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Camel Zoologist A cozy ambery oud resinous scent. My first impression was a 1920s aristocrat gentleman (influenced by Middle Eastern perfumes) sitting in a chesterfield arm chair smoking a tobacco pipe whilst reading the evening newspaper in a Egyptian gentleman's club. Oud done in a genteel manner..
By   - . from NY on 9/30/2021
Deeply rich and spicy, elegant and refined on either a man or a woman. This fragrance vividly reminds me of my honeymoon to Istanbul, and suffice to say I'm a little bit obsessed with it. FB-worthy, sillage and longevity are both outstanding.
By   - Homemaker from Woodstown, NJ on 12/31/2020
Mmmmm...fruity, rich, honeyed and intensely incense-y. If you'll excuse the pretentiousness, it's a "round" scent - kind of big and strong but soft and creamy at the same time. You certainly get a good hit of dates, rose and frankincense (but it could do with more of the latter). Or, that's my take on it. Mum's take on it was "too much civet, you smell like a real live Camel". And to be honest, the first time I tried it I thought that, too. It seriously grew on me the second and third times, but I do find civet and really all the animalics difficult and inclined to veer into cat urine/horse dung territory. It's nowhere *near* as bad as Nishka's "Afrika-Olifant", which smells like purest, damp, greenish-brown springtime horse dung.
By   - Lawyer from Australia on 3/27/2019
If you've ever walked in to an incense shop and thought "this is the perfect scent", this perfume will serve you everything your heart desires. The frankincense, myrrh, oud, and sandalwood are a veritable punch to the snout, with the vetiver and musk creeping in to dry things out and sweeten them up. There's a very definite plumminess to it, too, something that lingers in the background. Not syrupy or overly sweet at all.
By   - Logistics Manager from WR on 3/11/2019
I love this scent, sweet frankincense, but it is light, doesn't last long, and poor silage.
By   - Crazy cat lady from Tulsa on 1/15/2019
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