L'Air du desert marocain

Eau de Toilette Intense

by Tauer Perfumes

L'Air du desert marocain Sizes Available:
50ml $130
0.7ml sample $4
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What can I say...oozy, creamy, mysterious and above all sensual. This scent is full of richness that settles into a creamy warm bath of lushness...
By   - Marketing from Chicago on 1/12/2019
Along with Felanilla, this is the fragrance that changed my understanding of what perfumery could accomplish, and a decade later it’s still a revelation to me -- dry desert air and limitless sky above, but as you move through it the space is described by burlap sacks of spices, paving stone, sandblasted cedar, and the sweetness of flowers just outside your vision. Legendary.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/28/2018
Let me add my chorus of praise along with the rest. The balance of this exotic scent is perfect on me - and most of the notes mentioned are right there - the incense and spices mixed with what seems to me a feminine flair of the jasmine and the rose. I got no vanilla oddly enough, since I read complaints of pure vanilla from other reviewers. My main regrets are (to me) the homeliness of the bottle - this perfume deserves so much better! and of course the price. I''m saving up since we can only get a big bottle, but just a bit of this exotic treasure is pleasingly long-lasting. Andy, I could kiss you!
By   - computers from Birmingham on 5/1/2018
Been wearing it since 07 and will be until Andy discontinues it and by that time i have an ample lot stashed:-) ...the scent remains the same....i suggest read the other reviews as they''re more eloquent , but my nose doesn''t lie and will always reckon the scent that evokes gratification. If the notes were musical, it would accentuate beethoven''s 9th symphony....total senses stimulation. Oh yeah, and let''s not forget the Cabernet.
By   - restaurateur from city of angels on 10/21/2017
By far, this is the BEST fragrance I ever sampled! It''s not a fragrance it''s an experience. The notes are blended to absolute perfection. For me it''s AMBER, AMBER, AMBER ... all the other notes are dancing in and out mysteriously in the background. You will definitely be transported to Marocain Desert where all these notes are floating in the Air ... hence the name. On a fall night out at an out door gala, this fragrance will be a stunner! Full bottle worthy!
By   - Retired Legal Professional from Washington DC on 10/15/2017
I was a bit skeptical but ordered a sample based on all the glowing reviews. This is a masterpiece (and I don''t use that word everyday). It will transport you to another world peaceful, serene, almost numbing. I read on Tauer''s website that he never apprenticed under anyone else, but with a fragrance this great he didn''t need to.
By   - OB/GYN from Georgia on 8/1/2017
On me, this dries down to amber, and I confess to not detecting any of the other notes. I''m not complaining though. I enjoy complex fragrances, but the simplicity of this one is comforting. Very warm, not overly sweet (I''m not sorry the vanilla hides on me), dry but not spicy or woody. Just really nice amber, subtle, close to the skin. I''m not getting much silage, but the longevity is good. Eight hours after a light application it''s still there. Another person remarked on how linear this fragrance is -- and I agree. To me this is a little more feminine than masculine, but it could still be very nice on a man. Definitely worth buying another sample, maybe a bottle.
By   - desk wallah from San Francisco on 3/27/2017
This frag is dry and incense-y. It''s soothing, and beautiful. The light note of lemon and ceder combine to smell very much like frankincense to me. I very much agree with the description from the creator. Mostly dry, hints of the market flowers, hint of the flinty dry smell of a the desert sands. Recommended
By   - RN from Seattle on 12/13/2016
This was a blind buy, something I don''t recommend or usually do. 100% absolutely and totally worth it. This scent is absolutely amazing, warm, rich, sensuous, mysterious. It honestly evokes the feeling of being in warm, sunny French and Arabic Morocco. I have had more people - both men and women - following me around asking to smell my wrists or neck and have had more compliments than with any other scent I own (I have over 60 different niche and higher-end scents). So far I''ve given 4 people the links to Luckyscent to buy this. Absolutely a winner.
By   - Finance from Boston, MA on 10/27/2016
HOF!! I think this is perfect for all seasons, and just a brilliant smell! It is pretty linear and doesn''t change much, but I don''t think I''d ever want that scent to change anyway. Powerful!
By   - Recreation from Cincinnati on 9/6/2016
I LOVE this, next moment I hate it, but then love it again. It''s so complex and amazing. I am all for the Petigrain and I never knew it
By   - Small business  from Salem on 8/31/2016
One of the BEST ever. Should be inducted into the Fragrance Hall of Fame. A gorgeous one. Should commend Andy Taeur for this.
By   - IT from Camp Hill on 7/23/2016
So unique! I can''t stop smelling my wrist. It''s exotic without being heavy. Perfect for a hot day wearing a crisp white shirt.
By   - Sales from SoCal on 7/15/2016
very nice perfume
By   - married from JUBAIL INDUSTRIAL on 3/11/2016
This is my favorite perfume currently. I think the reviews do a fine job describing the scent, but the bottom line is how it smells on you. Three of the men I work with went crazy for it the first time I wore it and declared I smelled absolutely delicious.
