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By   - CEO  from Minneapolis on 5/22/2020
Obsessed. Smells like that night at the bar at Hudson Hotel In NYC where i first saw my husband. That’s all
By   - Business owner  from Philadelphia on 3/12/2020
Epic...just as simple as that...
By   - Engineer from Sweden on 3/7/2020
I can tell if my friend who wears Santal 33 has been in the building HOURS after she's left, but if she's around, it's NEVER overpowering. Sadly, I bring out a weird, cucumber freshness in it that I don't like at all. I've seen similar complaints in other reviews. I do tend to bring out sweetness in things in a cloying way, so if you do that to perfumes, this isn't for you. Sneaky little tip for those who love the signature, dry sandalwood smell in this perfume: try Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt. It might get you there. ??
By   - potter from Philly on 1/23/2019
I love smelling my man! He loves wearing Santal 33
By   - Hygienist from Ferndale on 6/4/2018
You're a rabbit. You live in a dead garden. Your entire diet consists of unremarkable weeds, poison ivy/oak/sumac, and the occasional poisonous flower blossom. But, this isn't just any garden, because its owner decided to plant a bunch of cucumbers this year. So, you're a rabbit. You live in a mostly dead garden. Your entire diet consists of raw cucumbers, unremarkable weeds, poison ivy/oak/sumac, and the occasional poisonous flower blossom. The best part is that every so often you get to munch on all of these things after they've been spritzed with an insecticide. Santal 33 by Le Labo.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
Got this as an unrequested sample w/ another purchase and holy god, is it good. Starts very fresh, cucumber-y, then does this glorious move into the sweetest, most divine creamy wood fragrance ever. The combination of the sandalwood, cedar, cardamon and violet is inspired!! I don't think I've ever sampled anything from Le Labo before, but this is really, really nice. And LASTS!
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 1/18/2018
This is something I will never forget
By   - X from World on 4/21/2017
Cucumber, fresh grass, industrial cleaning solvents. It warms up on the dry down but never gets very woody or marlboro-y. It is a nice scent but it gives me a pretty splitting headache. I've been wearing it for the past 48 hours straight reapplying ever 6 or so hours. I think I will return to Santal Blush as my go to sandalwood.
By   - University Student from Washington DC on 2/22/2017
I was introduced to this scent by a friend and became immediately obsessed - Absolute Signature Scent! I want to smell like this morning, noon and night - everyday! I'm a big fan of Sandalwood based scents, but the trick here are the floral accords. When you wear this, you get occasional whiffs of the florals and that grape note from the iris (a la Heeley's Iris de Nuit) that keeps this composition interesting. One thing to note, when I received my freshly-blended bottle, the floral accords were a little faint compared to the sample. Since these are freshly blended, there may be slight room for variances and it's perfectly normal.
By   - Technologist from Eastvale on 11/30/2016
I was out in Palm Springs in a trendy bar and suddenly got a whiff of this scent. I became instantly obsessed with the Sandalwood and intermittent play of Jasmine. It was masculine, yet soft and playful. I turned on my hound dog mode and traced it down to the source and obtained the name. All time favorite scent! I want to smell like this every waking hour - yeah it's that good!
By   - Technology  from Eastvale on 11/3/2016
I love this scent, and it's a good thing because my husband went out and bought me a big bottle of it (I guess he loves it too). I only wished it lasted on me. After a couple of hours it's barely a skin scent. It stays on my clothes better than my skin, oddly. Other Le Labo fragrances have all-day staying power but not this one.
By   - gardener from San Francisco on 7/27/2016
Lo mejor no hay otro igual
By   - Handyman  from Elmhurst queens on 7/17/2016
One of the most exquisite scents I've ever had. It lasts all day and it blends so well with your skin that you don't even smell it anymore, but it's there because people are attracted to it like moths to a flame. Great for every season.
By   - web admin from Brooklyn on 5/8/2016
Picture the Good Witch of the Desert, this is what her magic smells like. On me this is green leaves, spicy campfire, woodsy fig. Fig can often be overdone with honey or vanilla, but not so here. This one is dry leather, fresh sap, and green branches, and occurs less like something worn, than an element swirling around you - and doesn't project in a choking unfriendly way. That said, my boyfriend says "it smells like Play-Doh, but in a good way." Make of that what you will. I love it.
By   - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 4/29/2016
I own in upwards of 30 different bottles of colognes and scents.. this is one of the most amazing I've ever had.. it smells so warm and woodsy and has a good oil base so it lasts all day long. This scent can be worn year round albeit it's focus is Fall / Winter. My wife loves it and and she wants to snuggle when I wear it.. So i wear it all the time.. LOL..
By   - Network Engineer from Safety Harbor on 3/29/2016
My wife love so do l.
By   - Social Worker from Mission Hills on 3/17/2016
I received my sample yesterday and it was heaven. I LOVE THIS. My husband went nuts when he smelled it too, he loved it. He couldn't stop saying how good I smelled. I bought a full size bottle that night. I can't wait for it! This is my new signature scent!
By   - Graphic Designer from Boston on 3/17/2016
I will give Santal 33 5 stars having time with it. It is an enigmatic woody violet ,ris weird but wonderful ,diffusive expansive unisex ,sexless scent ...atmospheric, strong , comforting. It has all the hallmarks of an enduring bestseller and the makings of a signature scent. Le Labo has a hit . It is what the people who wear it ,say it is. I am converted. In some ways I say it's element of mystery equals that of Chanel No 5.
By   - Perfumenerd from CA on 2/21/2016
The best part of Santal 33 is the dry down. The sandalwood in this scent can be overbearing so you have to spray lightly. No more than two light sprays or thos will be too strong, once it dries though it is a magnificent scent. Not the best Ive ever smelled but really sexy
By   - private from private on 1/30/2016
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