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I had wanted to love this because of the review and the honey scent. Sadly the honey smell on me became cloying and had a wet baby aroma included in the mix. Sorry!!
By   - Artist from New York on 10/4/2021
I hate having to give such a low star rating, because I think they did such a good job making something so rich, resinous and truly beeswax/honey like. But dear god is it headache inducing. Just a tiny bit of the sample on my wrist and within 5 minutes I feel like my temples are in a vice. And I'm not headache prone when it comes to perfumes. It makes me so sad because I actually adore how warm and unique it is, and would make it my signature winter scent if it wasn't for the darn headache.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 9/30/2021
Not for me, but it’s a very nice resinous spiced scent. In my mind I picture an old tree sitting in a metaphysical shop (if you know what those shops smell like, you know), oozing its sap but its mixing with honey from a beehive up above. Personally, I never smelled any of the floral notes. Strong so I doubt you'd need more than 1-2 sprays. Reminds me of a much smoother but just as strong version of what I smell a lot of the east Indian men wearing in my city.
By   - Hobbiest from Canada on 8/10/2021
Gorgeous scent, and completely unique. Did anyone use honey dust when they were a kid? It's like a grown up, expensive, sophisticated version of that. Lasts all day. Warm, rich scent, but because of the sweetness I'm comfortable wearing in winter or summer.
By   - Attorney from San Francisco on 3/14/2021
This scent is yummy smelling and "Wow" does it project, very intense two spray's max is all you need seriously and it will last at least 6 hours or more. I honestly do not care for most honey scents because sometimes they tend to smell like cat urine on me, but Bee by Zoologist doesn't do this at all. This scent smells delish, reminds me of one of my favorite candies (Bit.O.Honey) taffy, I will be purchasing a bottle of this for sure! If you loves gourmand scents like me then you have to give the scent a try!
By   - Sales from Saint Louis on 2/11/2021
Sticky, syrupy sweet honey that smells like a pastry upon first spray. The sweetness is cut so nicely with the royal jelly accord and the orange/ginger! On the drydown (which lasts an ETERNITY, by the way, this is a beast mode fragrance that will last, and last, and last) I picked up a lush, warm incense and a distinct, unusual, animalic musk that really paints a picture of the bee in his hive. This is a heavy fragrance and best suited to colder weather. Don't pick this up thinking it will be a gourmand, because it isn't at all! Exquisite composition and one of the more approachable offerings from Zoologist. It's on my FB to-buy list.
By   - Homemaker from Woodstown, NJ on 12/31/2020
Applied it hours ago and it's still just so HONEY. incensey, orange blossom, sure, but overall just a true true honey. I don't actually love it for myself but I'm amazed at how true it is and its longevity is beautiful. 5 stars for nailing what it set out to do.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/20/2020
I just received my Bee yesterday the packaging is very nice. It looks like a 200 fragrance(which it should). I actually gave it a wear out today. Im a heavy fragrance kinda guy. I sprayed 5 sprays in my bathroom and about killed myself..wow..potent. When I sprayed I really seemed to get an incense vibe out of it. I really didn't notice the floral. But within 2 mins this waxy honey scent came up and wow..its strong..and genuine. Its about 6 hours since I put it on and it really smells the same. Just as strong. I think as a guy wearing this fragrance it may not be a "sexy" fragrance but its a fragrance that if YOU appreciate a finely crafted piece of art of a fragrance..this is a must have. It will be in front of my winter rotation.
By   - Retired  from Cincinnati on 9/30/2020
Honey scent is there, but way too much incense. Not for me
By   - Professor from San Marcos, TX on 9/9/2020
Visualize a shop that sells crystals, books, and incense. Someone then smears thick manuka honey all over the shop walls, ceiling and floors. You walk in and take a big whiff of the place. That's what this perfume smells like.
By   - YouTube from NY on 6/22/2020
Hoping for a complex natural honey, but this is a very generic honey syrup. I am very picky about my honey species, favorite is Acacia Honey which this is not. More for a gourmand lover looking for honey as a white sugar substitute. The only redeeming factor is the sandalwood weakly peeking out which could have been stronger. Mass appealing and safe.
By   - Non-profit from Nevada on 4/24/2020
Burnt honey, true mimosa, beeswax, a hint of ginger, and a lovely sweet incense. I can't get enough. I'm not a gourmand lover and I hate fragrances like Pink Sugar and fake vanilla, and that horrid selection of candles from a place that begins with a Y. Not much of this is needed. Two sprays is plenty. Summer might be too warm -if we're not stuck inside- so be careful. This is one of the best scents I've tried, and I tried a lot.
By   - medical from NorCal on 3/28/2020
This is delicious. On me it almost melts into my skin. After the first sniff of orange and honey and sandalwood, I'm inhaling a sense of drowsy, almost joyous contentment rather than the notes of the fragrance. Like the most perfect summer day you watched from a hammock, caressed by sunshine. I did have a woman ask me what I was wearing, exclaim over how wonderful it was, and bring a friend over to smell it.
By   - Writer from Albany on 3/12/2020
Bee is a treasure. Like the wondrous insect that affects our world in infinite ways we don't appreciate enough or comprehend enough, Bee the fragrance by Zoologist makes my life better. I've heard that many think it is too sweet, but I say it is perfect just the way it is! I get the hint of orange and a stronger aspect of the ginger syrup in the opening that puts a smile on my face. Then, the light florals, labdanum, wisp like sandalwood and vanilla. This fragrance is comforting to me and I can see myself buying multiple bottles just to make sure I have plenty of back up. Highest recommendation from me for Bee.
By   - Business from S.F. on 2/12/2020
The honey is unmistakable. It was supposedly in other fragrances I've tried, but I guess you have to be a fragrance snob to "smell" it in those. As the previous reviewer said, it blasts off with honey and then turns into incense. But it's not a wearable scent. Unless you just like being weird. Nobody I showed it to said they liked it or would wear it.
By   - Retired from DENHAM SPRINGS on 1/29/2020
I planned on joking around with this review, but decided to stay serious. At first whiff, there is a strong definite scent of honey which lasts maybe about 30 minutes or so until it dries. Then, honey and incense. After the sweet, amber honeyed smell, disappears, it smells like incense, which isn't bad, but from what I understand, people don't buy or wear perfume to just to smell like incense very often. If you like sweet honey and incense, this perfume is for you. I applied it about an hour ago and it feels like I might get around 6 - 8 hours out of it.
By   - Student from West Palm Beach, FL on 1/25/2020
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