By   - Chef from Utah on 2/28/2016
(Female reviewer) I love masculine fragrances on me because they are so unexpected for a woman to wear. Worn with a little red lipstick and pearls, any woman can make a unique statement wearing a man''s fragrance. This is lovely. Nothing more, nothing less. To me it smells like aftershave from the 1970''s. That in of itself is not bad but it is a predictable fragrance to me. I guess I follow the beat of a different drummer! Because I appreciate the artistry, I''ll give it 4 stars.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/23/2016
Remember that night of anonymous sex fueled by a drug and alcohol binge? Me neither. But this smells like the stranger sleeping beside you the morning after. Wait, he''s actually good looking. Maybe I''ll stick around and get his name.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/6/2015
Very dry and spicy. Reminds me of a trip to Istanbul. However, the drydown is what I really like about this scent. It becomes sweet with vanilla, but not too sweet. And all the while the scent manages to remain quite masculine.
By   - student from Berkeley on 10/28/2015
On me, this smells like baby powdery amber, dry vetiver, sweet resin and musky clove with strong, sweet vanilla and a slight smokiness. It''s okay, but more powdery than I generally like my fragrances to be, and it reminds me of a lot of other fragrances that I enjoy more.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/15/2015
I tried a sample of this and agree its a nice scent, but I was expecting more of a dry, spicy scent. The dry down is a bit too sweet for me.
By   - Analyst from Sydney on 9/30/2015
People: you can take a dab from a sample vial (next to 4 other dabs) and declare a fragrance the worst thing you''ve ever smelled in your life. It takes time to understand a fine fragrance. Yes, some fragrances are immediately enjoyable and understandable. But those are not the most complex and interesting. Tauer Marocain took me a few samples to understand and now it is one of my regulars. try it a few times before judging...
By  on 6/10/2015
I think I can see why this might be a polarizing fragrance, but to me it''s nothing completely short of a masterpiece. As others have mentioned, it''s an emotion, an ever changing sensation that must be worn to be experienced. Such pure pleasure.
By   - photographer from los angeles on 5/2/2015
After the first inhalation of this most fantastical, intoxicating brew, I knew I''d found my new signature scent. No single note screams nor even talks too loudly...yet the evocative blend speaks volumes of delicious and notorious delights whispered in not-so-innocent tones. Yes, I have found a scent filled with imagined dreams of delight in this unassuming little blue bottle...both naughty and nice. Subtle enough for day and devilish at night. Sounded so heavenly in it''s blend, I bought a bottle without sampling first...Fate? Still, samples are safer and a must try for men and a few daring women.
By   - from SF Bay Area, CA on 1/23/2015
It amazes me that anyone couldn''t like this. In fact, my boyfriend doesn''t care for it much. Anyway, it might be my favorite perfume.
By   - from Chicago on 10/26/2014
I stopped by my husband''s office one day while wearing this perfume, and his coworker was blown away by the scent. "I''m falling in love with your wife!" -probably the best compliment on a perfume I''ve ever got, lol.
By   - from San Diego on 10/10/2014
This is perfume in the old-fashioned sense, and not for the faint of heart. I can only describe it with a story - the opening notes are when you wander into a beautiful spice merchants shop in an ancient crossroads city. It''s almost overpowering as you step inside, but your senses are also heightened by the feeling that something is going to happen. The middle notes are when you take a turn down the wrong aisle in the shop and get locked into an empty cedar box that used to store rose petals and frankincense. You really don''t mind, as it smells so beautiful. You''re there for quite a while, oh well! The finish is when you are sprung from the box by the person of your dreams, and you suddenly notice that the vanilla you''d bought before your ordeal and clutched in your hands have very subtly combined with the woods and spices to make you smell like a demigod. I can''t imagine that it''s an everyday fragrance in any way - if it''s yours, invite me to tea, won''t you? I wear it when I want to travel in my mind to a place and with people who no longer exist it''s powerful and evocative. Try it, my friends!
By   - Office from Boston on 10/2/2014
Really nice! I get compliments every time I wear it. Mostly I get the cedar and a dry floral throughout the day. A little bit is long lasting with moderate projection. I do think this would be terrific for people of all genders, but it is slightly on the masculine side. I will use this for special occasions.
By   - from Saint Paul on 8/1/2014
One Tiny Drop is enough! This is one extremely powerful perfume. Dab, do not douse... my eyes were tearing the first time I applied a few drops of my little sample. It takes about 2 hours to develop from cloying sweet (minus the powder thank goodness), to an ambery incense worthy of a goddess (or god). I think this is a truly unisex scent and I might even LOVE it on men. There is a lasting sharpness that outwits powder and keeps the perfume feeling fresh - though it does morph beautifully with (on me) just the slightest hint of tobacco.
By   - Project Manager from Philadelphia on 7/7/2014
Smells more like an atmospheric scent rather than a personal one. This reminds me of my grandmother''s study- books, old leather and a slight dusty vibe. It''s very nostalgic for me, though I''d rather have my personal library smell this way rather than my person. Excellent though, really.
By   - Teacher from Tampa on 7/5/2014
this is the holy grail of scents. If you like amber, incense, wood, spice, etc., this is the one bottle you will take to your grave, after the mortician spritzes your corpse with it. It just doesn''t get better than this. period.
By   - lawyer from everywhere and nowhere on 5/2/2014
This is it! The scent I''ve been searching for about 2 years....this is it. Desert. Rose. Mystery. Woods. Dryness and a touch of incense. I''m so happy!
By   - from Columbus,OH on 4/2/2014
Starts out a little medicinal on the initial spray. After 10 minutes, the vanilla, amber and incense takes over for a great fragrance. The best in the tauer line IMO.
