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Baccarat Rouge 540

Eau de Parfum

70ml $300
200ml $575
3 x 11ml Travel Set $180
0.7ml sample $7
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Here's what other people are saying about Baccarat Rouge 540...
This is a beautiful fragrance that smells very similar, but not exactly, to Ariana Grande's "Cloud". Between the two, I definitely prefer BR, but surprisingly on me it doesn't have the sillage I would expect while Cloud lasts all day. I'm glad I only purchased the sample of BR given the price. Keep in mind, this is just my experience. You can read reviews all day long, but whether or not you will like a fragrance depends on whether you like the notes and how they are arranged in the composition, the sensitivity of your sense of smell, and, of course, how the fragrance interacts with your body chemistry.
By   - Legal Assistant from Woodbridge on 3/7/2021
Absolutely beautiful. This one deserves all the hype. If I really concentrate hard I can maybe get some of the medicinal note in the dry down, as mentioned by some reviewers, but at least on my skin, this is far from the leading notes. I get an intoxicating musky, candied scent with a hint of wood that actually remains pretty linear through the dry down. Definitely worth a sample to test it out on your own skin chemistry. Just try it.
By   - Volunteer Coordinator from Iowa on 2/12/2021
Upon the first application I absolutely loved the top notes... I thought to myself: This is beautiful! I couldn't stop sniffing my wrists. Those top notes quickly faded and was replaced by scent reminiscent of Ralph Lauren Polo in the dark green bottle, or a milder Drakkar Noir? I wished those top notes stuck around because I would have been in love, but I couldn't get Polo out of my head.
By   - Finance from Buffalo NY on 2/6/2021
Karen below put it exactly right—this smelled nice but rather than ever getting better than that it dried into something sterile-powder-not-so-great. Thank goodness for the samples!
By   - Business from Boston on 12/10/2020
I had smelled this fragrance at a theater performance. Someone nearby must have been wearing it. It seemed somehow tropical, light and irresistibly unique. I am a fan of fragrances that are not overpowering but are subtle and unique. I went a year without smelling it again, but once I did I was sure to ask the wearer what it was. I recently purchased a bottle, and I am enthralled. I find the dry down much better than the initial hour or so, which is quite "musky" to my nose. You don't need much - only 1 spray - and I have been mixing it with Molecule 01. It is a subtle but irresistible mix, and I get compliments often - being stopped to ask what I am wearing. I am happy with my purchase.
By   - Photographer from New York on 9/3/2020
Unbelievable, irresistible, unrepeatable! Nothing can replace this fragrance!! Just Amazing!!! What a master piece!!
By   - Nurse  from Chicago on 8/22/2020
Sample, sample, sample! Delicious and light woodsy red cola in the air......and then, I'm taken back to the delivery room outfitted with a spinal tap when I smell it on my skin. I actually don't mind the clean, sterile hospital smell, but I am surprised, amazed actually, how much skin chemistry makes a difference. So sample before the plunge and be in awe of how even the science of our skin can create such a wide spectrum of reactions!
By   - designer from San Francisco on 8/16/2020
I'm amazed by how much I don't like it. Its one of those nondescript fragrances. I doesn't smell flowers, fruit or freshness. Its just an odor. It doesn't stink, but it doesn't smell good at all. I have some on my wrist now and inhaling it I'm getting the scent of bark. I would not buy a full bottle. No.
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 7/14/2020
This sent is the best thing I have ever smelled. I love it so much I noticed a girl in the same store I was in was wearing it and once I was on a plane and the flight attendant was wearing it as well. I was shocked I remembered the smell! It's very memorable. The best part is I can apply it once and it lasts all day.
By   - HR from Baraboo on 4/28/2020
This is The Best Cologne I Have ever used in my Life . Stays on all day. It doesn’t take but a drop. It’s Soft smelling, a little sweet,and it’s not Loud . I Love it .
