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Hyrax is everything I love in a perfume. Dry, spicy, leathery, hot and a little bit dirty. After sleeping in it there was a faint, hot, mineral scent left. Gorgeous.
By   - Psychologist from Des Plaines on 9/8/2021
Funny, I'm not getting the funky animalic fetor claimed by many for this fragrance; I'm mainly greeted by a brilliant woody-aromatic sheen, which subsides in time to reveal a kind of rubbery, "new tennis ball" industrial carpeting smell. A gentle, non-offensive musk supports it all. Not as complex, pyramid-wise as I would have hoped. If anything, it reminds me of Imaginary Authors' THE SOFT LAWN. I confess, I'm not feelin' this one...
By   - digital artist from central texas, usa on 4/21/2020
A determined, tough nosed masculine fragrance. The contrasting notes are slightly abrasive but soft textured for a week old stubble and low toned growl of animalic musk. Smells nice. One of the best from Zoologist, imo.
By   - real estate revival artist from Oklahoma City on 2/14/2020
This is the most animalic perfume I have ever experienced and it's just great. I think the description here is a bit misleading. There is nothing light or tamed about this perfume and any "sweet florals" are rendered obsolete by the hyraceum, which is a massive note here. This is definitely a must try for lovers of unadorned animalic perfumes. I can't find anything remotely feminine about it. I'd definitely put it on the masculine side of the spectrum.
By   - Artistic Director from Louisville, KY on 4/9/2019
I've tried all but three of this line and narrowed it down to three faves: Hyrax, Panda and Elephant. Hyrax is especially appealing because of its blackberry note, which I did not detect in my first try. Now it's one of the obvious openers! Hyrax is truly strange and beautiful as the notes gradually reveal themselves. Longevity is around 6-8 hours. I discovered that it also layers wonderfully with others I've tried it with, and not necessarily other Zoos. A lot of notes are listed, but they are so perfectly proportioned that they all work together without one stifling the rest. Complexity is always fascinating!
By   - Retired counselor from Oregon on 10/5/2018
Nope. Nope nope nope. This isn't "animalic." It smells like literal feces. And in the dry down? More feces. This is a no from me.
By   - Advertising from Boston on 10/1/2018
Part of what I wrote on Fragrantica.... I am wildly in love with this gorgeous creation. The opener for me was fresh cut cedarwood, sandalwood and balsam combo. A little soft spice. A few minutes later I get the animalics - although differentiating between the three listed is beyond my ability. Whiskey, pink pepper, and a sweetness that must be the hyacinth... An hour later, there's the patchouli, amber, rose, and a scent you'll recognize if you've ever walked down a red dirt road in Africa. Heady in the sense of desire, anticipation, pursuit, even regret... Well, I'm an older woman, and I regret that my bed sheets didn't smell like this in my 30s!
By   - Retired from Klamath Falls on 7/13/2018
Hyrax reminds me of Rien by Etat Libre D'Orange. It must be the styrax. All I know is that I get a sharp unpleasant plastic sort of muskiness. I gave my sample to a friend, who adored the scent. His chemistry tolerated the scent much better than mine. (But he loves Rien, as well, so this is just more of the same) On a man, it might be nice. But it is not for me.
By   - Cat Herder from Deep South on 7/4/2018
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