By   - from BK on 3/31/2014
Absolutely Great n amazing scent. I really enjoy this scent here in Swedish fall. Classy yet modern, intens yet invitingly n smooth. It really keeps you interesting specially in fallwinter because of all the nots in it. If you are 30+ and enjoy heavy incens n bold frags this would be right up your alley. But get a sample at least.
By   - from växjö on 10/10/2013
Heavy cologne. Better suited for a man perhaps
By   - from New York on 9/28/2013
Smells like one of those hobby stores with too many clashing potpourri displays. Alot going on here, and I am not sure I understand the objective. I live in the desert, and this does not remind me of desert at all. unless you have artificial candles of way to many varieties burning at the same time...in the desert. Then I would stand corrected.
By   - from Tucson AZ on 5/31/2013
I bought this without even smelling it first based on the description of the mood it sets. I love woods in perfume, a certain dryness warmed a bit with spice, and mellowed by amber. I wasn''t disappointed - this juice delivers on its promise. There are three of these types I own which I consider somewhat better, however. First and best, La Liturgie des Heures by Jovoy (a divine cedar), Bois d''Acsese by Naomi Goodsir (a true campfire in the mountains), and the warm and gentle Ambrarem by Les Histoires du Parfum. Florals can get boring after awhile. If you like aromatics, Tauer''s offering should definitely be tried.
By   - attorney from Riverside on 5/8/2013
Dry, green, hay. A weird fragrance that reminds me of Djedi, my favorite discontinued Guerlain. L''Aire du desert marocain also has a sister in Onda by Vero Profumo.
By   - Writer from Roanoke, VA on 4/25/2013
Ordered this along with numerous other samples and have found that this is one of the ones I keep coming back to. Spicy, sweet, and the dry down on my wrist lasts and lasts and is a such a great little pick me up on days when work drags on. Forget coffee. Get on the Moroccan spice caravan. A touch on work days isn''t too overpowering for the office, but I''m sure a splash more on those summer evenings would be lovely. On me this is versatile and I will likely order a bottle. When I was a girl we had a family friend from Morocco who gave me a small perfume vial. It didn''t smell like anything that I had ever smelled before. Thinking back it was probably a cheap touristy item, but it definitely had a particular scent that I later forgot the name of... I ordered this LDDM on the hope that it would have elements of that long lost oil, and, it does! So, that may be behind my preference for this scent, but that being said, I love this perfume. Enchanting.
By   - from Vancouver BC on 3/22/2013
This is a very amazing scent. The blood orange, cedarwood, and incense speaks volumes to me. It is a projection king on my skin.
By   - IT major from Richmond,va on 3/17/2013
What starts off as a promising opening ( dry spicy herbal green a la 1970''s with an eastern influence) quickly dies down to nothing. There is no richness or depth to this fragrance. On me it was gone in 2 hrs. It lasted on a friend for under 45min. My niche fragrances better last or else I won''t purchase them.
By   - FreeLance from NYC on 3/5/2013
This is my first niche sniff and it did not disappoint. I initially got a heavy dose of cedarwood and vanille. In the dry down the jasmine tickles the nostrils along with a hint of patchouli.
By   - IT student from Richmond on 2/22/2013
I had to see what all the raves on this one were about. On my skin, it starts off with a dry spicey coriander, which I love! The top notes than weave a hot dry windy aroma, conjuring up a spicey incense smoke cloud above a Bedouin desert camp. Within an hour I start to detect that vetiver and something reminescent of desert sage brush with a subtle hint of patchouli (not a fan of patchouli, but here it is tolerable in the midst of a truly complex and elegant composition). The rest of this story is ambergris and leather, the latter, which is strangely not listed at all in the notes. To my nose, I have the clear impression of a subtle clean leather jacket. This is a sophisticated yet subtle urban unisex scent offring about 1 ft. radius of sillage for the first 2-3 hours and settling to a skin scent last for 12 hours on my skin. The drydown is a little bit aloof- rather than not alluring, IMO. A gutsy confident person could easily adopt this as a signature scent for day or evening. But it''s just not my style.
By   - Microbiologist from Seattle on 11/18/2012
Fully expected to be one of the 5-star guys. Too musty for my tastes.Similar to Czech & Speake Cuba, which is too animalic for me-like cologne over body odor. Peculiar to me how tastes vary so extremely on this one. Makes me wonder if people think I''m stinkin''when I think I smell great!
By   - from Evansville on 11/14/2012
everything''s been said already except this...so fkn good had to get 3 flasks.
By   - Disciple of the watch on 10/22/2012
Simply magnificent, complex, beautiful, unique. Andy Tauer is my new perfume hero.
By   - Editor from Los Angeles on 10/21/2012
I agree with the 1 star posters - I was ready to love this but was sadly disappointed when all I sniffed was a lemon oilincense. It is a strong damp smell on me. I don''t love it.
By   - Paralegal from Cincinnati on 10/15/2012
A masterpiece of modern perfumery! I got so used to the dryness of it that it actually smells a tad sweet to me. Well there is some sweet amber in it I believe. This is one of my very faves ATM.
By  on 10/13/2012
Oh, I had such hopes for this one! But to me it smelled exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, like the freshly-waxed linoleum floors in my childhood church''s parish hall: all damp oiled wood, mop-n-glo, and stale church incense. After 4 hours it still hadn''t changed at all, so I was stuck there, five years old, waiting to get in the car and go home already! A depressing experience I won''t be repeating....
