. This would be a very lovely and inoffensive fragrance for summertime. Not the standout in my array of Zoologist samples, but really nice and easy to wear nonetheless.
By   - Homemaker from Woodstown, NJ on 12/31/2020
It smells good, fruity. But this is for women. Nobody with testecles should be wearing this. I remember smelling something like this on my mother when I was a kid.
By   - Retired from DENHAM SPRINGS on 1/29/2020
First of all it’s got the Zoologist DNA of smelling like actual nature. The coconut, vanilla, and smooth yellow florals are very tropical and do give you the impression of a lush jungle. You are on the beach of a foreign tropical island with a mango rum drink. This fragrance is WARM and inviting. It actually smells warm skin in the sunshine as well. The real stars are the Ylang, Frangipani, coconut, skin, and sea and all the other notes are supporting players, but crucial in creating an island.
By   - medical assistant from Wilmington NC on 1/26/2020
Starts out fresh and sweet, almost aquatic. Quickly dries down to an entirely different thing. Salty, lightly vegatative, "dusty" smell, with bare hint of an unidentifiable floral. My nose isn't good enough to identify the individual notes. To me, more unisex than feminine. It's an "interesting" scent. But I wouldn't wear it, and I don't find it especially attractive. "Salty" is quickly dominant after the top fades. (Salty, but not sweaty). Just not my thing. But unusual enough others may enjoy it.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/12/2019
The scent brought me back to middle school outings at the Atlanta zoo, specifically the old reptile exhibit. Not impressed.
By   - Scientist from Athens on 4/8/2019
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