By   - Retired from School  from Siler City on 3/16/2020
Smells good but not unique. Smells exactly like cloud by ariana grande, just better sillage.
By   - Retail from Raleigh, NC on 1/12/2020
Amazing! I blind bought this after watching a 1,000 reviews. The reviews are 50/50 so that was prob not the safest thing to do. Lol I’m pleased to say this is AMAZING on me. Basically on me is caramel iced sugar mixed with woods. And the lasting power is amazing. I kept getting little whiffs of air as I wore it outside which just made it more wonderful. I plan on now getting the oil to complement it. You don’t need it though. This one is actually lasting as it should be for the price. I just love it that much.
By   - Product Management  from Atlanta on 10/9/2019
This one’s a cult classic for a reason! It’s like a cloud of caramelized sugar that envelopes you and fills up the room. The saffron, amberwood, and resin just make it sophisticatedly sweet but not cloying or juvenile or cheap. This is luxurious and indulgent but never goes overboard. It’s great for all seasons, any time of the day, any occasion in my opinion!
By   - Pharmacist from PA on 9/18/2019
beautiful and complex smell. all my friends loved it so much
By   - Researcher from Makkah on 7/26/2019
Nothing can replace this fragrance!
By   - Nurse from Rome on 6/23/2019
I had high hopes based upon the description of its derivation and special release, not to mention price. My initial impression was negative opening the scent - it reminded me, frankly, of old man let alone old woman: very heavy and brings to mind the descriptor “oriental”, and not in a positive/nostalgic scent. Still, I put it on all over (I test thoroughly since some fragrances give me migraines), to see how I would fare and how it might interact with my middle-aged body chemistry (a tall order for any fragrance). Still cloying - not that I expected to walk about smelling expensive-French-perfumey, haa! But it doesn’t have the sexy-older-woman-Chanel type effect. More the my-wig-is-askew-old-lady effect. Sorry.
By   - Military from Washington DC on 6/3/2019
First of all, ignore the negative comments. I bought this fragrance a couple of days ago after sampling it and I still cannot believe how far off these negative reviews are. This is one of the most addictive scents you will ever smell. Along with Rehab, Ambre Nuit and African Leather, it is what I would recommend for a date night scent. It seriously could never let you down. Just go easy on the sprays because it is powerful. It’s one of those scents that just lingers forever. 4 sprays maximum for me. By the way, this is a scent that develops and matures. Do not just go by the opening. It will change on your skin too. Quite incredible. I can now finally toss out my Aventus after 9 years. And I’m not even slightly sad. This is the new King!
By   - Project Manager from Chicago on 5/8/2019
I bought a sample of this after everyone raving about this perfume. I must say, I was pretty disappointed. This smell a lot like D&G's 3 L’IMPERATRICE, but the jasmine and citrus scent is a lot more prominent in Baccarat Rouge. D&G smells a lot sweeter and heavier on the berries note. Nonetheless, I was disappointed. I thought it would be a lot more unique and the scent is not very mild on me too.
By   - Student from Vancouver on 4/16/2019
Nothing will prepare you for the sublime opulence of Baccarat 540. To wear it requires a level of thought and commitment rarely seen in modern perfumery. An intense olfactory experience you'll share with the world around you. Baccarat Rouge 540 is formal, cold weather statement piece. Masterclass perfumery.
By   - A wandering spirit from Roanoke, VA on 7/12/2018
I want to like this perfume I really do. I recently smelled this on a sales associate at Neiman Marcus and I really liked it. I stopped her and asked "what are you wearing?, it is so nice!". I have used it for a few days now and I just can't smell it. It is so incredibly transparent. I can smell it for the first few minutes of spraying it and that's it. My sister said she can smell it from upstairs and she doesn't like it. My husband said it is okay and does not think it is too strong but he also did not make a comment that he really liked it either.
By   - Dental Hygienist from Dallas, TX on 4/20/2018
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