By   - from greater midwest on 7/20/2012
I first bought this about four years ago, and each summer I go back to it, However this year I accidently put it on top of Andy''s other desert fragrance. Lonestar Memories, Wow, it is wonderfull I got five very positive comments in the first hour. One man turned around and followed me saying omg omg you smell so good what is it?, and another woman begged me for the name of my perfume. I think I will do this twosome again, and just thought I would share it with you all.
By   - DDO from Near Portland Oregon on 5/15/2012
I don''t get citrus at all. Just woods and spice. After a while it smells remarkably like CdG Avignon. A nice, woodsy scent, but didn''t rock my world.
By   - Lawyer from San diego on 4/19/2012
After having read all the posted reviews, I am convinced that I have received the wrong fragrance sample. What I received smells almost exactly like Czech & Speake Cuba--which smells like dog flatulence after the consumption of fermented fruit. I''m not saying that''s a "bad" thing, but not likely to receive such great reviews.
By  on 4/10/2012
This would be really sexy on a man. Too masculine on me though.
By  on 4/5/2012
To Gnosmic (below) l would love to smell like incense-flavoured sugar cookies! But this fragrance will not be the one to do that. lt''s dry, piney, spicy, smoky, deep & dark & most definitely not sweet, at least on my skin. There is incense & amber in the drydown, & it''s very long-lasting. But apart from all this, this is one of those rare perfumes that takes you on a journey to another time & place, only limited by your imagination, & that''s what makes it special. A true work of art, this deserves all of the praise it gets.
By   - from southampton uk on 2/5/2012
This is the first Tauer I’ve sampled, and from the feedback I’ve heard I really expected it to be “challenging”. But what I got was a smooth, spicy amber with a smoky, almost suede like character on the drydown. Very nice, if a tad overpriced.
By   - from Seattle, WA on 10/1/2011
Ok, something strange has happened and I have to re-write my review. I guess the "washing powder" accord that ruined this scent for me, had something to do with hormones during pregnancy. Today, giving it a new try, I discovered that it was pure magic! I actually find it mystical and refreshing at the same time..A perfect company on my long walk to town this morning. Crisp, autumn air and whiffs of L`air du desert Marocain reaching my nostrils now and then. One word comes to my mind: Aromatherapy!
By   - from Begen, Norway on 9/29/2011
This starts out very exciting. It really transports me to an imaginary desert. Hot, dry, warm during the day and cool with twinkling stars at night. Unfortunately, there`s something in the dry down that really doesn`t work with my skin. Forward goes a hint of washing powder.. Anyway, I give it 3 stars because of it`s uniqueness and lovely start. Sure it works perfectly on someone else!
By   - from Bergen,Norway on 9/15/2011
Exactly what the name describes.
By   - from New York on 8/6/2011
I don''t get the perfume-nerd love for this scent (which is considerable!). Incense-flavored sugar cookies? Who would eat those? And why would you want to smell like them?
By   - Game designer from Seattle on 7/4/2011
Heartbreakingly beautiful and evocative, with a crepuscular smoky, desertlike mystery. Some say this remains Andy''s best fragrance.
By   - graphic artist from central texas, USA on 6/10/2011
I love spice-y smells, so I really wanted to love this. But on my skin, L''Air just smells like expensive vanilla, with no complexity and no staying power.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 4/20/2011
I grew up in the desert and this smell is conjures up campfires and sagebrush on cool desert evenings. Has a pleasing "dry" quality to it and is spicy in a way that make it perfectly wearable on dry hot summer days, there is a hint of cedar that would make it delicious on a man as well. This is a unique fragrance so I would sample before you buy.
By  on 4/7/2011
I love this fragrance. I do not know how to describe it properly. It smells very fresh and cool like a cool breeze. It''s spicy, smoky, complex. I inhale deeply and close my eyes, and Andy''s description is accurate, minus my addition of a ceiling fan. And though I am writing this review in winter, I can see this worn easily in the summer. It''s mostly a masculine, but the vanilla and ambregris add a sweetness that makes it suitable for women also.
By  on 3/13/2011
I like the old bottle and the old price ( $30 less for the same amount) better.
By   - from chi on 3/5/2011
Divine - gorgeous deep mix of old fashioned church insence, smoke and, after a few hours, the hint of old leather bound books...up there with Annick Goutal''s Encens Flamboyant for musty nostalgia - would buy it by the vat if I could.
By   - from Brisbane, Australia on 2/7/2011
Lasted for hours on me. I''m surprised at the less than glowing reviews, as I think it is blissful, not your run of the mill cloying florals, or bitter greens, or sugary celeb stuff, just CLASSY, understated, delicate incense that is a pleasure to wear. It wraps me up in it, and I don''t care if other people can smell it or not. Saving up for a big bottle!
By   - retired medical secretary from St. Arnaud, Vic., Australia on 1/24/2011
By reading all the amazing reviews I thought I may have stumble into something beyond this world so I said why not & I gave it a try. I am glad I bought the sample because on me it smelled a bit to hippy. With that said I really wanted to love this scent but it does remind me of cheap hippy roll on oils that you can buy at any outdoor farmers market. Thrust me this fragrance is built on hype. I even tried it out on different individuals & the same musty notes appeared on their skin as it did on mine. Maybe I ll try it again when my body chemistry is at a different state. I just don''t get how people are saying they ate getting massive compliments on this scent when it smells so cheap....
