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Sweet, aquatic, smokey and spicy. Squid also has ink notes. A fragrance with an interesting ozonic contrast that's unisex. One of Zoologist's best beside Bee.
By   - n/a from n/a on 4/25/2021
This is a fragrance you have to 'get to know' before you make a final judgment about it. At first I really thought I would hate it. Something about the sweet incense with the salty ocean bothered me and kind of repulsed me at first spray. But the more I sat with it, the more I really came around and felt intrigued by this fragrance. I ended up feeling like a sea witch wearing it, voluptuous, dark, and deep. This isn't something easy to wear on a daily basis, but it's hard to stop thinking about it once you try it out. I'm hoping to save up for a full bottle purchase in the future.
By   - Homemaker from Woodstown, NJ on 12/31/2020
The squid is a creature forever associated in my mind with the film 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. A relevant association because this fragrance does somehow evoke the elegant interior of Captain Nemo's Nautilus. There is a black tar and oily aspect, like the pleasant effluvium from the deep sea equipment aboard the vessel. This attractive fresh-oily scent, an animalic take on the odour of the sea which successfully avoids being overtly fishy, gives Squid a highly original character. I rate it as one of the all time great sea fragrances, Equally intriguing is the colour, a blue-black shade which I have never before seen in a fragrance, Top marks all round for this outstanding product.
By   - Retired from Stratford on Avon, UK on 11/8/2020
This is one of the random samples LS put in with my order and good golly, it was most exciting. And for me, that's honestly the fun part of being on this fragrant hobby/adventure - is to be surprised. I thought I knew what I liked (which is smelling like a bakery), and Squid completely opened up my mind. I live in San Francisco where the beaches are cold but you're out there in a fleece hoodie under the sun playing ultimate frisbee. It's cool aquatic in a comforting, warm solar scape. Stone, not sand. Salty, not tropical. I made a promise to myself that this will be my first full bottle purchase here after I finishing up my huge pile of sample shame.
By   - designer from San Francisco on 8/16/2020
This is an amazing composition that is an unexpected paragon. The incense, solar salicylate, and pink pepper bring an opening that is like an open splash of of water. The salt and ink heart is wrapped in opoponax resin and reminds you that you're in the ocean. As the dry down reveals Amergris, Benzoin, and musk it reminds me of the depths of the sea.
By   - Archives Technician from Olathe on 6/21/2020
I wasn't sure about this one at first. The first few times I wore it it smelled like baby powder. Then I put it on right after the shower and I could smell all the notes! It opens with something vaguely fruity but fresh and watery. On clean skin it develops in the mid drydown to pure ocean with a hint of salt. Not tropical ocean but middle of the Atlantic ocean. The end product was a watery clean smell that lasts for HOURS. Projection is great, on clean skin. On regular dry skin it's very powdery. For that reason and the fact that ocean smells are not really my style I won't be buying a big bottle. But this would be good for the office or the summer, very clean and watery.
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 10/1/2019
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