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I just realized I've been calling it Deer Musk, but its Musk Deer. Still not into it.
By   - Wrist Sniffer  from New York on 7/19/2021
Deer Musk. I thought this was going to smell warm, comforting, beautiful and sexy. Deer Musk smells like ointment found in a medicine cabinet in the year 1871. If "Leave Me The F*** Alone" was a perfume, this is it. Two stars because at least it doesn't smell like underarms. I'm sad.
By   - Wrist Sniffer  from New York on 7/19/2021
This is a really great scent! It’s definitely one that I didn’t love until it was actually on my skin. It’s warm and earthy with a light sweetness. It has great longevity on me. I thoroughly enjoy it!
By   - Artist from Los Angeles on 5/23/2021
So good, absolutely amazing! I agree with the Lucky Scent description - this so much more about warm woods and spices than "deer musk", though it is there, the accord emerging once the initial spray settles down. My very first impression was of sandalwood with cardamom, reminding my of the vintage pure perfume Samsara. The sandalwood recedes a bit after about 15 minutes, but never really goes away. 5 hours later, and when I sniff the spot where I applied just a few swipes from the tester rod, I detect a creamy jasmine sambac, transforming the initially masculine leaning unisex scent into a feminine leaning unisex scent. I thought to myself that it's almost as if the stag musk deer has found and become enchanted by his doe.
By   - Psychotherapist  from Princeton, NJ on 12/28/2020
This is just AMAZING! Starts off fresh and sparkling and dries down to a warm ambery scent on me. Love it!!
By   - Dog Sitter from Hillside on 11/19/2020
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