Extrait de Parfum

by Zoologist

Hummingbird Sizes Available:
60ml $145
0.7ml sample $4
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After trying a small sample of this I ordered a travel size. Normally, I am not a floral perfume type of person. I wear a lot of Tam Dao and a few Diptique more woody fragrances but, this one is different. The florals and fruit here are so genuine. The way this perfume projects is middle of the road but, what a lovely projection it is! This is full bottle worthy but, I travel a lot so went for the smaller size. Another reason I went for the smaller size is that though this is a Canadian company based in Toronto, they are charging Canadians in U.S. dollars for this perfume which I find highly objectionable. For that reason I almost didn''t order at all however, Hummingbird wouldn''t allow me to take that stand. Yes, it''s that lovely!
By   - International Student Coordinator  from Kingston, Ontario on 7/6/2018
A Beautiful Place in Time. Perfumes are rarely successful in achieving such an authentic perspective. There is no trying here, only Being there.
By   - Artist from Huntington on 6/2/2018
Absolutely beautiful fragrance. It is a well done sweet perfume without smelling like cheap candy or teenage. It smells so natural like fresh ripe just sliced open fruit sitting next to fragrant flowers placed outside on a sunny day. Just plain gorgeous. If you are into fruity sweet floral scents, definitely get a sample.
By   - CS from NJ on 3/11/2018
I just purchased a whole bottle of this and Nightingale after having purchased a whole set of samples from Zoology. I had to order off the Zoology website because lucky scent did not have it and I wanted to sample the whole line. Hummingbird reminds me of a what it smells like on my late evening jog in the Spring when the honeysuckle are in full bloom after a rain. Hard not to like. It''s so sophisticated for such a sweet scent. When you read the notes my first thought was this is going to be too sweet but it isn''t. It''s gorgeous. Love Zoologist for being different.
By   - dental administrative coordinator  from Yountville on 2/28/2018
Having just reviewed Zoologist''s Bat, (it wasn''t a pretty review nor a pretty scent), Hummingbird is delectable, scrumptious, heady, feminine, and everything I would want to wrap myself in. It''s an uber floral but not candy sweet. nor does it have harsh notes. It has that thick, humid, lazy quality about it. Good god, this is yummy - and fun!
By   - ORM Specialist from Chippewa Falls on 4/17/2017
This is sooooooo pretty......I sampled and will be buying a bottle. Very good price point for a very wearable fragrance.
By   - Artist from New York on 2/27/2017
Hummingbird is indeed delicious, mouthwatering, everything in the above description. I have tried a few samples of Zoologist Perfumes recently and...... well the man is a genius. What a concept and the perfumes are stellar. I have a fondness for the "Spirit Animal" tradition.. that one has animal "helpers" to aid and strengthen a persons path in life... Hummingbird represents joy! And yes it delivers! Awesome scent, a MUST try!
By   - Herbalist, Beekeeper from Oak Bluffs on 2/12/2017
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