By   - Entertainer from Los Angeles/San Diego on 1/7/2011
A+ amazing, like Serge Lutens Datura Noir but way better. I had to keep sniffing my wrist because the fragrance keeps unfolding. Starts out masculine and sharp but with an undercurrent, maybe it''s the vanilla. The sharpness is gone in five minutes and the vanillarose combination that grows is just perfect
By   - from Chicago on 12/31/2010
Quite sweet, but gorgeous for the gal who hates fresh and floral. Have been stopped in the street by both women and men while wearing it, could get you into trouble.
By  on 12/22/2010
sex. 10 compliments today. women love it
By   - from chicago on 12/15/2010
wtf! this turned into Musc Koublai Khan on me! Pass.
By  on 11/12/2010
So glad I only bought a sample. I really wanted to like this, but alas on me it ended up smelling like freshly chopped coriander.
By   - F Analyst from Houston, TX on 11/12/2010
My man finds this scent to be to "musty" in the drydown, "Like an attic in Arizona", but I love its dry character and mineral, rocky smell. It smells like the color of bricks.
By   - writer from Seattle on 10/21/2010
I understand the overly sweet comments right out of the bottle. A bit of dry down and it is singing the remainder of the day. I have worn this scent for about a year. Not a month goes by without a women asking what it is so she may purchase it for her husband.****** (that''s six stars).
By   - bon vivant from Atlanta on 10/17/2010
Too sweet, too strong, instant headache. Disappointing since I read fantastic reviews. Not great at all.
By   - from NYC on 7/29/2010
Actually preferred the sample better than the fragrance from the bottle, however still love it. Fantastic fragrance.
By   - from Australia on 6/23/2010
Bought a tester. Then another. Then a bottle. Love it. The initial blast of amber and incense is nice and the dry down to me is warm amber and woodspice. Lasts a long time. 2 sprays is good for 8-9 hours.
By  on 3/18/2010
Good stuff, but watch the application. I wore 3 sprays and I regretted it today. Two is plenty. Very "nichey", not an everyday scent, but nice for every now and then.
By   - CEO from Augusta on 3/13/2010
I had immediate nostalgia when I first smelled this, but I couldn''t for the life of me figure it out. I inhaled so deeply that I began to taste it, which, correct or not, led me to my eventual conclusion: this tastes exactly of the clove flavor of Necco''s Original Wafers - the obvious spice, but also the vacant, nearly chalky aspects of the candy that rendered them appropriate for (and delightful to) chidren. What could have been a merciless trip through a spice market, was instead rendered more thoughtfully, resulting in a congrous, stark, but beautiful interpretation of clove...with just a little smoke.After all, we wouldn''t want to smell entirely of candy.All in all, quite wonderful.
By   - Legal Assistant from Louisville, KY on 2/23/2010
Re my previous review below: I apologize. The bottle is indeed ugly to my eyes -- but like an ugly person who is charming, on further acquaintance you begin to find them attractive... So, as I continue to find my sample mesmerizing, I will give the fragrance the 5 stars it deserves, and am even starting to think the bottle is goofy but good looking. (According to Tauer''s blog, he has new bottle and label design in production.)
By   - Designer from Houston on 2/17/2010
I love the warmth of this fragrance. Out of 30 samples, this and Black Tourmaline are the two I can''t get enough of... L''air has great lasting power on me and is the perfect mixture of spice, smoke, amber, and vanilla. I would bathe in this fragrance if I could get away with it. My desk-mate is very hard to please and she commented on it 3 times in a day. Normally she thinks my scents are too masculine, but not this one. This is a warm and non-skank sexy scent.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington DC on 1/31/2010
Love the scent (have a sample) but I can''t bring myself to put out the big bucks and order the full size product -- as the bottlelabel is soooo ugly. Reminiscent of bad 70s graphics. It will ugly up my entire perfume shelf.
By   - Designer from Houston on 1/11/2010
Amazing juice! Love it. Great for cold winter.
By   - from London on 11/15/2009
Probably the most unique and long lasting scent ever. Masculine, woody, smokey slightly citrus. Love it.
By   - Psychologist from DC on 11/9/2009
This scent has everything-it''s arid, spicy, earthy, smokey. It is just beautiful. A scent I want to smell for a long time. It was the only fragrance I took with me on vacation (an oddity for me) and now whenever my husband smells it on me he says "mmmm, you smell like vacation"If you like a perfume that is a little unique, do yourself a favor and get L''air du Desert Marocain.To those of you who did not care for this...send your bottles my way!!!
By   - optician from Bethlehem on 8/26/2009
I received this as a present, recommended by me even though it was unsniffed. After all, everyone LOVES it! So I wore it for a few days, but I grabbed for it less and less. I felt unhappy wearing it. I really tried to love it, but I never wanted to put it on. On me, it''s loud, sweet, woody. But that''s not the problem. It''s that it smells so damned raw! Jagged edges everywhere! It smells too unblended for me. I don''t need everything to smell like a Jean-Claude Ellena fragrance, but this is much too Imma-give-you-splinters for me. I sold the bottle.
By   - Student from Houston on 7/31/2009
Sadly, this did not live up to its reputation for me. I absolutely hate the opening: loud and sweet and heady reeking of hay. However, after 30'', it settles down to a sweet amber with -too few for my skin- spicies. I generally like ambery scents, but this one didn''t have anything special to make me consider buying it. Also, the lasting power is mediocre (4 hours max) and it stays close to skin mostly. Not bad but not great either.
