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I don't like the new Bat as much as I liked the old Bat. lol. I am an old bat. I think the new interpretation is missing that rotten fruit note that was so incredibly interesting. In the old description it was described as being banana, but I was cutting a bruised spot out of a Pink Lady apple when I was making a cobbler, and that was the smell exactly.
By   - customer support from Dallas on 7/21/2020
Perhaps I am anosmic to the subtler notes in this fragrance? I am getting the fresh petrichor and damp earth qualities, loud and clear, with faint intimations of licorice... yet I am not picking up on the fruit and balsams and mammalian musks. BAT is a very interesting smell, no doubt, and much more airy, pleasant and wearable than I had expected, judging from other reviews. And yes, it might not be everybody's definition of a "perfume", strictly speaking. Yet its stony, moist dampness-- wonderfully true to life-- is most interesting and very novel.
By   - digital artist from boerne texas usa on 5/8/2019
This scent is for women only in my opinion. I wasn't a fan of this. I believe Zoologist should keep their scents a bit more mellow instead of going for the Zesty Fruit.
By   - President from Minneapolis on 5/7/2019
I bought this within days after receiving a sample from LuckyScent (I asked for something unusual and new), but after I got the bottle, I realized I liked the smell from a vial better - there it smelled more inky, more dark and brooding, more gooey and less airy and effervescent (which is what comes after a spritz from a bottle). After putting it aside for a while and frankly avoiding it, I've worn it a few times in hot and cold weather, and paid attention to how it develops in each case. In hot weather it's a tad too sweet, in cold it's now perfect - the picture I get, is sitting under veranda at night, there's dampness on freshly dug up soil nearby, and on bowl of ripe bananas on the old wood table.
By   - Designer from Australia on 2/13/2019
I will give you a reference for what I value in perfumery so that you can decide if this review will be helpful: My favorites include: musc by bruno acampora, tuscan leather, black afgano, norne. People in the comments have mixed opinion about this one, I happen to think it is a masterpiece. If you know anything about niche perfumery, then you know that zoologist has been a wicked force up and coming. This is their magnum opus in my opinion. It won the art and olfactory indie award for 2016, and deservedly so. This fragrance is for the connoisseur: someone who is not afraid of adventurous and uncompromising notes like oud wood or damp earth.
By   - Engineer from KANSAS CITY on 6/23/2018
This scent is VERY different in the bottle vs. on skin. From the bottle: My grandma lived in a countryside, old stone house. She had an outdoor 100+ yo cellar. Stored there fruits & vegetables from her garden. The cellar was dug in the ground, soil floor; so it smelled like soil, ripe apples, a whiff of a rotten apple, young roots of beets and carrots, and potatoes. The open bottle of the "Bat" fragrance smells exactly like my grandma's cellar. If I close my eyes, I'd think I'm standing inside the cellar. And it makes total sense, because bats like this type of cellars. On the skin: much more animalistic/not vegetable, old leather, musk; dryer, warmer, no more soil. Mildly masculine. I wouldn't wear it, but I'd love it on the man.
By   - Research from Washington DC on 10/30/2017
It's personal how each person perceives perfume so its hard to really come right out and say if this is necessarily a good or bad fragrance. For starters, its definitely not a ' smell me, I smell great' kind of fragrance, that's for sure. When I read L.S. 's scent description I was feeling really romantic and dark and intense and looking forward to quite a raw experience with ripe banana, animalic, dark yet fruity tropical experience. Sadly, all I got was soil ( not complaining about that one) and synthetic fruit. I would say pass on this one in the Zoologist line but absolutely do what I intend to do and try some of the other ones such as Hummingbird, Dragonfly etc.
By   - LCP from New York City on 9/15/2017
Yes, banana, and anything that turns dark as it overripes. This reminds of me being sweaty beside an outdoor fruit stand. On me it was very sweet and so heady it almost makes you jerk your neck back. The scent goes sour sometimes, and spicy, it's pungent enough that it is quite inescapable. I wish it would have dried down to leather on me, but it stayed sweet and turned almost cloying before I had to scrub it off. I'll give it another shot in the dead of winter when I need some warmth, but on a humid day in August, it was almost too on-the-nose. It's not something I'd want to wear again, but it's so interesting that I now want to try the rest of Zoologist's line.
By   - media from philly on 8/20/2017
i was trying to describe this to MYSELF as i sniffed my wrist and realized a good perfume is hard to pinpoint at times. there is NOT one scent .. there is not anything to truly capture this unusual blend. i am an avid animal rights gal so i am always happy to wear perfume that takes animal compassion into play. i can say this one wrapped me in a world of comfort... cannot wait to wear the other samples. A doctor said yesterday ... what IS that scent? it has to be organic!
By   - agent from st pete on 8/4/2017
I hope Zoologist wins the Art & Olfactory Awards, even though I'm a year late with this one. Who says you can't have a cruelty-free product and still smell like bludgeoned livestock, dirty skank, bat droppings, rotting bananas, cobwebs and mildew? I haven't smelled rotting fruit since vintage Mitsouko. My nose detects the cumin note, but registers it as honest to goodness skank unlike say, Rochas Femme or Amouage Jubilation 25, with their curried / stewed peaches and plums. I don't believe I've smelled anything like this. I feel like I'm lost in a pitch black, dank bat cave. This is a daring hell of a fragrance, to put it mildly. *5 Stars*
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 4/29/2017
Don't be put off by "overripe banana." No Circus Peanuts here. The loamy, freshly tilled, mineral-tangy soil accord reminds me of Nasomatto Hindu Grass, but in Bat it's longer lasting. The fig is grassy enough to balance the sweetness of the banana, which is more tropical-juicy than grocery-store banana. The overall impression is of childhood summer: dirt, grass, fruit--but warmer, deeper, more rounded out than that combination sounds, thanks to the tonka, musk, and leather. As it dries a deeper, damp tobacco accord emerges, and it becomes more androgynous. It's a bit sweet for me at the start, and I'm waiting for the sweetness to subside on the far drydown. That probably won't stop me from buying a whole bottle, though. Addictive stuff.
By   - sniffer from U.S. Midwest on 4/14/2017
Like a bat, which I consider to be a fascinating and beautiful creature.... the notes in this are fascinating... and interestingly beautiful. On opening, if you've ever turned a mossy log over in a wet, green forest to expose the composting leaves- this is what you find…damp but alluring and deeply earthy. Bananas that have dropped to the ground –no figs. Perhaps furry musk and even civet. Both are animalistic. I wore it on a cool, windy night and it was amazing in the air. I am compelled by it. There is something familiar in the dry down, but for me, the end not as appealing as the start. The leather is sour and there is nothing sweet about this. I get parsnip in the very end – a sour earthy smell... strange... It is a big girl scent.
By   - med girl  from Miami on 3/7/2017
Gorgeous and titanically weird, this is the sort of scent that won’t strike bystanders as “hmm, nice perfume” so much as “good heavens, s/he smells great.” The loamy, earthy heart of this one is beautifully introduced by that very ripe banana and fig and all manner of green foliage, and we’re off to the races; by the time the very supple leather kicks in, you’re almost as surprised as leather itself must be to find itself in the role of civilizing note (!). There’s an uncanny, luscious immediacy to this one and you must try it.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/1/2017
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