Eau de Parfum

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60ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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A panorama with a risque vignette tucked into the background -- slightly overdone linden sweetness, moving into a really wonderful aquatic green, onward to a pleasing and even more aquatic damp wood, and ending in a just-this-side-of-raunchy amber suede that you probably didn’t see coming but will enjoy as the punchline to this delightful woodland adventure. Sillage was super-low, but sometimes the best lewd stories are told sotto voce.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/12/2020
On first smell, I was almost disappointed with how refined this fragrance was. It really does smell like a spring day in a flowery field. As it dries down though, and you get a good, deep whiff, it suddenly becomes VERY apparent where those more raunchy notes are lurking. The leather is bone-dry in the way that parches the back of the throat, and then the castoreum and musks settle in there and rub fur into your olfactory business. Something you could smell again and again and still be shocked by.
By   - Logistics Manager from WR on 3/11/2019
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