By   - computer programmer from Athens on 7/29/2009
If Dementors had a smell it would be this. This scent is an airless, black void--like nothing else I''ve ever experienced. Drydown smelled like an ashtray on me...and yet it is powerfully seductive and intriguing. Hypnotic. As a woman, I prefer Tauer''s Incense Rosé--it seems to have a very similar base, yet the rose brings it to life.
By   - Web developer from Boca Raton on 7/17/2009
This scent didn''t do much for me the first couple of times I smelled it, but after that I found myself longing to smell it again. it doesn''t smell outrageous, unusual or sensational - it smells like the wind. Like the wind right before the monsoon hits your backyard. Fresh air, some herbs, some flowers, some smoke & burning leaves, and some spices. A must have for anyone in the tropics.
By   - from phuket, thailand on 7/15/2009
I almost didn''t try this just because of the "cult" status, but I''m glad I did. It has an interesting but odd greenish, herbal opening, but the drydown is just wonderful--dry and sheer with a hint of dried fruit, not too cedary or masculine. It reminds me a bit of CdG Ouazarzate in its first half-hour or so, but that one dries down very sharp and cedary, where this stays a bit lighter.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 5/28/2009
My goodness. This scent is just overwhelming in its richness and deliciousness. It smells both dense and simple, light and opaque. I wore it during the winter months and everyone at work asked me what I was wearing. This is truly a work of art, and has set upon the path of exploring resinous, musky, complex scents. It is wonderous and almost beyond description.
By   - attorney from Los Angeles on 5/20/2009
This smelled like tar on me. Even several hours later, all nuances were overpowered by the strong smokey scent of tar. Didn''t work for me, but my cat was strangely fascinated and wouldn''t stop trying to sniff my wrists!
By   - from Seattle on 5/4/2009
Very beautiful . Poetry perfume. Incense on my skin ,long lasting, I love this very much .Next purchase, luckyscent !
By   - from CA on 4/28/2009
finnish sauna. lots of cedar. nice in warmer months.
By  on 4/9/2009
Smells the same as Patchouli Leaves by Montale. That''s not a bad thing, just not original.
By  on 1/31/2009
The most precious liquid...
By  on 11/25/2008
Beautiful, comforting and longlasting. However, ithe dry down smelt differently the second time I wore it I suppose it depends on your body chemistry on the day.Nevertheless, I am going to purchase a bottle this week!I''m addicted.
By   - Secretary from United Kingdom on 11/25/2008
the very first time i put this on it smelled like yuk but in a few seconds sort of becomes across between avignon and kyoto but lighter and alittle more smoke
By  on 10/25/2008
Fantastic! Masculine but not too. A sweet woody aura with delicious undertones. Lasts well and finishes nicely. I find myself returning to this one.
By   - from New Haven CT on 10/22/2008
This fragrance just moves me...I have a lot of fragrances but this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite--forever and ever.
By   - from Austin,TX on 10/16/2008
This is the one I keep going back to. A beautiful, smokey, exotic scent that lasts and lasts. It''s the only perfume I own that my husband actually asks me to wear. Just gorgeous.
By   - Accounting Manager on 10/13/2008
This is hands down the best fragrance I have ever smelled in my life. Haunting as the wind from an angel''s wings. When I smell this it is like gazing at the Sphinx---mysterious,holy,awesome and unknown. Absolutely worth the money---No matter what the cost I will buy this again and again and again...........
By   - from Aledo on 9/25/2008
Very interesting from beginning to end. Long lasting and complex. I wish I could purchase in a tiny little bottle as a little bit goes a long, long way and will surely last forever. It is however, very interesting and unique.
By   - visual artist on 8/9/2008
I wore this while on vacation recently and I fell in love with its ability to meld with my skin and provide a steady, but unintrusive veil of scent that pleased me thoroughly yet never overwhelmed my travel companions.
By   - from Yakima on 8/8/2008
I have just received my first bottle of "L''Air du desert marocain" from Lucky Scent today, and I couldn''t be happier with this wonderful fragrance! I have to admit, the first time I smelled the sample of it I recoiled. But it grew on me surely and steadily until I''ve emptied out my sample and couldn''t wait for my bottle to arrive. It is now my first full-size bottle of a "niche" perfume, and I simply couldn''t be happier! Tania Sanchez''s review of it in "Perfume: The Guide" is spot on it truly clears the head of all the clutter of this world. It really is a masterpiece deserving of every star of the 5 it received.
By   - architect from Philadelphia, PA on 8/1/2008
Out of 13 samples this is the one that my husband and I loved immediatly! unusual, but it smells so lovely. Nice silliage and long lasting. I can smell smoke, rockrose and vetiver. Not too sweet at all, just wonderful!
By   - manicurist from Tulsa on 6/22/2008
Interesting mix of notes and concept, not too bad, but the ingredients used are of poor quality in my opinion for a niche perfumer. It has a slightly cologne-ish drugstore smell to it.
By  on 6/21/2008
I agree with the previous comment that it smells very wonderful at first. Unfortunately, it then changes into this powdery jasmine smell that gives you a headache. It is therefore not too terribly manly. My boyfriend said I smelled "girly". Next!
By  on 5/22/2008
It rises way up like wood first, then, spicy like a hot tajine, it scintillates and shimmers. It finally goes for the kill as it bursts into sweet and lascivious long laments. Poetic, lazy and warm...I''M IN LOVE!!!!!!
