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For me this smells HORRIBLE straight out of the bottle, but after sitting on the skin for a minute it starts to smell really nice and pretty. I’m not kidding when I say out of the bottle this smells like straight up poison, so I was nervous about putting it on my skin, but once the pungent green scent wears off you get more of the floral and sandalwood scent. Definitely one you should try before buying!
By   - Student from Long Beach on 5/13/2021
First let me say that this scent is not for me. I read the description and after one of my orders I decided to add a sample of this to try. Wow. Definitely get the clean green finish of bamboo and tree leaves first. What really struck me was the cocoa as well. It's definitely an odd way of presenting cocoa but I mean that in the best sense. When you think of cocoa one might conjure up memories of more gourmand scents or something sweet and almost candy like but dare I say it this cocoa was more "green" than anything. Definitely strange, definitely a conversation piece. I would say this is a summer to fall transitional scent but everyone's chemistry is different so you just have to take this for a spin and decide for yourself.
By   - Entrepreneur and Perfume Enthusiast from Philadelphia, PA on 10/10/2020
When I was a little girl growing up in Windhoek, Namibia we used to have these massive fig trees. I loved spending time outside in our garden sitting underneath the foliage (to avoid the sun) and just smelling the leaves. Elephant captures this feeling - sitting in the shade on the grass underneath the fig trees so well. It made me cry the first time I put it on - it took my right back to our Namibian garden. It transitions into a beautiful perfume that is brilliant and a fresh floral for summer. But it is the opening that makes me smile.
By   - Bookkeeper and Perfume junkie from Creston, BC on 5/3/2020
I got this one out of curiosity as I like several others in the line. I don't really like green scents, but did like the other elements in the description. Happily for me, it's not green on my skin. I get coconut, cocoa, sandalwood as identifiable elements. I do get freshness - I was thinking bamboo forest. What I like most is that there's something very meditative about the scent that does conjure a wise elephant for me.
By   - Writer from Albany on 3/7/2020
At first sniff, I thought, what? This isn't a perfume at all. It smelled exactly as though you had crushed a handful of sappy, moist, green leaves in your hand. After a few breaths the strong green foliage faded, and it turned into a perfume, after all. I can smell something dry (cocoa powder, wood, mostly) and a soft, faint, non-sweet coconut. Very little sweetness in this one, in fact. I don't get the "brewed tea" note others have mentioned, though I think there's a faint, faint hint of tea in the "dry" note...but as dry, aged tea leaves, not brewed. Not much projection for this scent on my skin. Think it would be highly refreshing to wear in hot weather, though.. Also, it's a true unisex. Unusual, but not for me.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/10/2019
Elephant is a delightfully green, crushed forest understory. It's one of the loveliest greens ever (along with Panda!) and that note does remain throughout the scent-life of this perfume. If you're not a green person, never fear, try it anyway. The flowers, woods, faint coconut, musk and patchouli appear to soften the green impression. Just wonderful - feminine, but with enough presence to make the transition to masculine.
By   - Retired from Oregon on 9/16/2018
A beautifully composed fragrance. It's a little too green for my tastes but I will still dab on during one of my more zen moments. Well done.
By   - Realtor from Naples on 5/7/2018
normally i am not that into the green scents.. but this one? i could hear that majestic elephant crashing through a lush jungle.. this is magical because i was THERE.. i felt it. when a perfume can bring you somewhere that is ONE hell of an experience. this one is rich verdant and exciting.
By   - talent agent from st pete fl on 2/13/2018
Another odd and compelling delight from the Zoologists, with an emphatically non-beachy coconut accompanying an emphatically non-gourmand cocoa on a stroll through the souk and into the woods. You'll find yourself in danger of falling in love with that titanic Darjeeling top note (assuming you, like all sensible people, like your tea to be brewed to a strength that'll dissolve the cup), but fear not -- in this bottle, even the ephemerals unspool at a pace that gives you time to enjoy them, while drydown is measurable in geologic time.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/21/2018
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