Macaque - Yuzu Edition

Extrait de Parfum

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This one ended up being a scrubber for me. Something dank and funky and maybe a little rotten; I let it sit for ~20 mins then had to wash off. Don't blind buy (a fragrance called Macaque, of all things).
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
That opening comes in ready to fight, doesn’t it -- a VERY spiky galbanum, so green I had to let it fade, let the rest of the composition fade, and try it all again the following day. Worth the wait, though, once I understood that an entire garden was going to fill in around it. The opening’s grand, leading as it does to a wonderful jasmine drenched in satsuma juice and watered honey. In time the promised cedar-oud foundation asserts itself, as wearable as the initial greenery blast is not. Some really smart work here.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/21/2020
Have sampled eight Zoologist fragrances and chose Macaque - a strong woody and apple note on top, and the various resins come in later. Other reviewers have noted the "organic" strength of the Zoologist line to which I agree. They smell like wood, soil, leaves, organic material, a banana/iris smell (in Bat) which is amazing. Macaque just has a great clean cedar smell, apple right behind. People have no idea what kind of perfume/cologne I am wearing, it doesn't refer to any standard citrus/floral/vanilla/musk combinations at all. This is outstanding work.
By   - No more from Portland, Oregon on 3/6/2018
Incredible. It's like sitting in a lush forest while green fruits and Asian flowers pop in the filtered sunlight. Wiffs of honey mingle with light earthy notes to create a soft balance. In the distance there is an aging temple with soft foliage, sun warmed trees and a hint of incense. Not sexy.... Contemplative, wise, meditative but very fresh. Perhaps a little more masculine than feminine but doesn't need to be anything but itself.
By   - Designer from Seattle on 2/18/2017
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