By  on 5/20/2008
I agree with Barry from Memphis. To me...his review is perfect. I love this scent...an instant favorite! "Just an incredible smell. Dry spice and undercurrent of sweetness. I am in love with this fragrance. The drydown is amazing and the longevity is outstanding. A top 5 fragrance for me."
By  on 4/3/2008
Beautiful and intriguing blend of spice and jasminrose. Haven''t bought a bottle yet, but my large sample is about to run out. :(Recommend for men and women
By   - from Australia on 12/26/2007
L’Air du desert Marocain – what a beautiful name! The scent too is lovely, yet I only give it the sideways thumb rating. This lovely oriental is exactly that, namely a scent with exotic spices on a sweet amber base. Vanilla and amber are present at every stage, and surround everything in a velvety brown cloud. Vanilla is a deal-breaker for me, unfortunately. This has superb resinous notes, excellent cedar and vetiver, and good dry spices. If you don’t mind vanilla then give this a try!
By   - from Edmonton on 12/12/2007
By  on 12/12/2007
I don''t know why, but there''s something about cedar and spices that makes me thing of my old granny''s cedar chest where she kept linnens and keepsakes. May be very mod and suave. To me it''s an old lady smell, and I can''t get that out of mind mind. Just a minority opinion, of course.
By   - Atty. from NYC on 10/13/2007
This is breathtaking in the heat of a summer night - it''s one of the the sultriest, most seductive fragrances I''ve ever worn. It almost haunts you. Completely irresistible.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 8/4/2007
For some reason, this only smells good on me during heatwaves but when it''s hot, this is such a winner! Sultry and dry with a progressively sweeter drydown. It really does smell like an exotic desert wind should smell like! The initial note is almost tar-like and rubbery on me - in the winter, it tends to smell medicinal throughout but in the summer, it develops quite differently into a whisper of something indescribably sensual.
By   - RN from philadelphia on 8/3/2007
I loved this. I''m a orientalspicyearthywarmetc.-oriented scent devotee. This one is subtle. Also, I wore it on a 100 degree day ... and it wasn''t heavy or cloying. However, seeing as how everybody''s chemistry is different, try the sample first.
By  on 7/19/2007
In all honesty, I despised this perfume when I tested when it first debuted. BUT...... a few weeks ago, I had a chance to sample it again, and WOW.... I LOVE IT! It''s beautiful. My husband likes it also and it''s the first perfume he has ever requested me to wear over and over. Give it a try.
By   - from OC, Calif. on 7/5/2007
This reminds me of Quatzazate from CdG, but wless pepper and longer lastiing. I love them both, but somehow L''Air is a bit less complex and evocative. On me, despite the names, this is the one with more of a singular incense note. P.S. Hope you don''t mind my child adding his 2 cents (below). We thought the under-10 crowd was underepresented.
By   - writer from Oakland on 6/24/2007
"Sort of like your average 100,000,000,000dollar perfume,but it also smells like driedabout~to~rot apricots"."IT is kind of good smelling". "I LIKE IT".P.S. I smelled it on my MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By   - Being anonymous from THATS ANONYMOUS ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 6/24/2007
"Sort of like your average 100,000,000,000dollar perfume,but it also smells like driedabout~to~rot apricots"."IT is kind of good smelling". "I LIKE IT".P.S. I smelled it on my MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By   - Being anonymous from THATS ANONYMOUS ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 6/24/2007
I adored this fragrance at first sniff, but as the drydown came on I began to discern a similarity to another fragrance I wear often (indeed my husband thought this sample was not a new scent for me).Late that evening, it finally struck me - L''Air''s chill musty effect combined with the incense-y spice accord was so like Messe di Minuit''s cold marble & vintage church woods, which I also adore. I think I prefer L''Air du Desert, which is more subtle and less darkly forbidding (Tauer''s is the sunny side of the two), but after a side by side test it seemed clear that I do not NEED both.... of course that has no bearing on whether I will eventually buy this amazing Tauer :)
By   - from LIC, NY on 6/15/2007
To me, on me, this smells like a musty, moldy old Moroccan tent that hasn''t been aired out in ages.
By  on 6/2/2007
This scent starts out with wonderful dry spicy notes, just like a fragrant desert with joshua trees in bloom.I loved it until the dry down... it has undertones of the traditional sweet baby oil scent of sexshops.That beign said get a sample and see how this one reacts to your skin.It has amazing staying power (it''s still on my wrist 24hours after application.Overall is a descent (not to-die-for) scent.
By   - from Minneapolis on 4/9/2007
Words fail to express how fantastic this is...truly remarkable! I love it from beginning to end. There is nothing like this out there. Perfection in a bottle!!
By   - from APO on 4/9/2007
Just an incredible smell. Dry spice and undercurrent of sweetness. I am in love with this fragrance. The drydown is amazing and the longevity is outstanding. A top 5 fragrance for me.
By   - from Memphis on 2/28/2007
Lovely, lovely right out of the vial. Dry and woody and sexy. I want a fragrance to really LAST, and sadly, this one faded far too quickly.
By   - from Alabama on 1/10/2007
This is a beautiful paradox. It is both evocative and soothing at the same time. When I wear it, it reminds me of the olden days when snuff was sniffed to relax. Every time I get a whiff of this during the day, I feel instantly calm but it''s also somehow stimulating. For those who are intrigued by incense and wood fragrances, this is the best in the delicate style. Long lasting and very complex. Dry, sweet and rich. Be ready with your Lamp (Aladdin syle) and your magic carpet.
