Tyrannosaurus Rex

Extrait de Parfum

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Absolutely colossal in terms of projection, sillage, and overall profile. It starts out smelling distinctly like a tire fire, but the deep dry down is very appealing smoky, resinous patchouli-and-leather. Almost like the coolest record store/head shop you've ever been in. It fills a room. It's aggressive, confrontational, and kinda sexy. Wear with boldness on occasions when you want to turn heads.
By   - Actor from Los Angeles on 3/16/2021
This is a giant, aggressive, powerful, slightly swampy, mossy fragrance that lasts for hours and is the scent that I turn to when I need to feel bulletproof. When I wear this, I AM a tyrannosaurus rex and a blunt instrument (which this fragrance is the olfactory equivalent of).
By   - secretary from Rochester, MN on 11/19/2020
This scent is reminiscent of Islay Smoke. It's melting tires adorned with sprinkles of powder and resins. A burial ceremony of a pre-historic animal whose death signifies the begging of a new cycle of the earth.
By   - YouTube from NYC on 6/23/2020
I got a sample out of insatiable curiosity. I didn't expect to like it but did find it interesting, wild and brash. Also sexy in a weird way. My main image was a vision of hugging Megan Rapinoe after a soccer triumph, thinking I bet she'd smell like this fierce combo of sweat and excitement.
By   - Writer from Albany on 3/12/2020
So apparently, Zoologist is into making "art" instead of wearable fragrances. This should have been named Dumpster Fire. You wouldn't have to waste money on a sample then, because you would know what it smells like by the name.
By   - Retired from DENHAM SPRINGS on 1/29/2020
This smells exactly like a forest fire that someone put out using a dump truck full of dirt. I just don't get the appeal.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 6/14/2019
Tyrannosaurus Rex is a masterpiece created by Antonio Gardini (of Bogue Perfumes) and Victor Wong of Zoologist. What an unusual conglomeration one might say but actually it is a perfect match. The animalic pungency of the Zoologist DNA blended perfectly with the Bogue DNA. Who could ask for more? Warning: not something to wear to the office unless you dab a little smidgeon on your finger and then apply to one wrist. No, this is definitely an evening scent (although I would also wear it during the day if I weren't at work). This, my perfume loving friends is a powerhouse and I would highly recommend it!
By   - Paralegal from Baltimore on 12/19/2018
Incoming...hits with the force of an asteroid!The first application presented as a mega-chilling minty aspect that changed in a minute or two to a smoky, almost cloying, note. I wasn't sure I was going to like this monster but, I waited. After approximately an hour a very interesting floral note floated to the surface from a humid Primeval bog. I was beginning to appreciate the complexity and, after many more hours, I was sold. Caution to the wearer: this perfume is exceedingly heavy and long lasting. Not for the delicately inclined! By all means sample it first. One light spray is plenty!
By   - Faux Artist from Knoxville on 11/25/2018
I'll give the folks at zoologist this - they definitely keep their subject matter in mind when they take us on these olfactory journeys. T-rex is one of my favorites from the house (I've tried camel, elephant, moth, and a few others). It is definitely complex. I get the green notes... I get the fire. I don't get the blood smell (which, lets be honest, is probably ok). I get a dryness and heat coming off of it too. When you close your eyes, you can see the story the house seeks to tell. Longevity on this bad boy is solid too, at 12+ as a skin scent, projecting for 4-5. Safe? No. T-rex isn't what I'd call "safe" and probably not for the office or hot weather... but if you appreciate the art, it's a winner.
By   - Military from Texas on 11/24/2018
This landed with an uncompromising wallop of charry incense and cedar on my skin. I initially thought oh boy this is way, way too much incense for me but I found myself taking deep, measured sniffs of it over and over... it has a rich, compelling, almost irresistible quality. Over the course of several hours, this amazing frag slowly but surely evolved into a gorgeous, warm, radiant oriental. Surprise, and delight! By far my favorite of the Zoologist scents I sampled, which included Civet, Dragonfly, Elephant, Macaque, and Rhinoceros (a wonderful, robust leather that was my second favorite but ultimately became a little peppery on my skin -- I prefer the sweetly shimmering oriental spiciness of T Rex).
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 11/20/2018
One of the best fragrances I’ve had the joy of applying in a very long time. This scent is VERY deep and incredibly mysterious. This is not a scent you could wear during summer. There is absolutely nothing sweet, floral, gourmand or delicate about this, this one is a pure heavyweight reminiscent of smokey incense. Only the name T-Rex can do this scent justice. This is one I intend to always keep in my collection for those cool fall and winter evenings.
By   - Student from Tucson on 9/19/2018
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