Pump Up The Volume

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Black Afgano
Infamous in the best way, this darkly woodsy and smoky scent has earned every bit of its powerhouse reputation.
V - Erba Pura
Fruity, juicy, and sweetly exuberant, this is a sexy fruit snack in the best possible way.
$175 - $250
Intense Cafe
Xerjoff's renowned and potent rose and musk DNA gets a caffeinated lift with a potent, senses-igniting top note of ground espresso.
$120 - $170
Tauer Perfumes
L'Air du desert marocain
Among the most iconic niche scents of all time, this dry, sweet, intensely spicy scent can still fill a room with irresistibly seductive power.
Initio Parfums
Oud for Greatness
Smooth but potent saffron oud- a wearable, universally appealing oud scent that still makes a statement.
Orto Parisi
Fiery pepper-laden citrus with the volume maxed all the way out.
Roses Vanille
Sugary, creamy vanilla with lusciously sensual rose- what's not to love?
$95 - $180
Rise and shine with this intensely roasted coffee scent that feels like an overdose of freshly ground espresso beans- sweet, earthy, and spicy all at once.
Goldfield & Banks
Bohemian Lime
Bright, sweet, and tart, this summer-perfect scent evokes some of the wildly popular fruity masculines that have come before it but stands apart for its aromatic intensity and superior fruity citrus.
$125 - $185
Parfums MDCI
Invasion Barbare
A cult classic fougere- clean, green, and minty with violet leaf and vanilla-infused cedar. Sexy, potent, and unique.
$250 - $375
Le Labo
Santal 33
One of the best known niche fragrances of all time, and for good reason, as its creamy, spicy, modern sandalwood is both immediately recognizable and unlike anything else out there.
$192 - $280
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge 540
Speaking of cult classics, there might be no hotter fragrance in the world right now than the spicy, musky, sweetly rich BR540- but one sniff will tell you exactly why that's the case.
$180 - $575
1861 - Naxos
Mouthwatering citrus, seductively classic lavender, creamy honey, and sweet, smoky tobacco- Naxos truly does it all.
Orto Parisi
Campfire smoke, earth, and richly musky woods- nobody does "intense" like Alessandro Gaultieri...
Tyrannosaurus Rex
...except maybe for Antonio Gardoni, and his creation for Zoologist is an aggressively smoky, spicy, modern floral that practically redefines "beastmode."
Not all intensity is a challenge- Confetto features a cotton candy orange blossom so sweet that it might be a problem for any other scent- but this is so gorgeously high quality that it waters the mouth without a hint of plastic or cloying fake sugar.
$93 - $275
A Lab on Fire
What We Do In Paris Is Secret
Modern, sexy, and beautiful, this fan favorite is somewhere between gourmand and light oriental with a combination of rose, almond, vanilla, and heliotrope.
Smoky, sappy, intense without ever feeling loud, this woodsy/leather classic is powerful without ever feeling excessive.
Etat Libre d'Orange
Une Amourette Roland Mouret
Smooth, sexy, elegant iris that never shouts but nevertheless commands the room.
$58 - $149
Parfums de Marly
An imposingly masculine gourmand with spice, smoky sweetness, and creamy richness in equal measure- Herod is oft imitated but never equalled.
$215 - $310
Accento Overdose
Regular Accento was already strong, you say? Tell that to Xerjoff.
Parfums de Marly
Sweet, rich, and sensual, this fruity floral masterpiece is as elegant as it is intoxicating.
Smoky and sweet, this pineapple concoction is worlds ahead of the bro-tastic scent it draws comparisons to.
$250 - $355
Chocolate Greedy
Mouthwateringly rich and sweet, chocolate lovers everywhere need to have this on their list.
A Lab on Fire
And The World Is Yours
Honey sweet orange blossom with green and spicy contrast, And The World Is Yours makes a sexy statement for any occasion.
$36 - $90
Naomi Goodsir
Nuit de Bakelite
Ultra green, spiky and spicy, this tuberose-leather-galbanum scent bomb is truly unlike anything else and makes a potent impression.
What We Do Is Secret
Monoscent G
Not what you'd expect in a powerhouse discussion, perhaps, but for those who pick up on this unique single-note musk, it's life changing.
Hundred Silent Ways
Sweet, exotic, fruity and floral, this delicious and striking scent is an ode to luxury and femininity.
Oud Stars - Alexandria II
Nobody does opulence like Xerjoff, and this richly fruity, spicy, floral, woodsy, creamy, and oud-laden scent is nothing if not extravagant.
$325 - $550
Areej Le Dore
An indolic floral feast sprinkled with ancient spice with smoky oud- gardenia as only Areej Le Dore would dare.
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