By   - from Sydney, Australia on 12/16/2006
This is absoloutely one of my favorites. It smells like Santa Fe, woodsy and dry. I wore it for a straight month and I had to put it away. Every time I put it on I think, WOW! This is amazing! Sometimes I layer it with amber or patchouli oil so it will last all day. If you like a dry incense, you will probably like this as well.
By   - psychologist from Louisville on 11/17/2006
Warm masculine scent that begins with leather and wood incense notes with hints of spice green notes. Hypnotic. As the lighter character notes fade it settles into a cedaramber type of warmth - a very good thing. Certainly one of the best and most unique fragrances around.
By   - art perpetrater from Oklahoma City on 7/17/2006
Starts out with lovely, dry oriental spices and a hint of (floral?) sweetness. Dries down to a wonderful skin scent, hardly smellable, just a warm, dry, spicy, ambery, salty aura
By  on 7/17/2006
I must agree with San Diego reviewer, I love incense and my husband keeps saying that I smell good when I wear this sample (and the Maroc also). I also received compliments from other MEN!!!--hmmm...
By   - from AUSTIN,TX on 7/10/2006
By  on 7/10/2006
Absolutely swoonworthy. On me a dry amber with cedar and pine notes. Smooth and arid- incredibly dry- smells just like a desert wind. Layer it with a little Norma Kamali Incense and you get the most incredible amber incense note ever.
By   - Graphic Artis on 6/6/2006
Tauer''s perfumes always take me on a journey. Marocain places me right smack in the middle of a desert caravan plying the dunes. Next to me are Bedouins and we''re all clad in sun-baked djellabas (top notes of coriander, cumin). We stop at a mosque, where fragrant smoke is pouring out of the censers (patchouli, jasmin, cistus, bourbon & geranium). Finally we reach our destination, an oasis fringed with palm trees and--can it be real?--cool cedars (the cedarwood, vetiver and amber). Not everyone can wear this scent, but that doesn''t make it any less of a masterpiece. Whenif Msr. Serge Lutens retires, Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer would make a very worthy successor.
By   - journalist from Manila on 5/16/2006
Absoulutely the best. I have a weakness for spicywoody scents, but often they are spoiled by too much sweetness that seems to make them heavy. This fragrance, however, is the perfect blend of spice, wood, and dryness that lasts all day long. Some will criticise it''s tendency to evolve little, but for me it is a strong point because the masterful blend of notes is so good, I am glad it doesn''t change much as the day wears on.
By  on 5/12/2006
Lovely review below of L''Air du desert marocain. I and my dear Prince Phillip simply must try this fragrance. Liz
By   - This & That  from Windsor Castle or London on 5/6/2006
This is what Calvin Klein''s Obsession probably should have smelt like, if it had not gone wrong. Very dry and dusty, resinous, woody ambergris note. Sweetened with a little vanilla, but not too much. Excellent drydown. A fine fragrance for the connoisseur, male or female.
By  on 5/4/2006
1. Sample first.2. Give it a chance.3. End of the day, LOVE IT!
By   - from Baltimore on 5/4/2006
How''s a guy supposed to find this fantastic L''Air du desert marocain unisex fragrance here in Fragrances? It should also be listed in the luckyscent "Men" section!
By   - to make the opposite sex swoon... from morocco on 4/23/2006
Read SPECTACULAR reviews of this perfume, but, regrettably, have to agree with the "70s cologne" reviewer. The scent is too sweet for a man or a woman. I really, really tried to like it, but simply cannot imagine wearing it in public. If you are considering buying this perfume, do yourself a favor and get a sample first. I am glad I did!
By   - from NY on 4/6/2006
I completely understand where the below reviewer is coming from!! That being said, the drydown is much more pleasant. This is the most masculine smelling fragrance I''ve ever smelled thats marketed as unisex. If you mix this with a rose based sent (like Stella McCartney) you will smell amazing and "raw".
By  on 3/19/2006
Part Royal Copenhagen cologne that my dad wore during the 70s, and part sand candle that we had displayed in our living room during the 70s what am I oicking up here? I mean, I can actually smell the wax of a candle in this! I wanted to like this, I really did...
By  on 2/16/2006
As one of the reviewers (dear Paschat) said above, Andy Tauer is a bright light on the horizon of fragrances. This scent is true brilliance. Superb for a man or a woman.
By   - from the South on 2/13/2006
Andy Tauer is a bright light on the perfume horizon. Le Maroc L''Air du Desert Marocain is original, exotic and absolutely beautiful. I first read about Le Maroc L''Air du Desert Marocain on Luca Turin''s blog, and decided I had to try it for myself. This is a deliciously dry, spicey, incensey perfume. It opens up with an animalic note of leather and a dash of patchouli, and dries down to an enchanting rose, jasmine, amber, leather and woods. It is a magnificent scent, and those who like unusual fragrances that capture the essence of a Moroccan souk, should try this. I find it dark, decadent and very sensual, as it stays close to the skin, like the whisper of a lover''s lips. Andy is a master perfumer, and I consider this a fragrance that will gain cult status.
By  on 2/9/2006
Absolutely delicious stuff for the incense lover...slightly spicy, slightly sweet incense wafting on a warm breeze, settling down to an ambery-leather drydown. This reminds me of a less syrupy AG Sables.
By  on 2/9/2006
This is such a fantastic scent - as an incense fan, this is a must-have. Love the dry resinous woody scent that is not masculine on me at all.
By   - from San Diego on 2/6/2006
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