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Here's what other people are saying about L'Air du desert marocain...
Delicious fragrance! Wow! I Sweet, but not cloying with freshness as well. Perfect combination.
By   - Accountant from Weston on 8/11/2021
when something is good say so. my first full bottle and liking it. nobody smells like me at my place of work, nice scent for a gentleman who like himself. so superb and easy on the skin. hmmmmmm, the scent is lovely, will buy again, kudos to Andy Tauer, it was a blind buy but its worth every penny. look for positive reviews on this. its a good and easy scent for me.
By   - banker from NAIROBI on 5/12/2021
my first full bottle and loving it. wow. the scent is superb. need to try the lonestar or the tauerville line. i am wowed. from where i am nobody is wearing such a scent. just me and me alone. there is something about the frag cant pinpoint but reacts well with my skin- dark. kudos to Andy.
By   - banker from NAIROBI on 5/12/2021
A treasure. Dry desert air, spicy, sweet and full of amber & leather with a dry down of additional vanilla. Love this version but prefer the extrait more for performance and deeper richness. Still same great scent and more affordable than extrait but lighter.. Both equally good but for performance and scent go for Au Coeur Du Desert.
By   - n/a from n/a on 4/25/2021
I was disappointed. This came off as feminine and fruity. I was hoping for a bit more spice pertaining to the coriander!
By   - CEO from Minnesota on 11/17/2020
A no brainer fragrance for frankincense lovers. Resinous and spicy topped with petitgrain- but be mindful if you are sensitive to isoE & coumarins because it appears heavy in the base. I have to wear when I am far away from headache days but it is lovely, warm comforting rich scent . Parr’s well with a Puredistance “M” for leather. LdM is a fine combination of high quality naturals and aroma chemicals.
By   - Musician from Portland on 11/6/2020
The first time I tried this I hated it. I tried it again when a friend gave me a 5ml bottle with a bunch of other perfume samples, and now I'm a bit obsessed with it and the way it changes on my skin over time.
By   - does as she pleases from Brooklyn, NY on 11/2/2020
This scent smells so wonderfully different. Not too light or too heavy. I know no one else around me is wearing it and I feel very lovely wearing this fragrance. Had to buy a FB so I could smell fabulously different in the presence of others. Got to be an individual but feel beautiful at the same time. Not a feminine scent yet I feel very feminine wearing this fragrance.
By   - Employed from Houston on 10/1/2020
Don't let anyone tell you this is overtly masculine - I love this as much on myself as I love it on my husband. This is a beautiful, deep, warm and dry, suitable for anyone who likes spice, a little rose and a touch of incense, smoky without literal campfire smell.
By   - ITIL Problem Manager from Denver on 9/18/2020
This is a beautiful, inviting scent. It is as evocative of a Moroccan desert adventure as it is a warm and cozy night snuggled by the fireplace. What does it smell like? Like the dream of a sweet memory of a moment that has yet to be lived.
By   - Raconteur from NYC on 8/25/2020
It takes you on a journey to the spice markets of the far east. Trust me, a little goes a long way. One spray will stay on all day. Seductive and Sensuous. A must buy!
By   - Administrator from Memphis on 5/14/2020
It took me a long time to warm up to this scent, but I eventually did, and then decided to purchase the EDT and also the solid (directly from Tauer). Although I love the fragrance, the performance is terrible, and the atomizer isn’t much better; perhaps it’s flawed as it projects a small, inconsistent spray. What a disappointment...
By   - Technology from Pennsylvania on 4/29/2020
I love this scent. I've purchased several bottles over the past few years, directly from Tauer. The scent - on me - smells very much like incense, sandalwood, ceder and nag champa, in the best mix. The floral scents tend to fade on me quickly, so I can't speak to those. There is a bit of sweetness to this, but it is NOT overpowering at all. It keeps this in the realm of "day or night", rather than "night" only. Tauer perfumes are lovely. This is the only scent, other than Cartier L'heure fourgeuouse, that I've bought more than twice.
By   - Business Analysis / IT from St. Louis on 4/15/2020
After reading Tania Sanchez's review, I was prepared for this fragrance to blow my mind with it's stunning evocation of a supersaturated desert. Instead, I got canvas tent. Which isn't to say that I don't love it, just that sometimes I worry those proximate will wonder about where I've been in the last 24 hours...
By   - Musician from Bethlehem on 1/9/2020
The opening is so interesting-- dry and airy and warm with hints of grass, incense, and dried flowers, and then dries down to something plasticine, acidic, and powdery that lasts forever and is impossible to scrub off. I tried it over the course of a week just to make sure but no. I'm so confused and disappointed.
By   - Artist from NYC on 10/22/2019
I was SO excited to try this! I am forever on the search of spicy, mysterious, otherworldly scents and everyone just raves about this, but this is terrible to me. It's synthetic, metallic, yuck. No warmth at all. I just hate it. I blind bought a full bottle at full price and sold on ebay at a huge discount.
By   - HR from Seattle on 9/25/2019
Oh the lasting power on this one!!! This is so often the factor that lets me down. And it's not that i mind reapplying scents I love. But they either go away like a flash so I practically need to carry it in my pocket, or they turn into something that becomes weird when I add a fresh spritz. This warm dry, absolutely fascinating scent is a winner.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/18/2019
My mum and I both really appreciated this perfume (a 0.7ml sample), however I find it a bit too acidic and a bit too sweet at the same time. That said, it is deliciously incense-y and it gets much better as it wears on. The rockrose is definitely detectable. It's powerful and long-wearing. I dabbed some on a wrist before heading to the gym this morning, so maybe my sweat levels influenced its scent, but after a heavy workout, thorough shower and a few hours in the office, it's still going strong. I'm surprised by all the people saying it's more masculine than unisex - I'd have swung it much more to feminine myself. But with few exceptions, I reckon almost all perfume is fairly unisex.
By   - Lawyer from Australia on 3/19/2019
It's too much in so many directions - too sweet, too dry and dusty, there's too much amber for my liking, too much of something synthetic that makes my eyes water and throat itch. If it learned how to whisper or developed a deeper voice, and not yell/sing obnoxiously in high notes, I'd like it more. Still, I see why a lot of people (including my wife) like it, but it's not a good match for me. It was a blind buy.
By   - Designer from Australia on 2/13/2019
What can I say...oozy, creamy, mysterious and above all sensual. This scent is full of richness that settles into a creamy warm bath of lushness...
By   - Marketing from Chicago on 1/12/2019
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