Naomi Goodsir

Nuit de Bakelite

Eau de Parfum

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Une merveilleuse composition. Un marrage étourdissant et surprenant. Une note de fond animale. Un parfum de bonne tenue, même par forte chaleur. A essayer de toute urgence!
By   - Building from France on 5/5/2018
Very realistic tuberose in the beginning, you can smell also the stems of the plant. The davana and styrax are in the middle. The leather is light and I don't get much tobacco, just a touch. It's not a very deep or heavy scent. It reminds me a bit of Iris Cendre in its structure, replace Iris with tuberose and lighten up the tobacco and you get the idea. I like it though probably not enough for a FB.
By   - teacher  from Chi on 8/9/2017
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